Becoming Part 2- Bella's
Bella's is a shop that appears in Becoming: Part 2. It is located on Delancey Street, near the movie theater, Alex, Xang, Elvira, Sergio, and Stuart Electronics.

Becoming Part 2- Construction
Alex, Elvira, and Xang are three stores that appear in Becoming: Part 2. Elvira and Xang are probably restaurants, but Alex could be an arcade or a video game store. They are also near the same street Claire and Toby meet Otto Scaarbach, and there is still construction going, meaning the road must be new or they are adding new buildings.

Becoming Part 2- Sergio and Bella's
Sergio's is a store or possibly workout space that appears in Becoming: Part 2. It is next to a Bella's and is near Delancey Street and the movie theater, as well as Alex, Xang, Elvira, and Stuart Electronics.

Becoming Part 2- Stuart Electronics
Stuart Electronics is a shop that appears in Becoming: Part 2. It is an electronics repair store near Bella's, Sergio, Alex, Xang, Elvira, and the movie theater. It is located on Delancey Street, next to a Bella's.

Grand Theft Otto- Changeling-this is a huge honor
Creepslayerz- Changeling-she hasn't spoken since gunmar's return
The Female Changeling is a minor character that appears in Grand Theft Otto and Creepslayerz. She is voiced by an additional voice actress and works at the Janus Order. It is unknown if she was killed by Gunmar and became one of the skulls in In the Hall of the Gumm-Gumm King.
She guided Claire (whom she thought was Esmeralda, a Changeling initiate) and Toby through the Janus Order. She eventually finds out that Toby and Claire are in fact human, and tries to attack them before they escape.
She appears again in Creepslayerz, and is one of the Changelings trying to figure out why Morgana hasn't contacted the Janus Order. She tells Otto that Morgana hasn't contacted them since the return of Gunmar. She is probably one of the deceased skeletons seen in the finale of the second season.

The Exorcism of Claire Nunez- Jim and toby spot shadow realm nunez house
The Nunez Estate (Shadow Realm) is a location in the Shadow Realm. It appears once, in The Exorcism of Claire Nunez. It is a complete replica of the Nuñez Estate from Arcadia Oaks, except is just dark shades and almost colorless.

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