No need to fear, DJ Kleb is here... to party!
―Krel's new catchphrase

Krel Tarron is one of the main stars in the Tales of Arcadia franchise, serving as the deuteragonist of 3Below, a minor character in Part Three of Trollhunters, and an upcoming character of Wizards.[1]

He is the king-in-waiting of Akiridion-5, a foreign exchange student of Arcadia Oaks High, best friends with Eli Pepperjack and Toby Domzalski, the son of Fialkov and Coranda Tarron, the younger brother of Aja Tarron, and the presumed love interest of Mary Wang.



Krel lived on the planet, Akiridion-5 with his sister, Aja, and their parents, King Fialkov and Queen Coranda. While Aja often snuck off to have fun in the kingdom, Krel spent most of his time experimenting and studying Akiridion technology. The two often received lectures from their parents about their responsibilities they will have when they will one day take the throne, though they often fell asleep.

On the day of Krel's coronation ceremony, he was assigned to battle their best fighter, Varvatos Vex, to show the kingdom his battle skills. Unfortunately, the battle is interrupted by General Morando and his evil henchmen, whom have come to take over the kingdom.

Trollhunters (Part Three)

Meeting the Trollhunter

The Trollhunters take the royals on a tour of Arcadia during their quest for Merlin's ingredients (see below at "Searching For Aja's Serrator" for more info). 

3Below (Part One)

Morando's Attack

Krel calls Aja to check if she's going to their joined coronation, she explains that she has no intention of becoming Queen-in-Waiting. King Fialkov comes by to tell him that Aja will not be attending the coronation but he already knows. Krel finishes the device he makes to win the duel then his father gives him advice about being King and how nobody is ever ready. The battle begins and Vex is overconfident in fighting Krel.

Just then, General Morando and his army attack the kingdom, forcing Zadra, Vex, and the royal family to flee to the mothership. However, Morando's thugs attack King Fialkov and Queen Coranda, cause them to revert to their original cores.

First Day on Earth

Despite their safety, the mothership is damaged and disguises itself to look like a 1950s house. Just then, Eli approaches the house, so the mothership changes Krel, Aja, and Varvatos into a Latino, a girl, and a senior citizen respectively. The mother ship also turns Luug into a dog. The mothership then tells Varvatos and the kids that the ship is low on power, due to the Daxial Array being lost. Aja suggests going outside to search for one, to which Varvatos and Krel reluctantly agree.

The three go outside and explore all around Arcadia, enjoying its many "wonders" such as popcorn, grass, music shops, and fire hydrants. As they prepare to eat some spicy food, the three then run into Toby, who shows them to the local music shop, where Krel inadvertedly steals a vinyl record. Detective Scott then arrives and asks the kids why they are out of school on a weekday, since it is illegal to do that. He then takes them to the local school.

When they arrive there, Señor Uhl questions where they are from. To cover up their tracks, Aja and Krel say they are from an island called, "Cantaloupia." During the school day, Aja and Krel begin to showboat to the faculty and the students (Aja's athletic abilities and Krel's brains, respectively). When they are caught exploring the science lab with Eli, in the hopes of finding parts for a Daxial Array, Uhl decides to have a parent-teacher conference with their "parents."

Since their real parents are being revived by the mothership, the kids decide to disguise some generic robots as a stereotypical 50s parents. The meeting goes horrible wrong and Uhl decides to call social services to report this incident, but Aja explains about how Morando and his henchmen took over their "country" and broke their parents. Feeling sympathetic, Uhl decides to give them a second chance. They make it back home as soon as their human forms wear off. Aja begins sobbing over their predicament and begins to feel hopeless. Krel comes over and comforts his sister, assuring her that as long as they have each other, they will never be alone.

Varvatos then proclaims Aja as queen-in-waiting as he draws a ridge on her head, identical to Krel's, while she sheds a tear. Unbeknownst to them, Eli, who had been spying on them from a window, fully observes the ceremony and sees their true forms.

Meeting Stuart

The kids and Varvatos begin to have difficulty adapting to Earth and are attracting unwanted attention from everyone. When they find out that Eli is especially curious about them, Krel builds a pair of mind-reading glasses to find out what he knows. While Aja distracts Steve (who was talking to Eli), Krel reads Eli's mind and points out that he's been spying on them, terrifying the bespectacled boy. When Krel reads another thought, he covers up his alien form by saying that he cosplays in his spare time. When Krel reads someone thinking in an alien form, they conclude there might be a fellow alien on Earth.

That night, they sneak out of the house and hear someone say their names in an alien language. They follow the thoughts to the local food truck and assume that Steve is the alien, playing dumb. Krel then attacks Steve and tries to interrogate him, but only ends up getting attacked. When Aja finds out that the truck driver is really the alien, Krel accidentally insults Steve by calling him an idiot, which provokes Steve into punching him right into the face. When Steve is about to hit Krel again, Aja defends her brother by kicking Steve, causing him to fall in love with her. The duo then chase begin to chase the driver on their hoverboard. Varvatos (who left the house during commercial breaks) manages to stop the truck, right as soon as Aja and Krel's human forms wear off and the alien reveals his true form to them.

