Magic is the power to influence the course of events through the use of mysterious or supernatural forces.

Wizards (like Merlin and Morgana) are known for performing high feats of magic. Most trolls, changelings, and humans are also capable of casting magic spells, yet are noticeably more limited than a wizard's.

Known Spells

NOTE: There are many spells used and heard, but due to the subtitles regarding most of them as "chants", a lot of these incantations are unknown. The confirmed incantations of the spells are listed below.

  • Shadow Realm Portal Spell: A spell that creates a portal that causes everything to be sucked into it.
    • Incantation: Drooma katorth-a myntarth-a klar
    • Requirements: Shadow Staff
    • Used by: Morgana cast this spell to attempt to trap Jim in the Shadow Realm.
  • Magic Neutralizing Spell: A spell to briefly neutralize someone's magic when in use.
    • Incantation: Dim dock, Sa-tu lark
    • Requirements: Glowing skull artifact
    • Used by: Stricklander casted this spell to briefly cancel out Morgana's levitation magic on herself, Toby, and various objects in Claire's room.
  • Shadow Realm Finding Spell: A spell to locate a lost soul in the Shadow Realm.
    • Incantation: Modus Occul-Takh
    • Requirements: Emotional anchor (of the lost soul)
    • Used by: Jim used this spell on Suzy Snooze to find Claire in the Shadow Realm.
  • Shadow Realm Leaving Spell: A spell to guide the person's soul out of the Shadow Realm and into a portal.
    • Incantation: Hkat-Lucco Sudom
    • Requirements: Emotional anchor (of the lost soul)
    • Used by: Jim attempted to use this spell after finding Claire's spirit, but he forgot how to pronounce it correctly.
  • Shadow Staff Controlling Spell: A spell to control/reclaim the Shadow Staff.
    • Incantation: Azazazuth-Kinekh-Thoon
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Morgana cast this spell to force Strickler to release the shadow staff and trap Jim Lake Jr., Claire Nuñez and Toby Domzalski. She then uses it to control the staff within the Shadow Realm. Claire then acquires this spell to regain the Shadow Staff.
  • Eternal Night Inducement Spell: A spell to enact the Eternal Night.

Magic Users

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