Merlin's Cave (also known as Merlin's Tomb) is the final resting place of Merlin himself, as well as his former home.


Merlin's Cave was presumably created by Merlin himself many thousands of years ago. He used it as a magical workshop and a residence. Deya the Deliverer was seen visiting him here. After The Battle of Killahead Bridge, Merlin retired to his cave and slipped into a coma due to losing almost all his magic in the battle against Morgana.

Later, Jim and his friends turned up at the cave to meet Merlin, gain advice on how to stop the Eternal Night and retrieve the Staff of Avalon. However, they lost the staff and Draal was killed in the process. They then met Merlin and left the place along with him, having gained an illustrious ally.


The Cave in general is a gloomy, damp place with little light. It is constructed of stone. However, the Geode Caverns is a place of awe-inspiring beauty.

Points of Interest

Known Locations


The entrance to the tomb is a large gloomy cavern-like structure, with an inscription stating that no magic is allowed here.


The Workshop is a room located right after the Entrance. It is bleak, colorless and surrounded by the remains of what it had once been, including a rotting dinner. It is unique in the sense that it is effectively a time-travel portal. When a particular floor tile is pressed, the room transitions to the past and becomes vibrant and beautiful, the way it used to be. There is also a picture of Merlin and a lady, presumed to be Morgana, on one of the walls.

Timeline Chamber

The Timeline Chamber is a large circular room with several carvings adorning the walls. These carvings are special in the sense that they show the entire timeline of the person/s standing in the chamber at that very moment, from their past, present and future. It also has a big trapdoor located in the centre of the room, which leads to the Geode Caverns.

Geode Caverns

Immediately after the Timeline Chamber comes the Geode Caverns, an enormous cavern composed of somewhat unstable geode crystals. It is a place of exceeding beauty and Merlin's famed Staff of Avalon is located here.

Heart of Merlin's Tomb

The Heart of Merlin's Tomb is accessible by an almost invisible entrance located in the Geode Caverns. It is Merlin's true final resting place. The colours here are dim and muted and give an overall feel of serenity.

Merlin's Stone Bed

Merlin's Stone Bed is a stone slab on which Merlin's body lay for several centuries, when he lapsed into a coma-like state after defeating Morgana at the Battle of Killahead Bridge. The slab is cracked, exceedingly dusty and covered in cobwebs.


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