They bring the alien back to their house to interrogate him. The alien reveals himself as Stuart and that he follows all the great royal families of the galaxy. Just as Vex is about to torture Stuart, the electric appliances start to go crazy, thanks to some Skeltegs that Aja brought with them to Earth. Stuart takes the trio to his store, where he sells electronics and graphic t-shirts to find a way to get rid of their Skelteg infestation. Stuart uses a vacuum to get rid of the Skeltegs while Aja and Krel go to school, not knowing that one of the bugs has stowed away on Krel's new boombox.

When they get to school, Mary and Darci inform Aja of her new popularity and decide to take her under their wings, much to Krel's jealousy. In class, the Skeltegs arrive and start devouring the electronics and multiplying one by one, causing school to get cancelled early. Aja, Krel, Steve, and Mary start working together to defeat the bugs, but they keep multiplying. When Mary's phone rings, the Skeltegs start to blow up and the kids realize that Earth music is their weakness. Using the boombox, Aja and Krel manage to blow up the Skeltegs in school and their house.

Encountering the Zeron Brotherhood

Aja and Krel learn that to make a Daxial Array, they will need three components: a plutonium fuel cell, an osmic circuit, and a subspace manifold as part of the propulsion system, which is in human cars. Mother informs the kids that they need to get driver's permits and to do that, they need to take a test. 

They go over to Driver's Ed with Shannon and Eli to learn how to drive. While Coach Lawrence is lecturing them, the Zeron Brotherhood spots them. The bounty hunters activate a tractor beam to abduct them. As Aja speeds away from the ship, Lawrence tells everyone to get out, but only he and Shannon leave the car while Aja and Krel flee from the Zerons. They end up failing their driving test. 

When they get home, Mother informs the kids and Varvatos about the Zerons and how they caused the Commerce Guild Bombing, which took out many innocent lives, including all of Varvatos's family members. Luug picks up the scent and orders the kids to stay home for their own safety. They secretly follow Varvatos to the Zerons who begin to attack him. Aja jumps in to save Varvatos and helps him get away from the Zerons, while Krel steals their navigation subspace manifold. 

The trio go back home and realize that they must prepare for their next encounter, which encourages Varvatos to train Aja for battle. 

Time Loop

Krel decides to enter part of the Daxial Array in the science fair, believing that professional scientists will be judging it and decides to have Aja accompany him, despite her reluctance. Krel makes plans to share his genius with his fellow scientists, but is disappointed to learn that the judges are just the teachers from school. 

Aja informs Krel and Varvatos about the time loop that they are stuck in and tells them to meet Jim, Claire, Toby, Blinky, and AAARRGGGHHH!!! in the woods for some help.

Both teams meet in the woods, where both of their mentors begin to have a bit of a tiff. They soon hear Porgon attacking the fair again with only the Creepslayerz to defend it, Jim tells Aja to pull up her serrator shield to shield both team's members as the loop restarts. They go back through the time loop and have a meeting at Aja and Krel's house to discuss how they are going to plan their attack on Porgon. The teams conclude that combining the Dekyon Charger and his Troll magic, he is able to control time and space itself, but if he combines it with the Subspace Manifold as well, time could be destroyed. Jim tries to formulate a plan, but being impatient, Aja goes off on her own. Naturally, she fails again and is sent back through the time loop.

When she goes back to the house, Jim tells her she needs to learn patience, which is what Varvatos Vex was trying to teach her. Jim recounts how he foolishly journeyed into the Darklands alone and it was only through the aid of his friends that he made it out. Aja snaps about how determined she is to become a warrior and to defeat the bounty hunters who are out to kill her. Krel and Varvatos explains to Aja that all the training in the world cannot prevent accidents or mistakes, that there will be consequences no matter what. Furthermore, as Varvatos squeezes Jim's neck, he agrees with the Trollhunter that she could not hope to defeat Porgon by herself. Aja ponders this and reluctantly agrees.

The gang decides to put magic stones on the students' volcanoes to distract Porgon while stealing the charger. When they cause the volcanoes to spew out real lava, they manage to defeat Porgon and retrieve the charger. Unfortunately, that also means that they have been exposed to the public. Krel decides to destroy the charger, resetting the loop to ensure that Porgon would not find it and keep their anonymity but that also means the events and their memories will be erased. Blinky assures them that fate would find a way to reunite them all in due course. Both teams then places their hands on the charger as restart the loop one last time.

In the final loop, just as Porgon stumbles across the charger, it self-destructs, allowing the Trollhunters to catch up and slay him.

With no memory of Aja or Krel, Jim accidentally bumps into Aja again during the science fair and apologizes. When he asks her if she's alright, she says that everything is "awesome sauce," a phrase only Toby says, and he and Toby continue enjoying the planetarium.

Illegal Aliens

One night while Krel visits Stuart to pick up a part of the Daxial Array from him, Varvatos trains Aja in the art of combat on the mothership. Later on, they learn that Krel has been attacked by a bounty hunter (which they believe is the Zerons after they changed their style). Fearing for their safety, Vex declares that Aja and Krel must stay on the mothership for their own safety and no more school. Aja, however, convinces him to let them go by using his own words back at him, to his frustration. 

The next day, the kids are called to the principal's office, where the head of the school board, Bertha Flanagan, confronts them on their background history. She orders them to see some valid identification and some background checks, believing that they are illegal aliens (much to Uhl and the Tarron sibling's dismay). When they get home, they inform Vex that Birdie might be another bounty hunter, while Stuart forges the background checks. 

