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Loth Saborian is a minor character of 3Below.

He is the royal advisor for House Tarron before they were overthrown by General Morando and briefly became his chief advisor, until he becomes a member of the Resistance.



Loth became chief advisor to the royal house presumably when Fialkov and Coranda were installed as king and queen respectively.

3Below (Part One)

Loth was present in Aja and Krel's ceremony, but he informs the king and queen that Aja has run away again.

In the aftermath of Morando's coup, Loth became his chief advisor. He first act was to repurpose the Blanks into dangerous weapons. Loth tells him that the Blanks were designed to serve life-beings, not harm them, but Morando doesn't listen and tells him no more delays.

Later on, Loth and Zadra are present to see Morando activate his first Omen Blank. Loth is shown to be clearly regretful of ever giving Morando a new destructive machine.

3Below (Part Two)

The Invasion of Earth

About two weeks following the Eternal Night War on Earth, Loth sent a transmission to the mothership from Morando's Cyclopian flagship, warning Zadra that Morando had mass produced an entire army Omens to "bring order" to Akiridion-5 (as in threaten the lives on innocent civilians), and was plotting an invasion of Earth to destroy House Tarron.

As Morando prepared to depart, Loth contacted the Resistance, warning they were out of time, before being forced to terminate the call as Morando pulled up beside him and ordered a course set for Earth. Loth stated that they would reach Earth in sixteen horvaths. He attempted to suggest they take a more scenic route for the dictator ignored him. Subsequently, the Cyclopian ship came under attack by five Resistance Strykers, which were all destroyed by Morando's superior weaponry.

However, hope was not lost when Prince Krel created a mobile game called Dogfight, enabling players to remote control parking security drones from Earth. The royals and their team then convinced the kids of Arcadia Oaks to play Dogfight to help “save the summer”. As they came under attack, Loth attempted to persuade Morando to return to port but the ruler refused and strongly advised him to respect his king. However, the kids of Arcadia suddenly stopped playing as Go-Go-Sushi 2 dropped. They were quickly shot down and all but one drone remained. Though the last drone, piloted by Eli Pepperjack, was destroyed, it managed to inflict critical damage and force Morando to break off his invasion.

After an infuriated Morando tore off an Omen's head, he turned his wrath on a terrified Loth, demanding to know how long it would take for the repairs. Loth answered they could be done in two parsons. Morando demanded he cut that time in half, suspecting House Tarron to be behind this attack and vowed vengeance.


As Loth was supervising the construction of several Omens, a Taylon soldier informed him that Morando ordered a search of the ancient texts for any mention of Earth. Taking the data-pad from the soldier (and to his shock), Loth discovered that Earth was the hiding place of Gaylen's Core, which he first believed was just a legend. Desiring to pass this information to the Resistance, Loth lied about delivering it to Morando. Unfortunately, as he was meeting his Resistance contact, he was caught by Morando and two Omens. After his contact was dropped to his death, Morando learns about Gaylen's Core hidden on Earth, to his shock. Loth tries to explain that there was a reason why Gaylen's Core was hidden away: because no life being should possess such power. Of course, Morando believes that this was potentially the reason why the mothership hid the Tarron children on Earth so they could protect the core from the wrong hands. Loth was imprisoned as Morando figured he could still be of value, having discovered what he had been trying to hide.

Loth was later rescued by Izita as the Resistance started a distraction with Krel's boombox. As soon as they reached safety, Loth insisted on speaking with the royals. Though Izita assured him that the royals would soon be returning to Akiridion-5, he insisted that they had to stay on Earth and protect Gaylen's Core. Though she tried to deny it as just a legend, Loth insisted it was true and that Morando was seeking it to make himself a god and destroy the entire universe.

When Krel manages to perfect the wormhole generator, Zadra tests out the portal and safely returns to Akiridion-5, meeting up with Izita and Loth. Loth then proceeds to warn Krel that Morando's was searching for Gaylen's Core on Earth, much to the prince's dismay.

After Zadra leads a revolution and wiping Akiridion-5 clean of Morando's rogue Taylon soldiers, Loth assists in helping Krel build a massive wormhole generator to allow the resistance army to attack a god-induced Morando.

After Morando's defeat, Loth has most likely been reappointed as House Tarron's royal advisor.

Physical Description

He has blue skin and has a hammer-head like head with four eyes. His neck is extremely long.


Not much is known about Loth's personality, only that he seems like a loyal type and used to assist the king and queen by informing them of Aja's running away.

After House Tarron was overthrown, Loth seemingly became Morando's assistant, but it's unknown if he did it willing or not as he expressed reluctance about creating Omen since blank robots are programmed to help life forms, not harm them. However, he did ask Morando if he should raise the bounty on Aja and Krel.

In Part Two, when he realizes how dangerous and savage Morando really was, he acts as a double agent for the Resistance, until he was unfortunately discovered by Morando when he caught him trying to hide the location of Gaylen's Core from him. He he got the chance to speak to Krel directly, Loth warns him that the entire universe is at steak now that Morando is aware of the existence of Gaylen's Core, which is hidden on Earth.

Loth also seems to have a fascination for legends, as he was incredibly amazed when he learns from the royal archives that Gaylan's Core was real and hidden on Earth. However, he also has a moral approach where legends are concerned, as he believed that if a legend was hidden away, then it is for a reason. He believed that the Royals kept Gaylen's Core's existence was kept a secret from Akiridion-5 because no life being deserves to possess such power of creating and destroying entire planets.

Powers & Abilities


  • Spying: Loth was briefly able to report most of Morando's activities and warn the Resistance of any possible threats. However, he has unfortunately been caught by Morando himself when he tries to give his contact the chips about the existence of Gaylen's Core.
  • Intelligence: Being the official advisor the royal house, Loth is undoubtedly a well-read and intelligent being.


  • Lack of Combat Skills: Loth is not a warrior of any kind as he's not too fond of violence.



King Fialkov and Queen Coranda

Loth Saborian is the advisor of King Fialkov and Queen Coranda. Later, he was overpowered by General Morando and charged him for he's not loyal to him.

Krel and Aja Tarron

Like their parents, Loth believes that they are worthy rulers. When Morando prepares to invade Earth, he was quick to warn the children and Morando's ambition of finding Gaylen's Core on Earth.


After realizing how cruel and dangerous Morando truly is, Loth sends a message to Zadra, warning her about Morando preparing to invade Earth to kill the children himself.


General Morando

At first, it is most likely that before Morando's fall into evil, Loth and Morando had a professional relationship.

However, Loth saw him show his unrestrained brutality by creating an army of Omen Blanks to spread fear and obedience on Akiridion-5. Because of Morando's despicable nature, Loth briefly became a double agent for the resistance, until Morando discovers his double-cross. Loth then does everything in his power to warn House Tarron that Morando was seeking Gaylen's Core and was plotting on using it to wipe out the entire universe.


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  • Unlike most of the Akiridions, who appear more humanoid, Loth appear more blobbish and has a hammer-like head.


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