"My amulet does not make mistakes. Of all the creatures in our worlds, I chose you."
"Are you the Trollhunter? I expected you to be taller. Yes, much taller. And older. How old are you? Ten?"
"And just what kind of troll are you?"
"Because, Jim...I am your father... kidding!"
"Well, all fun things must end."
"Centuries later, it never gets any easier."
"But how do you know the light goes out when you close the door?"
"Metal-face here was lucky I didn't eat him back in the cave."
"I might have lost most of my magic, but this old bite knows a few spells."
"Who are you calling old?"
"A choice not whether to fight, but HOW to fight!"
"Mmm...Food Magic...3000?...Ah! That really is magic."
"There is no going back. Part of you will remain Jim, but the other part will never be the same."
"I said the choice was yours, and there it lies."
"If you really want to save your mother, your friends, this world you call home... I'm asking you to change."
"Leave him alone, Morgana!"
"AAARRRGGHH!!!, could you lend me a hand?"
"You have made me proud, champion. I am forever in your service."
"I believe this belongs to you, Trollhunter."

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