Aja and Krel go back home and work on repairing the Blanks, whom they name, "Ricky" and "Lucy" respectively. Ricky projects everything he recorded the other night to the kids. Krel pauses the video and sees that a bounty hunter, who is not involved with the Zerons, is after them. Varvatos then arrives with Birdie, who seems to want to make amends for what happened in the principal's office. Krel then notices the badge on Birdie's shirt looks exactly like the hunter who attacked him and realizes that she is the bounty hunter. Birdie reveals her true form and proceeds to attack the kids. After holding off Birdie, Varvatos regains consciousness and blasts Birdie before she can escape. 

The next day, Señor Uhl informs the kids that Birdie has gone missing and presents them with student IDs to show that they are Arcadia citizens. 

Finding the Billycraggle with Eli

When Krel starts becoming the smartest kid in math class, it inadvertently causes a rivalry between him and Seamus, who had previously gotten the highest grades. Eli then invites Krel to hang out instead, to which Krel begrudgingly agrees.

That night, Eli and Krel go to the park to look for the Billycraggle, although Krel keeps questioning the legend (such as how anyone could possibly know it only comes out every century). Just then, Zeron Omega emerges from the bushes and Eli (stupidly) tries to talk to her, despite Krel's warnings. When Omega is about to strike Eli, Krel saves him and Eli runs away to the bonfire, just in time for Krel to change back into his alien form.

Aja and Krel meet in their true forms and fight off against the Zerons. They manage to defeat them (with Beta obliterated by Varvatos), but Aja soon realizes that she has accidentally dropped her serrator after she ran away from Steve.

Searching For Aja's Serrator

After defeating Beta, Krel and Aja begin searching for Aja's serrator. They see Jim, Claire, and Toby walking through the woods and see his amulet glowing, assuming that it is the serrator.

The next day, Krel is called into a meeting with Señor Uhl, Miss Janeth, Seamus, and Seamus' dad about Krel upstaging Seamus in math class, starting a rivalry between him and Seamus. Seamus' dad then challenges Krel to compete against Krel in a math contest and whoever wins gets the one A+ Miss Janeth gives and Krel accepts.

While Krel and Aja discuss how to get the serrator back, Señor Uhl brings Jim to the classroom to show them around the school if he wants to make up for his many absent days. Jim takes Aja and Krel to Claire and Toby, who reluctantly agree to include them in their Trollhunting mission for Merlin. The royals see this as a chance to get what they assume is Aja's serrator. Along the way, Krel overhears Seamus' father outraged rantings at Seamus, saying that if he loses to Krel, then he won't take him to Space Camp. 

The Trollhunters then take the royals to the wrecked Janus Order, which they pass off as a "teen hangout." While they search for Changeling remains, Krel goes into the control room and starts to use the system to play music and show off his dancing skills. When Jim turns the music off, some footage of AAARRRGGHH!!! fighting Gunmar starts playing on the monitors, which he instantly turns off. The Trollhunters claim it to be a movie and decide to take the siblings to see Claire's house, while Krel takes something he brought out of the control panel. 

Jim and Toby go to the roof to collect some lightning in a jar, so Aja and Krel decide to use their vast intergalactic knowledge to help them do it. Krel makes a capacitor from some parts of the microwave to hold the lightning in, and Aja hacks into Arcadia's power grid to make lightning appear in fifteen minutes. Using Jim's sword, they manage to capture the lightning and put it in the jar. The siblings then bid their new friends goodbye and go home. 

The very next day after school, Krel and Seamus compete against each other in the math contest. Remembering how harsh his father was towards him the other day, Krel throws the competition at the last minute out of pure empathy. When Seamus asks Krel why he did it, Krel replies it is because he knew he wanted to go to Space Camp and he knows how amazing the cosmos are, causing Seamus to gain newfound respect for Krel. 

Breaking Into Area 49-B

During physics class, Eli shares one of his conspiracy stories, this time concerning one of the military's top secret facilities: Area 49-B, a research facility that studies and researches extraterrestrial beings, including a spacecraft that crash-landed on Earth about thirty years ago. Needing one last part to complete the Daxial Array, Krel suggests he, Aja, and Vex sneak into the facility and steal an osmic circuit. They later agree to find someone who might know more about the military base.

Aja and Krel visit Stuart in his shop and ask him about Area 49-B. Stuart explains that the military pulled him out of his spacecraft and locked him up in the base, but he managed to escape the dreadful facility. Stuart then agrees to help House Tarron break into the facility and devises a heist, which he dubs "The Arcadian Job".

Learning the Truth

During the last day of the school year (and their last day on Earth in general), Aja and Krel decide to have some fun at school with their friends. While Aja is receiving many goodbyes from Darci and Mary, Krel is trying to get the respect and admiration he believes that he deserves.

When they get back to the ship, they find Zadra confronting Vex. When the two royals ask what is going on, Zadra tells them that she has recently found out that Vex is the one who allowed Morando to invade the kingdom. Krel and Aja at first doubt Zadra, but Vex confesses that it is true. Furious at realizing that it was actually Vex's fault their kingdom got taken over, Krel prepares to kill Vex, but Aja stops him from doing so. The two remember that Vex actually wants to die, so they decide to spare him and leave him behind on Earth as punishment for his betrayal.

