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For an Akiridion, as long as your core remains intact, then you can survive almost anything. It is our very soul, and you must nourish it. Like a spark, it can be extinguished, or it can be fanned until it burns bright.
King Fialkov to his children, Aja and Krel, about an Akiridion's core during a flashback in "Bad Omen"

Life Cores are the souls and life forces of Akiridions.


Life cores come in various shapes but they're typically long and rectangular in a translucent blue color. The royal life courses have a unique design.

The cores are the center of an Akiridion entire self, defining their molecular structure and allow them to exist. Even if an Akiridion's energy body is destroyed, they can survive as long as their cores are safe and their bodies could be reformed after a long process of reconstruction.

Life cores cannot be brought back after they've turned gray or if they are crushed.


  • The only other life cores seen in the series are the ones of Vex's deceased family, and many other dead life cores. One of Morando's soldier's life core is also seen before he destroys it, killing his own soldier.


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