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For the good of all, Daylight is mine to command!
―Incantation to activate the armor[src]

The Magiktech Armor is a new armor formed from the new Amulet of Daylight, created by Stuart and Krel Tarron.


The Magiktech Armor is a silver suit of knight's armor consisting of a chestplate, two shoulderpads one diferent than the other, a pair of leggings, knee braces, boots, clamps, have blue akiridion tech trimmings around in it, a black inner layer underneath the armor with green trimmings around it and the Rebuilt Amulet of Daylight is connected on the left side of the chestplate.


  • Summoning:
    • Excalibur Conjuring:


The Armor is not strong enough to protect him from Bellroc's Staff.