Later on, Aja finds Krel in his room, and she decides that they should leave Earth right away and forget everything about what happened with Vex. Krel, however, still wishes to participate in the Battle of the Bands and leave his mark in Arcadia, so Aja agrees to accompany him.

During the Battle of the Bands, Aja and Krel start to play some of their planet music (dolphin music), which nobody finds amusing, so they decide to play some "easy listening" music (hip-hop). After their performance, Claire comes up onstage to warn everyone of the Eternal Night, but nobody listens and thinks this is a song. Only Aja and Krel realize that something is wrong and decide to go investigate.

Saving the Mothership

Stuart and the siblings then witness the Gumm-Gumms pop out of the ground, quickly realizing that Morando didn't send them, nor are they from Akiridion. Using their serrators, Aja and Krel manage to beat some of the Gumm-Gumms. They even briefly see Jim in his troll form. Zadra then arrives and alerts the kids that the Mothership has been infiltrated by one of the Gumm-Gumms. 

While Zadra holds off the Gumm-Gumms, Krel and Aja run into the Creepslayerz to help them fight off the goblins that are attacking them. After he defeats them, Aja begins to say her possible final goodbyes to Steve and the two share their first kiss (in Aja's human form, that is). 

Stuart, Zadra and the siblings head back to the house and see that Alpha is seeking vengeance for them killing his brothers. Alpha battles Aja and mocks her for being weak like her parents. Just then, Alpha's robot, Omen has taken over the ship and begin flying it off of Earth. Just as Alpha prepares to take Aja down, Stuart summons Buster and he begins attacking the bounty hunter. Zadra explains to Stuart and the siblings that Omen has been programmed to kill the resistance. Vex then calls them and informs the protagonists that is going to risk his life trying to get the Mothership back from Omen to make up for his sins. Zadra, Stuart, and the siblings watch as the two ships collide together and the house starts to fall back down to the ground, but now more tilted.

The Tarrons get into the house and both Lucy and Ricky have gone mad from Omen's power. Just as their human forms wear off, the siblings manage to fight back. Aja and Krel realize that they have to get to the control center to get their house and the Blanks back to normal as well as save their parents' life cores. Zadra holds off the Blanks as the siblings go to save the cores, only to find that Omen moved them. While Aja goes to get the cores back from Omen, Krel tries to override Mother's system. 

Aja confronts Omen, who is revealed to be carrying the life cores in his body. Omen grabs Aja by the neck and finds out that the house is about to blow up in five minutes. He decides to get rid of her and her family in front of the whole kingdom, as the battle is being broadcast live to Akiridion-5. Meanwhile, Krel is busy trying to repair Mother, but she keeps "mothering" him. Eventually, Krel manages to hack into Mother and uses a phone to shut Omen down. Aja opens up Omen's stomach and retrieves Coranda and Fialkov's life cores. 

Krel and Aja then broadcast to the rest of Akiridion-5 and give a heartfelt speech about determination, standing your ground, and not giving up hope, promising to find a way back home someday and take back what rightfully belongs to them. However, the self-destruction sequence is reactivated by Omen. Aja realizes that if they destroy Omen, they can save the house from blowing up. Unfortunately, Aja's plan to deflect Omen's death ray backfires and a beam begins to fall off. Aja hands Krel the life cores and kicks Omen, but almost falls down. Luckily, Krel manages to save her and Zadra embraces them. The siblings then put the cores back into the chambers, relieved that their parents are safe. 

As the Eternal Night ends, Aja and Krel sit on the roof of their house. Aja wonders if they will ever be able to go home, but Krel tearfully tells his sister that he doesn't think he can repair the ship and they might be stuck on Earth forever. Aja comforts her little brother and assures her that home is wherever their hearts may be and that one day, they may return to their home planet. 

3Below (Part Two)

Toby and Eli Learn

After a whole day of trying to reboot Mother, Aja tries to convince Krel and Zadra to help her find out where Varvatos might be, but to no avail. 

That night, Aja sneaks out of the house and meets Steve on his Vespa to help her find where Varvatos might be. They ride into town and run into Krel, who wants her to stop trying to find Varvatos and try to contact the resistance. Just then, Aja and Krel's human forms wear off and their alien forms are revealed. Eli and Toby (who have been eavesdropping) try to attack them, but Steve convinces them that Aja and Krel are not bad guys. 

Just then, a bounty hunter called Magmatron arrives on Earth and tries to capture the siblings for their cores. Aja, Krel, Steve, Eli, and Toby try to run away and arrive at the Mothership. Krel takes everyone into the lab and accidentally opens up some data logs from Varvatos, despite saying "unlock." Krel tries to get Varvatos offscreen, but he keeps failing. Aja then asks Mother on the bounty hunter, but still doesn't work. Krel looks up Magmatron himself and finds out that he is from an almost indestructible race made from magma and rock. Eli then gets a message saying that an alien has triggered one of the traps, speculating it must be Magmatron. 

They go into the sewer and find it is Zadra, who is looking for any possible danger. Magmatron then arrives and reveals that Varvatos was captured by Zeron Alpha and is now on the moon. They continue battling the bounty hunter and manage to defeat him using water from the sewer pipes. Aja and Krel apologize to Zadra for sneaking out and Zadra apologizes for not believing them about good humans. 

