Luug's Day Out is the twenty-first episode of 3Below and the eighth episode of Part Two.

Official Synopsis

Krel builds a prototype device that will create a wormhole back to Akiridion-5, but Luug swallows it whole before it can be tested further.





  • Aja learns that Morando is on Earth and has allied himself with Kubritz in this episode.
  • When Steve auditions for the role of Krel in "Kleb or Alive", he performs a dramatic monologue in which his character has a zombie father. This is a nod to Steve's voice actor, Steven Yeun's major role in the famed AMC zombie-apocalypse series The Walking Dead.
  • Morando kills Tronos in this episode.
  • Johann Strauss II's famed waltz "The Blue Danube" plays yet again when Luug ends up on the moon.
    • Once again, the use of this particular waltz while on the moon is a reference to the 1968 science-fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • Izita rescues Loth Saborian, but she also learns that Morando is after Gaylen's Core on Earth.
  • Barbara Lake makes a cameo appearance when Luug is seen traveling atop of Stuart's taco truck in downtown Arcadia.


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