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Mary J. Wang is one of Jim's classmates and one of Claire's best friends. 



Some time before the events of the series, Mary met Darci and Claire, and the three became best pals.

Part One

Mary is first seen hanging out with Claire and Darci in gym class, while Jim tries to flirt with Claire.

Some other time, Mary tries to give out a Spanish report, but unfortunately she embarrasses herself by getting the term wrong, which makes everyone laugh at her.


Mary is a tall Asian-American female. She is very pretty and has long, black hair and pink eyelids. Usually, she wears a striped green shirt, but sometimes, she wears a red one.


Mary gets nervous when it comes to events or giving reports, usually making her look like a fool. Mary also sometimes gives advice to her friends on how to pick up guys, since she's dated a lot of guys herself. She's kinda picky about how to do so, though. When Claire asked Jim out to the dance, she thinks it's logical to have him ask her, saying that there are rules to being on top of the "social food chain".

She's incredibly interested in using social media and seems very attached to her phone.

In the episode The Reckless Club, she gets detention for making out with Tight Jeans Hank, a student from their rival school. Asked about this by Eli, she says he's a forbidden fruit.

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