The following morning, Stuart manages to help the gang move the Mothership back to where the house originally was. Krel continues to fix Mother, until she is finally back to normal. Mother then asks Krel if he wants to see Varvatos' logs and Krel replies that he does. As he watches them, Krel realizes how much Varvatos really cared for him and Aja, despite his mistake, which causes Krel to forgive the commander. Krel begins crying and Aja comforts him. Krel confirms that they will go to the moon and save Varvatos. 

Rescuing Vex

Stuart manages to retrieve his spaceship from Area 49-B to help Aja and Krel go to the moon and save Vex. After twenty-to-thirty hours of space travel, they finally arrive on the moon. Using Darci's mole costume, Krel and Stuart sneak into the local bar and find Alpha having a drinking and Skelteg fighting contest with some other alien thugs. At that same time, Aja sneaks into Varvatos' cell to break him out. 

Alpha informs everyone that he and the rest of the Zeron Brotherhood were involved in the murder of Vex's relatives and plots to finish the job by getting rid of Vex. Alpha then takes the mole costume off of Krel and it causes a riot in the bar. Aja, Krel, Varvatos and Stuart manage to run away, but Alpha catches up to him. During that brawl, Alpha reveals that Morando planned the deaths of Vex's relatives, knowing it would make him furious and vulnerable enough to cause the invasion. This infuriates Vex even more and using his determination, he manages to kill Alpha. Vex goes over to the kids, apologizes to them for his mistakes and promises them he will not fail the royal family again. They arrive back on Earth and although Zadra doesn't forgive Vex, she informs them that Loth Saborian, Morando's former advisor, has built an entire army of Omens to invade Earth and get rid of the royals. 


The very next day, Aja, Krel, Varvatos, and Zadra learn from Loth that there is no time left and Morando's army is already on their way to Earth. Varvatos claims they should warn Arcadia of their alien activities, as Krel upgraded the trio's serrators so they all can change between their forms at will. Realizing they need all the help they can get, so they decide to recruit "new warriors." 

Aja and Krel call Toby and Eli over to their house to train them for the invasion. Krel sees Toby's video game and is inspired to create an intergalactic defense system to stop the drones cleverly disguised as a video game called, "Dogfight." Since they are not enough to stop all of the drones, they decide to find a way to get everyone else to play it. They go over to Mary and convince her to make the "game" go viral, which works. When everyone stops playing to play a new game, it is up to Eli to stop the drones as he's gained the very last one. With his friends' encouragement and advice, Eli manages to defeat the army. They receive a transmission from the Resistance of Akiridion-5 and they are praised for stopping the army. 

Aja and Krel go outside to meet their friends and decide to relax, until it begins raining, which turns out to be from Tronos, one of the aliens Krel and Stuart encountered on the moon. 

Mother's Day

Krel tries to fix the Mothership, only to be constantly interrupted by Vex and Aja, who are training. Then, he gets a call from Toby, but hangs up. Frustrated, Krel orders everyone to leave him alone, but Mother tells him to let the others help him and informs them of all the things humans have accomplished with teamwork, but nobody listens and they decide to go their separate ways. 

When Aja (along with Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!!) informs everyone about being attacked by another bounty hunter, Krel asks mother to research any life beings. Mother recognizes the bounty hunter as Tronos Madu, an electro-thermal life form from the planet Voltar, which was destroyed during a 100-year civil war. Toby then suggests they use the same device Krel previously made to capture lightning in a bottle. Krel improves the device while he and the others set up the trap. Toby then brags about teleporting to ones houses with Krel's technology, which he claims is not entirely possible. When Tronos attacks, the trap fails and he nabs both of the royals through the power lines. 

Just then, Tronos is cornered by Colonel Kubritz and her men as they imprison him. She catches Aja and Krel in their humans forms, pretending to be scared teens who were attacked. Just as the colonel is about to call for medical assistance to help the siblings, they disappear without a trace, leaving her suspicious. 

Later that night, Mother sets everyone up for dinner night, inviting Stuart as well. Everyone then apologizes for being so hostile and begrudging to one another, and taking each other for granted. Krel then proclaims that they will be going home, though Mother reminds everyone that after the children's confrontation with the prototype Omen, her space-travel abilities are damaged beyond repair. However, Krel says he's going to build a wormhole generator to connect Earth and Akiridion-5. 

Summer School Trap

While Krel tries to perfect a wormhole machine that can transport them back to Akiridion-5, but it keeps failing, he's upgraded Aja's serrator like she asked him to, but keeps failing as well. Aja and Krel decide that maybe they could use the Zeron's retrieval ray to help them perfect the machine. They try to go over to the ship, but Varvatos stops them and informs the two that they have been summoned to summer school, which as they point out, doesn't make sense since they have passed their classes. They decide to go to the school and have Zadra and Varvatos retrieve the ray for them. 

They arrive in the school where they see AAARRRGGHH!!! attending as well (apparently, he wants to "expand his educational horizons"). All of a sudden, Kubritz arrives with her crew claiming that there is a deadly disease in the school (though it is just a trick to capture Aja and Krel), so they end up putting the school on lockdown. Krel realizes that this is a trap and that they must find a way to escape before it's too late. Krel tells AAARRRGGHH!!! and Toby to get back to the Mothership while they distract the guards, as they wouldn't have a problem capturing AAARRRGGHH!!! as well. Unfortunately, Aja accidentally reveals and her and Krel's true forms and the guards chase after them. They lose them, but Kubritz and Tronos manage to track them down and take them back to their lab. 

