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Last Night on Earth is the twelfth episode of 3Below.

Official Synopsis[]

The royals celebrate their last day of school -- and on Earth -- with friends, but Zadra's arrival with revelations of betrayal shakes them to the core.


Alpha eulogizes Omega as they did with Beta. He knows someone is watching him and holds out a weapon. The Omen blank steps out and grabs him. Morando speaks to him through the Omen blank and tells him the Omen blank will finish the job he and the others couldn't. He answers to Omen now. Alpha agrees to that.

Krel wakes up to the radio. He wants to go back to sleep, but Aja tells him it's their last day on Earth and he can sleep on the flight home.

Stuart is there to help them enjoy their last day on Earth. They eat a quick breakfast and then head to school. It's the Battle of the Bands that day, too.

The students exchange yearbooks to sign and take pictures. Mary and Darci are sad that Aja is leaving.

Krel is not pleased wit the messages he's received in his yearbook. Hers have more variety. He feels he's failed to leave his mark during his time on Earth. Coach Lawrence tells Aja he's going to miss her.

Varvatos prepares for a final date with Nancy. The earth shakes and the power goes out. Suddenly, Zadra comes in and attacks him. She asks him where they children are. He says they're safe, but she doesn't believe him because of the betrayal. Varvatos tries to explain, but she won't let him and continues to attack him. He finally corners her and tells her this isn't what he intended to happen. Just then, the kids come home and are confused.

Krel and Aja don't believe Varvatos is a traitor. He admits that he lowered the shields that day, but Morando swore no one would be hurt. Krel says he got hurt and so did their parents. Krel is angry and wants to punish Varvatos with death, but Aja stops him. Varvatos says he did it for revenge, to avenge his family. He was blinded by Morando's promises. He was wrong. He tells Krel not to let his desire for revenge destroy him, too. Krel says they can't allow him to go unpunished, but he can't kill Varvatos. Aja suggests exile instead. He'll have to remain on Earth forever. She also strips him of his title and weapon. They cast him out of the house.

Krel wants to go to Battle of the Bands over Aja's objections. He says it's his last chance to leave his mark.

Steve performs with Eli. Aja watches him and wonders if they can make long long long distance work. As they finish, a tremor rocks the stage. Señor Uhl calls up Krel to perform next. Aja dances as he makes music, but it doesn't go over well with the crowd. He changes his music and they like his second choice much better. Krel is excited to have made his mark.

Jerry and Phil can hear the music from the chess table.

Zadra is happy to see them succeed as well.

Varvatos cries listening to them on the radio.

Krel ends his performance with a mic drop. After they leave the stage, Claire enters and tells them that something dangerous is coming, something alien. Aja and Krel wonder if she's talking about them. Claire tells them they need to run when night falls. Just then, something dark appears in the sky. Trolls appear in the street and Aja prepares to fight them as Eternal Night settles in. Aja and Krel fight the trolls with Zadra's help. She tells them it's not their fight and they need to return to the Mothership, but Aja says the people of Arcadia need them. They see Jim in his half-troll form. Zadra then tells them she's receiving a distress signal from back home. They need to get back to the ship.

Varvatos searches for Aja and Krel, but his app is slow. He runs into a troll. He changes back to his true form and kills the Gumm-Gumm.

Zadra attacks two more Gumm-Gumms that corner Aja and Krel. Aja sees Steve and Eli fighting goblins and goes to talk to Steve. Aja tells him she's leaving soon and wanted to say goodbye. As the fighting continues around them, Aja and Steve share a kiss. Aja and Krel then leave to go home.

They arrive at the mothership to find its defenses have been breached. Zadra is hit by a weapon Alpha has thrown. Aja and Krel start to fight him. After Krel ends up bound, Alpha gets Aja cornered without her serrator.

Inside the mothership, Omen blank overrides the security and prepares for launch. Aja and Krel are unable to board the ship before it launches, with their parents on board.



  • The events of this episode take place during the Trollhunters episode "The Eternal Knight: Part 1" (and by extension, along with "Bad Omen", "The Eternal Knight: Part 2").
  • When Eli shouts "Yeah! Spectacular!" on top of Steve's shoulders, this particular clip uses recycled audio from "The Eternal Knight: Part 1", as Eli's voice is higher in pitch.
  • Aja and Krel finally learn about Varvatos's betrayal from Zadra in this episode.
  • Steve and Aja share their first kiss in this episode, but in Aja's human form.
  • The screening time of that Staja kiss (from when their lips first touch to when their lips stop touching and moves away) is approximately 24.5 seconds, making it more than twice as long as Jim and Claire's kiss in the Trollhunters episode "Homecoming" (~11.9 seconds), and longer than all of Jim and Claire's kissing scenes combined. This is lampshaded by Eli complaining whether they need to breathe as well as Steve almost passing out in the end (Aja doesn't need to breathe to stay alive).
    • Granted, the rotating shots of Steve and Aja during their kiss show the moment in slow-motion.
  • Goof:
    • When Jim makes his appearance by slicing a projected truck in half, he lands and briefly turns his head towards Aja and Krel. In "The Eternal Knight: Part 1", once Jim lands after making his dramatic entrance, he only stares straight ahead towards the Gumm-Gumm Army, and does not divert his attention elsewhere.
    • Steve and Eli were shown wearing their Creepslayerz clothes in this episodes while in "Bad Omen" and "The Eternal Knight" they are shown wearing regular clothes. They most likely changed their attires because their Creepslayerz clothes were covered in goblin remains.
    • Before the Battle of the Bands, Krel was shown to be unable to lift the electrical piano, and wanted Aja's help in it. However, the piano is seen nowhere on the stage, perhaps Krel decided to change his mind in the last minute.


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