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I'm starting to suspect that Maddrux the Many did not use the Aspectus Stone to grant her the strength of a thousand, but to summon one thousand of her.
Blinky Galadrigal in “Hero with a Thousand Faces

Maddrux the Many was a Trollhunter.


The legend of Maddrux the Many involved her using the Aspectus Stone in the Amulet of Daylight to gain the strength of a thousand. In truth, however, she used the stone to create a thousand versions of herself.

She apparently fought against a version of herself at the battle of Doomscavern.

Before Kanjigar, even before the days of Gogun, Trollkind was protected by one of its most celebrated heroes. Maddrux cultivated a reputation as a capable and confident champion. She battled Orlagk the Oppressor with her clones.[1]





  • Despite being female, Maddrux has been referenced using male pronouns in the animated series.


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