In the gym where they built a lab, Kubritz tries to torture and dissect the Tarrons, hoping to find out more about their space alien technology. Tronos tells Aja that he is trying to kill them to avenge his people after her parents caused the downfall of his planet. Aja dismisses them as lies, but Tronos assures them that it is all true. Just as Kubritz is about to kill Krel, Steve and Toby arrive and start to attack the soldiers. With Kubritz using the neurometer on Aja's serrator, an explosion took place and Krel's bed was then tilted over towards Aja. Being still tied up, Krel was forced to see Steve and Aja making out, much to his displeasure. Aja and Krel escape their restraints and get on their hoverboard. Unfortunately, Tronos manages to catch up to them, ready avenge his people after what Fialkov and Coranda did to his planet. Aja tries to warn Tronos, but he still won't believe her. Just as he is about to kill them, Kurbritz captures him for "betrayal" and is about to get rid of Aja and Krel (who change back into their human forms), when Lawrence and the students arrive to stick up for them. Seeing how prejudiced Kubritz truly is, they record Kubritz's words on video and she retreats. Aja and Krel then thanks everybody for supporting them against Kubritz.

Aja and Krel go back to the house, where Varvatos and Zadra arrive with the retrieval ray and Buster. Meanwhile, Aja tells Mother to help her figure out what Tronos meant when he said that her folks caused Voltar to be destroyed. This is when Aja realizes that Tronos was right after all. 

Kleb or Alive

While Aja, Steve, and Varvatos help Stuart reconnect with an old flame of his, Krel tries to fix the ship when all of a sudden, Toby and Eli arrive to ask Krel to star in their indie film that they're submitting in a contest, "Kleb or Alive", which is based on their adventures with Krel. At first, the alien prince refuses out of determination and sheer arrogance, but Mother tells him that he should take a break from fixing the ship.  

Throughout the whole day, the boys film various scenes in Toby's house, though Krel doesn't really know how to act. Later, they go outside, where they find Stuart about to be devoured by Gwen. Krel starts attacking Gwen and saves Stuart. Stuart then shows Gwen an object he made with her, which she swallows whole, calling it even. Later, Gwen is revealed to be working with Morando.  

Asteroid Catastrophe

While filming one night, a meteorite crash lands on Earth. Krel takes it back to the Mothership, who informs them that the meteorite was the first in a meteor shower, which will lead to an asteroid crashing onto Earth and destroying the planet. Just then, Kubritz calls and informs Aja and Krel that she wants to team up to save Earth. The siblings are understandably skeptical, but decide to go along with it anyway. 

They arrive at the rendezvous point, where they come prepared with weapons to defend themselves in case it is a trick. Aja promises to help them stop the asteroid if they promise to leave them alone after saving the world. They go back to the Area 49-B lab and Krel builds a device that can stop the asteroid from coming. 

Krel uses the machine to blast the asteroid, but it only splits it into two big pieces. Aja decides to try and convince Tronos to use his power to help them blast the asteroid again, but he refuses due to his grudge against the royal family. Aja tells Tronos that they need to put their feud aside to save the Earth, but Tronos doesn't care because of what happened. Aja informs Tronos that she saw what the king and queen did to Voltar and apologizes for their actions, and tells him that he can either use his power for good or become no better than her parents. Tronos is convinced and decides to help. Tronos uses his power to charge the laser and uses Varvatos' serrator, they disintegrate the asteroids and save the world. However, Tronos is worn out from the wreckage, but Kubritz tries to zap the alien regardless, but Tronos manages to escape. 

That night, Kubritz tries to break her promise and zap the aliens, but luckily, as predictable as he is, Krel saw it coming as he self-destructs the weapon. Tronos then comes to defend the royals and hold off the alien hunters as long as he can. Just as everyone escapes, Morando lands on Earth, forming an alliance with Kubritz. 

Dog Chase

Krel informs the resistance back on Akiridion-5 that they cannot repair their ship, so he has built a wormhole device that can help them get back home. He decides to test it with a candy bar, but Aja decides to use Krel's boombox instead. Krel informs Aja and Varvatos that since the wormhole machine was just a prototype, he will have to magnify the technology, but Luug eats it up and he teleports into town. Aja goes after him while Krel guides his sister. 

Aja runs all over town, but only ends up missing Luug along the way, because he keeps teleporting. She briefly runs into Douxie, who tries to tell her the future, until she sees Luug on top of a statue in the park. Aja calls Krel for some help. He tells her that maybe if Luug's stomach acids haven't digested the machine, he could hack into it and control his every move. He manages to hack into the machine and finally catches up with Luug, who ends up teleporting to the moon. Krel informs Aja that maybe he can access the wormhole and send him back to Earth. After a lot of effort, Luug is transported back to Aja, but they end in Area-49-B, where Kubritz is planning to do away with the kids. Aja tries to escape, but they end up encountering Morando and Aja fights him. Morando reveals his evil plan and what he intends to do with her core. Just when Morando is about to kill Aja, Luug transports them back to the house just in time for Aja to inform Krel about Morando's presence. 

