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The Krohnisfere holds the power of time infinite, and tells of the past and future
Charlemagne on the Krohnisfere to Archie[src]

The Krohnisfere is a magical object used for viewing the future and resetting time. It was first seen in the possession of Zong-Shi, the TrollDragon regent, and later captured by Claire, Blinky, Archie and Charlemagne, as Nari had told them that it would be of help in defeating Bellroc and Skrael.


The Krohnisfere was created as a container for the Time Stone. At some point, it fell into the hands of Zong-Shi, who ended up becoming obsessed with it, in the hope that it would forecast his own death and will be able to prevent it. He never took his eyes off it since then.

Following Nari's words, which revealed that the Krohnisfere could "fix everything", Jim, Claire, Blinky, AAARRGGHH!!!, Archie and Charlemagne stole it from Zong-Shi, but they were confused by Nari's vague explanations on how to make use of it.

After the Guardians of Arcadia defeated Bellroc at the cost of Toby's life, Jim discovers the Time Stone inside the Krohnisfere, realizing that what Nari said is that he could use his power to go back in time and do everything differently, thus saving Toby's life and everyone who sacrificed themselves. After an emotional farewell, Jim puts the stone in the Amulet, reverting time to the day he became the Trollhunter.

Physical Appearance[]

It is a large glowing green sphere-shaped object, with little screens separated by brass bands all over it. These screens show future events in a movie-like fashion. According to Toby, it resembles a Magic-8 ball. It glows green due to the Time Stone inside it, which can be removed by breaking the Krohnisfere. It also somewhat resembles the Heart of Avalon, so it is possible that Merlin created the Krohnisfere.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Krohnisfere holds the power of time infinite and tells of the past and future.
―Charlemagne on Krohnisfere

The Knohnisphere is the bearer of infinite time, capable of showing visions of the past and future. However, the future it shows is not absolute, given that Claire was able to prevent Blinky from dying that the sphere showed her.

Its power comes from the Time Stone within it. If the stone is removed from the Krohnisfere and placed inside the Amulet of Daylight, it allows the Trollhunter to go back in time, essentially resetting the timeline.

Appearances in Trilogy[]

Appearances in the Trilogy



  • After it was used by Jim to reset time, there is a chance that the destroyed Krohnisfere might have been restored in the new reset timeline.
  • It resembles the Heart of Avalon, so it is possible that Merlin created the Krohnisfere.
  • The classic DreamWorks logo was made to look like Jim in the center of the Krohnisfere, in the place of the Amulet of Daylight, in the opening of the climax film.
  • Charlemagne called this object an "ill-fated relic".