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Her power is beyond your comprehension. It was from her mystic waters I helped Arthur first retrieve Excalibur and unite the kingdom.
Merlin to the Guardians about Excalibur's origins

Lady of the Lake is the fourth episode of Wizards.

Official Synopsis[]

Merlin leads his ragtag crew on a quest to restore Excalibur and save Camelot. Elsewhere, Jim tries to convince Blinky that they're on the same side.


Claire has a nightmare about losing Jim and herself in place of Morgana falling off the cliff. She wakes with a start, telling herself it wasn't real. Then a book opens itself to a specific page, featuring Morgana.

Merlin tries to console Arthur, but Arthur refuses consolation. His sword and his kingdom are both shattered. Merlin says he'll repair Excalibur and perhaps their shattered hearts.

Douxie and Archie discuss Douxie's actions which led to Morgana's death. History is botched. Claire says Morgana tried to help her save Jim, but all Claire saw was anger and darkness. They share the same magic. She wonders what that says about her. Steve is upset because the other knights laughed at him. Merlin comes in with Excalibur's pieces. Without it, Arthur can't lead Camelot in a war against Gunmar, which would mean the end of humanity and their future. There's only one person who can help, the Lady of the Lake. Merlin gives orders to both Douxies and they leave.

Claire asks Douxie if he thinks Merlin's plan will work, but Douxie just says his plans haven't worked, so he’s in no position to judge. They can't make any more mistakes, so they have to trust Merlin.

Jim wakes up and before opening his eyes, starts to tell Blinky about his dream. Jim then realizes it wasn't a dream. Dictatious is also there, along with Callista. They tell Jim he's in Dwoza, a safe haven for Trollkind. Since they're healed, Callista and Jim are both cast out.

Claire looks again at the picture of Morgana in the book. Merlin magically closes the book and tells Claire that shadow magic only leads to pain. They arrive at the Lady of the Lake's home, where Merlin helped Arthur extract Excalibur and unite the kingdom. Merlin tells them to watch the ship while he takes the sword. Douxie is upset because he wants to go with, but Merlin says he won't lose another apprentice. Merlin is easily granted entrance by Lock and Latch, the two halves of the talking door, but Douxie is shut out. Even magic won't help him through.

Gunmar fights with AAARRRGGHH!!!, saying AAARRRRGGHH!!! isn't using his full strength. Someone then comes in and tells Gunmar that the knights have crossed Killahead Bridge while hunting trolls and Bular is missing. Gunmar tells AAARRRGGHH!!! to tell the Dwoza trolls to pick a side and kill them if they don't choose Gunmar's.

Claire, Steve, and Douxie are bored waiting for Merlin. Steve tries to breech the door, but has no luck. Douxie then has an idea for Claire to make a shadow portal for them to slip through. The book flies out of Claire's hands. She says she doesn't have her staff, but he's seen her do magic without it. Claire doesn't want to become Morgana. She's scared the darkness will take over. Douxie says she's not Morgana and she can do great things. She agrees to try. Douxie helps her read the spellbook. She concentrates and opens the portal, all the while picturing Morgana. Claire is then sucked away herself. Douxie looks through the book to figure out how to bring her back.

Claire sinks into the Shadow Realm and sees Morgana floating nearby. She apologizes to Morgana. She hears Douxie telling her she's not Morgana and now to let fear control her. She focuses and transports herself back out. She tells them about seeing Morgana. She wonders why she saw her. Claire knows now she'll be all right. Lock and Latch say it won't work as Claire attempts to try a portal again. Claire opens the portal. They go through over Lock and Latch's objections.

Jim tries to convince Blinky and Dictatious that they're on the same side, but his phone battery dies before they can see his pictures. Other Trolls are walking around, collecting supplies for the end times, when they'll go hide underground until the conflict blows over. Jim is upset that they're not going to fight as he says there's a war coming and Blinky's in it. Jim tells Blinky what's coming, but Blinky won't believe it. Blinky and Dictatious continue to lead Callista and Jim out. Just then, AAARRRGGHH!!! contfronts them, so the gates to Dwoza are quickly closed with Blinky and Dictatious on the outside. AAARRRGGHH!!! bursts through anyway and tells the trolls that they must join Gunmar or die.

Claire, Steve, Douxie, and Archie land on the other side of the portal. They don't see Merlin, but they're there to find the Lady. Douxie picks up the broken end of Excalibur and says they should just find the Lady and everything will be fine. They step onto a raft that starts moving on its own. The Lady of the Lake, Nimue, emerges from the water and asks what they want. Douxie asks for help and she says she can give them what they seek. Douxie says they need her to fix Excalibur, she says says that's not what he really seeks. He really seeks redemption and Claire seeks escape from guilt, while Steve seeks validation of knighthood, and Archie wants roasted salmon. They're not the first to deceive her. She says they aren't worthy. Nimue fully emerges from the water, revealing herself to actually be a monstrous being, and snatches Steve.

Inside Nimue, Steve tries to escape, but he's quickly found by Merlin.

Nimue is still talking to Douxie and Claire. Archie helps them flee, but they need to save Steve. Douxie uses his magic to fight Nimue, who spits out Steve and Merlin. Nimue says she gave Merlin the blade and he imprisoned her in that cave without hope, much to Douxie's astonishment that his master would do such a thing. Now her prison will be their tomb. Douxie casts a spell on the remaining fragment of Excalibur and throws it at the wall, breaking out a hole. He tells Nimue to be free as he understands she doesn't deserve to be locked up. Surprisingly, Nimue says he's different and, as a token of gratitude, she gifts him with a reforged Excalibur, which she says is for people who are worthy to wield it. He promises to return it to its rightful place. As she leaves, Merlin wakes and asks Douxie what he did, then sees he has Excalibur restored.

In the middle of the ocean, a hooded figure pulls Morgana's body out of the water. He tells her to rest in peace and hopes the spirits guide her home. He takes off his hood to reveal that he's Angor Rot.

Nari finds Morgana where Angor left her and says her time isn't done. She uses magic to revive Morgana and heal her arm with a green prothetic. Morgana asks why and Bellroc tells her that she'll be their champion.



  • Lock and Latch are a parody of Rot and Gut.
    • Latch's first dialogue, albeit interupted by Merlin, "Who dares to disturb my slumber?" could be a nod to the Guardian of the Cave of Wonders from Disney's 'Aladdin'.
  • The sword, Excalibur, is reforged.
  • Morgana is resurrected by the Arcane Order and it is revealed that Nari gave Morgana her signature left hand emerald prothetic.
  • The skull statue at the Gumm-Gumm caves resembles the Arcane Order's castle. This may imply that Gunmar was a member, or at least an ally, of the Arcane Order.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar:
    • Steve laughing at the word "bosom" when Douxie assures Claire that Jim might be safe with the good trolls.
    • Steve referring his "birthday suit".
    • At one point, Archie calls Lock and Latch "knobhead", a common British term for "dick-head".
  • Continuity: Steve uses the same phrases he used in "Truth Be Told" when he was captured by the Zeron Brotherhood to open Lock and Latch.
  • Title: The title refers to the episode of the same name from the 2008 TV series, Merlin.


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