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Luug's Day Out is the twenty-first episode of 3Below and the eighth episode of Part Two.

Official Synopsis[]

Krel builds a prototype device that will create a wormhole back to Akiridion-5, but Luug swallows it whole before it can be tested further.


Kubritz show Morando around Area 49-B. She has Tronos back in a cage. When Tronos sees Morando, he bows to him. Morando orders her to open the cage and then he kills Tronos for failing him.

Aja reports to the Resistance. Krel shows them the device he built to create a wormhole with the hopes of getting them a way home. He opens the wormhole and the other end opens by the Resistance. He's not sure if it works yet. He starts some music as a preamble to testing it. Aja throws the boom box through the wormhole, which works. They can finally go home, once Krel makes the opening bigger. Until then, they must free Loth Saborian and gather the Resistance. Aja is excited that they're going home. Luug bites down on the device and refuses to put it down. Luug instead swallows it. It makes him disappear.

Luug reappears in the town square, where he scares some little girls. He disappears again and reappears at the diner. Aja goes after him.

Kubritz is impressed with the Omen blanks. A soldier comes in and tells Kubritz it sounds like she's made a deal with the devil in dealing with Morando. She explains she's doing it to protect Earth, especially their great nation. They go to see Morando. He tells them about Gaylen's Core, which is somewhere on Earth. If she helps him find it, he'll provide her with all the weapons she needs. She agrees.

Varvatos talks to Mother about his sadness over leaving Nancy when they go back to Akiridion-5. Mother encourages him to tell Nancy how he feels. She shows him instructional videos in the form of RomComs.

Luug is on top of the taco truck. Aja tracks him around town. While she's looking for him, she's greeted by Douxie, who would help except he's working. She leaves him when she hears Luug nearby. Luug is climbing the statue and disappears again. Aja can't keep up with his movement. Krel has an idea of how to control where Luug goes. Just then, Toby calls Krel. They're casting the movie, but Krel says he can't be there.

Toby oversees the auditions. Luug suddenly appears in the middle of an audition, so Toby calls Krel.

Varvatos goes to see Nancy. Mother talks to him through a communicator, suggesting that he invite her for a walk. She continues to coach him and Varvatos tells Nancy he likes her, in a boyfriend/girlfriend way. Nancy returns the feeling. Varvatos has a daydream of the two of them. Then he asks about Phil, which she says is done. They go on a walk together.

Izita goes to see Loth. She's there to get him out. Krel will provide the distraction. Another member of the Resistance starts playing Krel's music. The Akiridions start to dance along. The guards are distracted. Loth says he needs to talk to the royals. They must stay on Earth to protect Gaylen's core. He tells her it's real and it's on Earth. It's what Morando wants.

Krel has nearly finished. He gets Luug transported to Aja. Before she can get him, he transports yet again. A group of Foo-Foos see him and recognize him as Aja and Krel's pet. Krel figures out that Luug is on the moon. Krel wants to try something else.

Luug transports again to where Aja is. She goes to bring him home, but he transports again, taking Aja with him, to Area 49-B. Kubritz sees them, so Aja tries to get Luug to fart again. He transports them first around the room, then to another place in Area 49-B. She sees that they have Akiridion technology. She then comes face to face with Morando. Luug transports again while Aja fights with Morando. She distracts him and runs away, so he orders the Omen blanks to get her core. Aja runs away from them, but ends up surrounded. Luug then jumps into Aja's arms and transports them again.

Aja and Luug are back home. Luug throws up the wormhole. Aja tells Krel that Morando is on Earth.



  • Aja learns that Morando is on Earth and has allied himself with Kubritz in this episode.
  • When Steve auditions for the role of Krel in "Kleb or Alive", he performs a dramatic monologue in which his character has a zombie father. This is a nod to Steve's voice actor, Steven Yeun's major role in the famed AMC zombie-apocalypse series The Walking Dead.
  • Morando kills Tronos in this episode.
  • Johann Strauss II's famed waltz "The Blue Danube" plays yet again when Luug ends up on the moon.
    • Once again, the use of this particular waltz while on the moon is a reference to the 1968 science-fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • Izita rescues Loth Saborian, but she also learns that Morando is after Gaylen's Core on Earth.
  • Barbara Lake makes a cameo appearance when Luug is seen traveling atop of Stuart's taco truck in downtown Arcadia.


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