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Lightning in a Bottle is the ninth episode of 3Below.

Official Synopsis[]

The royal heirs look for Aja's missing serrator in the forest, where they mistake Trollhunter Jim Lake's Amulet of Daylight for her lost weapon.


Krel and Aja search for her missing serrator. She's worried Varvatos won't train her anymore if he learns she lost it.

Jim, Claire, and Toby emerge after escaping Merlin's cave. They meet up with Chompsky.

Krel and Aja overhear the others talking. They see Jim's amulet and Aja thinks it's her serrator. Krel stops her from going to get it.

Steve tries to figure out how the serrator works.

Seamus stands by his father as his father speaks to Miss Janeth. Seamus points to Krel and accuses him of cheating. Aja and Krel see Toby and recognize him as a member of the group they saw the night before. Miss Janeth calls Krel over to talk while Toby finds Chompsky in his locker, still asking for the present for his girlfriend.

Jim, Claire, and Toby talk about finding the first item on Merlin's list as Aja watches, looking at the amulet. The bell rings and Uhl orders everyone to get to class. Uhl sees Steve playing with the serrator and confiscates it.

Uhl goes to talk to Seamus's father, who is upset that Seamus isn't getting the A+ anymore like he was. Seamus's father says people like Krel are terrible at math. Uhl asks what he means like that and he says someone new to the country shouldn't be that good at math. Krel says he's new to the country, but not to math. Seamus's father says Seamus and Krel should face each other in a math duel. The winner gets the A+. Uhl leaves to take care of something else and asks Krel and Aja to wait in his classroom for him. Chompsky sees the serrator sticking out of Uhl's book and thinks it's the toy he wants for his girlfriend.

Uhl finds Jim in the office. As they talk, Chompsky tries to get the serrator. He finally gets it and is triumphant.

Aja and Krel talk while they wait for Uhl. She wants to focus on getting the serrator while he's upset about the math duel. Just then, Uhl leads Jim in and tells him to show them around. Jim introduces himself to them.

Aja follows Jim and wants to get the amulet.

Chompsky gleeful walks around with the serrator. Varvatos spots him and follows him, saying if Krel or Aja lost their serrator, he'll tear them limb from limb. He's stopped when Chompsky goes inside Toby's house. He's delighted to see Nana open the door. He tries to find Chompsky and get the serrator. He realizes that Nana's blind without her glasses.

Seamus's father threatens him as they drive away.

They go down to the Janus Order. Aja sees Jim put his bag down and goes to get the amulet. She's stopped when they notice Krel is missing. They find him int he control center and Claire invites them back to her house.

Chompsky puts his girlfriend on the serrator. Varvatos enters the room to try to get it back, but Chompsky hides in the dollhouse. He uses the serrator to protect himself as Varvatos tries to get it back. He is finally able to trap Chompsky in a cat carrier.

Claire leads them into her house for a tour. They overheard Jim and Toby talking about catching lightning in a bottle. They go outside and say they have a better way.

Krel works on the jar as Aja works on the power grid. Krel says they just need metal. Jim has a suggestion.

Steve sneaks into Uhl's office to find the serrator.

Varvatos comes down with Chompsky and joins a game of chess with Nancy.

Jim hides behind a car to activate his amulet. Aja realizes it's not her serrator. Jim plants the sword and they all hide behind the car. They get the lightning, but the power in town all goes out.

Steve can't find the serrator anywhere. The power goes out, scaring him.

The power goes out as Varvatos plays with Nancy. He then sees that Chompsky has cut a hole in the carrier and escaped.

Chompsky is nearly killed by Stuart's truck. Stuart takes the serrator from him.

The teens all say their goodbyes and part ways.

Stuart pulls up outside the Tarron house and leaves a note with the serrator under the mat.

Aja and Krel talk about the trollhunters as they arrive at home. Aja finds her serrator on the step and celebrates its return. She finds the note and thinks it's from Steve. Steve arrives on his Vespa and takes the credit she gives him. As they enter the house, they show Varvatos that they each have their serrators.

Miss Janeth starts the math duel. While they work, Krel remembers Seamus's father's threat not to send him to space camp if he loses and changes his answer to the wrong one. Miss Janeth reveals that Seamus won by one point.

Seamus knows that Krel threw the match and asks why he did it. Krel says he wanted Seamus to be able to go to space camp.

General Morando speaks to the people again. He introduces the new blanks, the Ocular Mechanically Engineered Neutralizers, which will kill any enemies who refuse to surrender. It sends a destructive blast around the room, showing its power.



  • This episode covers the events from the Trollhunters episode "In Good Hands", only in Aja and Krel's perspective.
    • However, the sequence of events during this episode is greatly altered to that of "In Good Hands", as seen in Aja and Krel's lack of action in Trollhunters compared to in 3Below.
  • Near the end of this episode, when Aja was bidding farewell to the Trollhunters, she said "Sure. Maybe at the teen center, Trollhunters." However, in the Trollhunters episode "In Good Hands", she did not use the word Trollhunters in the end of that sentence. This is most likely added in this episode to further confirm that there are enough after-effects after the time reset in "D'aja Vu" for Aja to remember the Trollhunters' other identity with the hints of the footage in Janus Order, the weird things in Claire's house, and Jim's armor.
  • At the beginning of the episode, while searching for Aja's serrator, Aja and Krel pass by a tree with multiple carvings of lovers' initials. One of them is JLJ + CN, referring to Jim and Claire from Trollhunters.
  • This is the last episode of 3Below to feature Jim as a human, and the last episode in the Tales of Arcadia trilogy overall to feature him as a human until the Wizards finale, "Our Final Act".
  • In the background Douxie can be seen when Seamus's Father yells at him for not getting all A+'s in math class while getting in his car.


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