Logan[2] is a recurring character in Trollhunters.

He is silent and is an extra, but he appears quite often, mostly with Steve Palchuk, Seamus Johnson, and/or Mary Wang.


Trollhunters (Part One)

Logan appears in "Becoming: Part 1" with Steve and Seamus as the three people who put Eli in a locker after he tells them about the trolls.

Logan asked Claire to the Spring Fling, but she told him she was waiting for someone else to ask her.[3]

Physical Description

Logan has dark skin and black square-cut hair. He wears a white T-shirt and blue track pants. He has brown eyes.


Nothing is known about Logan since he is just a silent background character, but he seems to enjoy bullying people such as Eli.


Episode Appearances

Trollhunters Part 1
"Becoming: Part 1"
"Becoming: Part 2"
"Wherefore Art Thou, Trollhunter?"
"Gnome Your Enemy"
"Waka Chaka!"
"Win Lose or Draal"
"To Catch a Changeling"
"Adventures in Trollsitting"
"Bittersweet Sixteen"
"Young Atlas"
"Recipe for Disaster"
"Claire and Present Danger"
"The Battle of Two Bridges"
"Return of the Trollhunter"
"Roaming Fees May Apply"
"Blinky's Day Out"
"The Shattered King"
"Where Is My Mind?"
"Party Monster"
"It's About Time"
"Angor Management"
"A Night to Remember"
"Something Rotten This Way Comes"
Trollhunters Part 2
"Escape from the Darklands"
"Grand Theft Otto"
"Hiss Hiss, Bang Bang"
"Hero with a Thousand Faces"
"Just Add Water"
"The Reckless Club"
"Mistrial and Error"
"In the Hall of the Gumm-Gumm King"
Trollhunters Part 3
"Night Patroll"
"Arcadia's Most Wanted"
"Bad Coffee"
"So I'm Dating a Sorceress"
"The Exorcism of Claire Nunez"
"Parental Guidance"
"The Oath"
"For the Glory of Merlin"
"In Good Hands"
"A House Divided"
"The Eternal Knight: Part 1"
"The Eternal Knight: Part 2"



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  1. He is in Jim's sophomore homeroom class, making him the same age as Jim.
  2. Trollhunters – "Just Add Water" - Darci mentions that he and Mary had killed their flour child.
  3. Trollhunters – "Blinky's Day Out"
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