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Krel and I thought a little rescue mission might make for a fun summer vacation.
―Aja to Varvatos just before breaking him out of imprisonment

Moonlight Run is the fifteenth episode of 3Below and the second episode of Part Two.

Official Synopsis[]

Aja and Krel enlist Stuart to help find their former ally, who's being held prisoner at a bounty hunter outpost on the moon.


Stuart feels around for a light. He's in his old Spacecraft. An alarm goes off and Kubritz comes in with her team. She threatens him, but he breaks the ship free and flies out. Kubritz orders her team to use the tracker and get it back, but they tell her they never put a tracking device on it because it couldn't fly before.

Krel is impatient waiting for Stuart to get back so they can start their rescue mission. Aja lies to Zadra over the phone and pretends to be at a a sleepover. Zadra is worried about them. After she hangs up, Stuart arrives with the ship. Krel and Aja climb on board and Stuart starts their journey.

Varvatos exercises in his cell. Alpha taunts him from the outside.

Aja and Krel are bored with how long it's taking to get to the moon. Krel wakes Aja to see Earth through the window. They finally arrive and land.

Aja and Krel fly out of the ship. Stuart helps them drop to the ground. They have a plan to execute.

A blank serves drinks at a bar. Krel comes in dressed as the mole mascot with Stuart and Aja. They spot Alpha nearby. Aja tells Krel and Stuart to keep them busy for her. Stuart tries to join Alpha's group, but Alpha isn't sure he can take the heat. They're betting on Skelteg fighting and the loser dies. Stuart joins their game.

Aja finds Varvatos in his cell. He's happy to see her, but says she's been foolish. He wants her to leave him. She grants him a royal pardon and asks him to come home.

Stuart is asked his favorite kill. He evades the question. Alpha goes to check on Varvatos, but Stuart stops him by asking his favorite kill. He says it's when they took out Varvatos' entire family. He plans to complete the set. He rips the mole head off Krel, revealing his identity.

Aja tries and fails to release Varvatos. She yells to draw attention to herself. Then she attacks the guard who responds. She gets his key and frees Varvatos. He's happy to get his serrator back.

Zadra talks to Nana over the phone about the sleepover. She wants to know that Aja and Krel are safe. Toby takes over the phone call and tells Zadra they're safe. Momblank tries to calm her down. Mother then tells her there's an incoming transmission from a vehicle registered to Morando.

Stuart and Krel kneel in front of Alpha. He's tempted to kill Krel even though the bounty is a galaxy record. Just before he can strike, one of his companions attacks him and then drags Krel off, wanting to collect the bounty for himself. Another alien then does the same thing to him. This happens a few more times. While they fight over him, Krel tries to get away. With them distracted, Krel is able to slip out of the mascot suit. Aja and Varvatos then join them hiding behind the bar. Varvatos goes out and attacks all the bounty hunters himself. Once they're out of the way, the four of them flee with Alpha following. Varvatos says he'll hold Alpha off while the other three get away, but Aja refuses to leave without him. Varvatos says with Alpha's death, his family will finally be avenged. Varvatos learns that Morando hired the Zeron Brotherhood to kill his family to convince him to betray the king and queen. Their fight continues until Varvatos finally defeats Alpha, avenging his family.

They ride home on Stuart's ship. Varvatos asks if they can grant him the honor of returning home. Aja and Krel say they're a family and Varvatos promises not to fail his family again. Just then, something starts shooting at them. It's Zadra, who thinks they're invading. They crash and Zadra confronts them. They apologize for lying to her. She's still not sure she can trust Varvatos.

At home, Zadra plays a message from Loth Saborian, who tells them the Omen prototype has been expanded into a full army. He is not supporting Morando anymore because of it. He also tells them Morando is heading for Earth to get them.



  • It is revealed that General Morando was the benefactor who hired the Zeron Brotherhood to kill Varvatos's family so he could be left vulnerable to Morando's manipulation and betray House Tarron.
  • Varvatos is rescued from the Moon and returns to Earth in this episode.
  • Varvatos kills Zeron Alpha, avenging the death of his family by the Zeron Brotherhood.
  • Aja, Krel, Varvatos, and Zadra learn from Loth Saborian that Morando is about to invade Earth.
  • When Aja, Krel, and Stuart first disembark from Stuart's ship on the moon, the background music is the famed waltz "The Blue Danube" by Johann Strauss II.
    • The use of The Blue Danube in this sense is a reference to the 1968 science-fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • Stuart's middle name is revealed to be Paul.
    • This is most likely a lie, however, so that he could continue to divert Zeron Alpha's attention. Stuart's alias while in the bar is "Coby Paul von Crumpet".
  • When Stuart lies about his "first kill" to the bounty hunters, he nervously comes up with "... there was the Professor in the library with the candlestick. Uh, the Colonel in the study. That one I did with a rope." This is a reference to the murder mystery game Clue (known as Cluedo outside of North America).
  • The prison guard and Varvatos himself keep mentioning a "No touching" rule, which is a reference to the jail from Arrested Development.
  • Title: This episode's title is a reference to the 1998 action/comedy film Midnight Run.


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