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I'm starting to suspect that Maddrux the Many did not use it to grant him the strength of a thousand, but to summon one thousand of him.
Blinky Galadrigal[src]

Maddrux the Many was a Trollhunter.


The legend of Maddrux the Many involved her using the Aspectus Stone in the Amulet of Daylight to gain the strength of a thousand. In truth, however, she used the stone to create a thousand versions of herself.

She apparently fought against a version of herself at the Battle of Doomscavern.

Before Kanjigar, even before the days of Gogun, Trollkind was protected by one of its most celebrated heroes. Maddrux cultivated a reputation as a capable and confident champion. She battled Orlagk the Oppressor with her clones.[1] It is stated in The Felled that she knew Araknak’s parents when they were expecting a child, who would soon become the Trollhunter Araknak the Agile. This gives us some proof Araknak may have inherited the amulet from her.

Physical Description

Maddrux is a tall, thin troll. Her skin is green and she has yellow eyes with slit-like pupils. She has an earring on her left ear, and her armor glows yellow when she uses the Aspectus Stone.


Maddrux is a cocky, playful Trollhunter. She gladly welcomes praise from the Glastonbury Tor trolls for her victories against Orlagk's forces. However, this confident attitude is just a facade. She doubts herself deep down. This is why Blinky describes her as "Confident yet humbled"; her personality is usually at one of two opposite extremes. We see her overcome this problem in The Felled when she simply accepts herself without doubt or pride, thus balancing out her self esteem.

Powers & Abilities


  • Multiplication: With the help of the Aspectus Stone, Maddrux is able to create temporary clones of herself, using these as an army overwhelm her enemies. Blinky implied that at one point she created one thousand versions of herself, meaning that she had incredible mastery over the stone.
  • Extremely Complex Nature: The Aspectus Stone uses different "Aspects" of oneself to create clones (as seen in Hero With A Thousand Faces, in which the stone creates Hunter Jim, Grumpy Jim, etc.). This means that, in order to create one thousand clones, Maddrux had at least one thousand different Aspects. Thus, she was probably a very confusing and unpredictable warrior.
  • Superhuman strength: Although it was revealed that Maddrux did not have the strength of one thousand on her own but rather could summon one thousand of herself, she was still very strong, even in spite of her thin build, as seen in The Felled when she lifts a massive boulder.
  • Daylight Powers: Like every Trollhunter, Maddrux possessed the Amulet of Daylight along with its magical armor and weaponry.


  • Self Questioning: Maddrux's doubtful Aspects create multiples that have been known to contradict her and even fight her, apparently, as was the case at the Battle of Doomscavern.
  • Sunlight: Like any troll, Maddrux is vulnerable to sunlight.


Atnur and Abdwen

Maddrux seems to be friends with Glastonbury scholars Atnur and Abdwen, who would become parents to her successor, Araknak the Agile.


Maddrux's greatest foe was Orlagk the Oppressor, whose army of Gumm Gumms was a constant threat to Glastonbury Tor Trollmarket.


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