Morando's Ambush

Aja and Krel inform Zadra and Varvatos of Morando's presence, only to be alerted that Morando and his robots have found their location. Realizing that Morando's weapons are more powerful than their serrators, they call for Buster, only for Morando to instantly blow him up. They retreat into the house (which is being protected by a force field). Mother informs the kids that the king and queen are in their final regeneration stages and if they got the cores back now, it would cause permanent damage. Krel decides to send their parents back through the wormhole before Morando enters the house and run into the lab. Morando and Kubritz barge into the house and send their robots to destroy the royals, but Mother holds them off for as long as she can. 

In the lab, the siblings try to expand the portal to send Fialkov and Coranda back home, but Zadra insists that she test the portal out first and it works. Loth informs Krel that Morando is after something called, "Gaylen's Core", which is located on Earth and can make him into a deity, but before they can send their parents back home, Morando disables Mother's security system and causes the wormhole to collapse. Aja and Vex return to the battlefield and resume their fight with Morando and Kubritz. When the robots become too much to handle, Varvatos sends Aja back into the lab while he holds off Morando. 

The Omens try to attack Aja and Krel, but the second Omen is revealed to be Mother, who has downloaded herself into the robot body. The trio walk into the lab to protect the king and queen. Mother informs the kids that he is trying to access their parents' memories so he can find out the location of Gaylen's core. Mother warns the kids that infiltrating the memories could mean serious damage, so they will have to be careful if they want to beat Morando and find out where Gaylen's core might be. While Aja and Krel disguise the Blanks as themselves, they enter their parents' memories just as Morando enters as well. 

The kids enter the memory bank, where they begin to reflect on their past with their parents. In anger, Krel accidentally destroys a bad memory he had with his father and Aja learns that Coranda was once a powerful warrior, just like her. They find a memory about Gaylen's core and find out that it was hidden on Earth in Arcadia, so they erased Mother's memory to keep Gaylen's core a secret. They then see Fialkov and Coranda meeting with Vendel and Kanjigar about the core. Apparently, some sort of prophecy foretold of the king and queen's arrival to Earth and how they would have the trolls protect the core in Trollmarket. Just then, Morando arrives, ready to destroy the memories and the kids. All of a sudden, Fialkov and Coranda start taking over their subconscious and begin attacking Morando with their memory orbs, sending him back into the real world. Morando begins attacking the royal cores and the subconscious starts falling apart, but luckily, the siblings manage to escape from the cores. They inform Varvatos about their predicament, but there's nothing they can do to power the stasis chamber. Mother tells the kids that there is no other choice, but for her to use the rest of her energy to save their parents. Aja, Krel, and Varvatos tearfully say goodbye to Mother as she reinitializes the stasis chambers, restoring Fialkov and Coranda's revivals. 

Retrieving Gaylen's Core

Aja, Krel, and Varvatos take Stuart's truck back to the electronics store, where they meet up with Toby. Toby calls Jim and Blinky, who are currently battling a mysterious armored enemy in Hoboken, New Jersey. Blinky informs them they should consult the Soothscryer, which is located within Heartstone Trollmarket

Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!! take the trio to Heartstone Trollmarket, only to be found by Morando and his Omens. They run inside in the nick of time. They find the Soothscryer and it opens up a location to the Deep. Krel jumps into the Deep, while the others fight off some zombie Gumm-Gumms. 

Krel meanwhile, finds himself in an alternate version of Arcadia, where he is the most popular guy in town and his parents are alive and well. This is a wonderful place, he thinks, until Morando comes and starts destroying everything in plain sight. He then starts gloating about him killing everyone he cared about and how Krel couldn't stop him. After crying for a bit, Krel claims that Earth is his home and decides to fight off Morando himself, refusing to allow him to destroy anything ever again. As soon as Krel defeats him, he's taken out of the illusion and finds a giant amulet-like door. 

Aja, Varvatos, Toby, and AAARRRGGHH!!! meet Krel down at the Deep. They see that the door is written in both Akiridion and Trollish. When they read the inscription, they manage to get the door opened up and find the origin of Seklos and Gaylen, the former of whom went mad with power and the latter, whom sacrificed herself to pierce his core. Kanjigar's spirit appears before the heroes and shows them Gaylen's core, which rightfully belongs to them. But before they can get the core, Morando and his Omens arrive, ready to attack, but in spite of their efforts, Morando steals the core and takes it back to Area 49-B. 

The Reign of Morando

Aja and Krel put their parents' chambers into Stuart's electronics store and try to think of a plan to possibly stop Morando from destroying the Earth. Toby suggests that they could try building a duplicate of Seklos' laser cannon and use the picture Toby took as a blueprint. Just then, the now-reformed General Costas arrives and informs them that Morando is currently in stasis to turn into a god, which will take several hours. He then tells them that Kubrtiz knows how to draw them out and Krel realizes she's talking about attacking the movie premiere at the drive-in.  

At the drive-in, Kubrtiz and the Omens arrive and begin attacking everything and everyone in sight, demanding Aja and Krel. They then arrive with Toby, Varvatos, and AAARRRGGHH!!! ready to stop Kubrtiz from doing this. When the colonel won't listen to reason, she begins attacking everyone. The Tarrons manage to trap Kubrtiz in some sort of force field ball and start to make their way to Area 49-B on their hoverboards.  

