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The Krubera are a race of cave-dwelling Trolls who inhabit the Deep Caverns, a set of caves deep under the Earth's mantle


The Krubera live in a monarchy, ruled by their queen, Usurna, who unfortunately ruled over them with an iron fist. They rarely leave the Deep Caves, which isolates them from other trolls.

They served as the guardians of the Eye of Gunmar. However, Gunmar and his army invaded the Deep Caverns centuries ago, stealing the third Triumbric Stone and kidnapping several of the Krubera children (including AAARRRGGHH!!!), whom they converted into their soldiers; this was later revealed to be Usurna's doing, as she willingly made a pact with Gunmar to give away the Krubera children in exchange for ruling alongside him.

According to Usurna, their territory has salt mines that can slow AAARRRGGHH!!!'s death, though this may have been a fabrication to capture AAARRRGGHH!!!, given her evil nature. 

Physical Description[]

The Krubera are bipedal trolls mainly characterized by their stocky, muscular build, shown through their broad chest, broad shoulders, and bulky arms; as such, their upper body dominates most of their appearance, with their legs being quite small compared to this. The face of a Krubera troll is flat, and dominated by a large, purple nose, with eyes set; in addition, they possess an underbite. Their heads have four horns, two large ones and two smaller ones behind them, and small ears that hang downward. The Krubera do not possess any hair (with the exception of AAARRRGGHH!!!), and the grooves on their body emit a blue-purple glow.

Powers & Abilities[]

All Krubera share a deep connection with one another, to the point where they are able to perceive when one of their kind is dying. As noted by Draal, the Krubera are ruthless, experienced warriors, bred for battle and trained to kill. Due to the Krubera's natural environment, they have keen eyesight when in darkness, and are very good with directions.


Kruberas possess a troll's natural weakness to sunlight. They also have sensitivity to light since they spend so much time in the dark (however, AAARRRGGHH!!! was adapted to handle light with ease, even better than the rest of his brethren, minus Usurna).

Known Kruberas[]


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  • These trolls may be located, and/or even be based on, Krubera Cave, the deepest-known caves on Earth.