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Lancelot's Sword was a weapon formerly wielded by Lancelot.


Lancelot presumably received the sword as a part of his knight training. It was first seen in the series when Lancelot accosted Douxie Casperan, Claire Nuñez, Steve Palchuk and Jim Lake Jr. in the forest outside Camelot. It was then seen when Lancelot started to train Steve as a knight. The sword was partially destroyed during Lancelot's battle with Bular when King Arthur, along with his knights, invaded the forest to wipe out the trolls living there.


It is a medium-sized sword with a brown cloth-wrapped handle and a golden pommel. The guard is intricately ornamented with a large replica of a golden bird-like structure. The blade is emblazoned with certain designs. Part of the blade was destroyed during Lancelot's battle with Bular and/or Gunmar.


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  • According to Aaron Waltke on a Discord, during one of Lancelot's many battles, no doubt facing either Bular or Gunmar themselves, Lancelot's sword got broken. His sword's name in the original legends it was named either Seure or Secace, which roughly translates to "sequence".