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Kruberas are a race of Trolls who live in the Deep Caverns.

Physical Description

Kruberas are characterized by their large size, their ability to provide a phosphorescent glow of their skin and their sensitivity to light because they spend their lives in the dark.


The Kruberas live in a monarchy ruled by their queen, Usurna, who unfortunately ruled over them with an iron fist. They rarely leave the Deep Caves, which leads them to isolate themselves from the other Trolls.

The Krubera were the guardians of the Eye of Gunmar. However, Gunmar and his army invaded the Deep Caverns centuries ago, stealing the Eye and several of the Krubera children, even AAARRRGGHH!!!, whom they converted into their soldiers. But, in truth, Usurna made a pact with Gunnar and traded away the Krubera children.

According to Usurna, their land has salt mines that can slow AAARRRGGHH!!!'s death. However, she probably made that up as a way to capture AAARRRGGHH!!!, given her true, evil nature. 

Powers & Abilities

The Kruberas are deeply connected to each other and are able to perceive when one of their kind is dying. They are also bred for battle and are very strong. As trolls who thrive in deep caves, they also have keen eyesight when in darkness and are good with directions.


Kruberas possess a troll's natural weakness to sunlight. They also have sensitivity to light since they spend so much time in the dark (however, AAARRRGGHH!!! was adapted to handle light with ease, even better than the rest of his brethern, minus Usurna).

Known Kruberas


  • These trolls may be located, or be based on, Krubera Cave, the deepest-known caves on Earth.
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