On the way, Krel asks Aja how they are going to stop Morando, since the building is surrounded by robots and Morando, only to realize that they've cme too late and Morando has already become a god. Krel calls Stuart and asks if he has finished the cannon. Stuart replies that he has, but it needs to be powered by royal life cores. Of course, Aja and Krel don't want to sacrifice theirs or their parents' lives, so Krel tries to think of a way to power the machine without the cores and concludes that he can make a wormhole to send a whole bunch of Akiridions to Earth to fight Morando.  

While Aja, Steve, and Toby fight off Morando, Krel contacts Zadra and tells her to send the reinforcements. Using some techno music, Krel manages to send backup to Earth, who begin attacking Morando. When the kids start to think they won't need the cannon after all, Morando manages to use his godly powers to defeat the army and realize that they will need the cannon. Not wanting their parents to die trying to protect them, they decide to sacrifice themselves instead.  

Varvatos and Stuart arrive with the cannon and the kids are ready to give up their lives, when all of a sudden, the king and queen are revived at last. Varvatos uses his and Aja's serrators to create a giant force field to protect the royal family. Fialkov and Coranda decide to sacrifice themselves instead, believing their children to be ready to lead their kingdom. Krel and Aja tearfully beg their parents not to do this and hold them in their arms. As they fade away, the king and queen look into Aja and Krel's eyes and tell them to not be sad and no matter what, they'll always be a family, regardless of alive or dead, and they'll always love them. Morando then manages to destroy the force field and wound Varvatos. Aja and Krel lift up the cannon and blast it right at Morando, finally destroying him and ending his reign of evil for good. They then go over to Varvatos and take him to the Akiridion medics for recovery.  

Staying on Earth

Sometime later, the whole town comes together to watch the premiere of DJ Kleb and Aja give a speech thanking everyone for welcoming them. When the DJ Kleb film ends, Krel and Mary hold hands. After the movie, the Tarrons and the Akiridions go back to the museum, ready to go back to their home planet. While Aja and Varvatos are ready to go home, Krel decides to stay on Earth a little longer with the Blanks, considering Earth to be his second home. However, he does promise to come back to Akiridion-5 someday soon.

Wizards (Part One)


Physical Appearance

In his alien form, Krel has electric teal blue skin, light-blue hair that spikes up, blue eyes with black sclera, and four arms. He also has a ridge on his forehead which marks him as king-in-waiting, which he received during his coronation in "Terra Incognita Part One".

He wears a black and blue jumpsuit with neon blue linings.

In his human form, Krel is a Latino with dark, tanned skin, brown eyes, and fluffy shoulder-length dark brown hair.

His outfit consists of a blue t-shirt with a light-blue squiggle, navy blue sweatpants, white sneakers, green socks and a watch on his left wrist.


Unlike his older sister, Krel appears to be more stoic and introverted, often making snarky comments to his sister and everyone around him. He does not really seem to have much of an interest in a lot of things and has a large ego. Despite this, he appears to be an excellent disc jockey and loves to dance, and he is also quick-witted and curious about Earth. Krel often criticizes Earth's more primitive technologies, as they don't match his own and has a bit of a low opinion of humans in general. He frequently gloats about his superior intellect, as he is a super genius, even past Akiridion standards. He's also shown impatience and frustration when people are clueless about a Daxial Array, as they mistake it as a band (though it's because humans don't have advanced alien technology). Because of his self-centered-like mind, he does not really earn people's respect or friendship.

In spite of his haughtiness, vanity, arrogance, insufferable attitude, and being somewhat ill-mannered, Krel seems to be a very compassionate and decent guy, as he begrudgingly agreed to venture with Eli to find the Billycraggle, despite his dislike of the outdoors and skepticism to Eli's conspiracies. He also willingly throws off the math duel for Seamus after overhearing his and his father's argument.

While Krel's shown confidence in his ability to invent and understand technologies, there are times when he doubts himself. He admits to Aja if he could ever fix the mothership by himself after it was damaged during their fight with Omen. Krel also appears quite touchy with his own inventions, shown when he constantly cautioned Aja not to break his mind reader headset to the point where he whines and was visibly dismayed after she broke them while pursuing Stuart.

There's also a tiny, darker side to Krel. Although it was understandable that he felt deeply hurt and betrayed by Vex when he learns that he had helped Morando invade Akiridion-5, it was to where he almost kills him for high treason. Even after two weeks, he still hasn't gone over Varvatos's betrayal and still held a mild grudge against him. However, he begins to reflect his hostile thoughts by watching Varvatos's recordings, most likely because of everything he and Vex have done together while on Earth. 

In Part Two, he begins to become a bit more kind and friendly. He starts to take his gifts more seriously, stops taking his genius for granted, and genuinely begins to accept Earth as his new home. People start to befriend him and he starts to realize that there are some things that even his brains can't solve. When Aja and Vex leave for Akiridion-5, he decides to stay on Earth with the Blanks and his new friends he's made there for a little longer, as he nows calls Earth his second home (though he does promise to return to Akiridion-5 whenever he can, someday). 

Powers & Abilities


  • Royal Akiridion Physiology: As a Royal Akiridion, Krel is stronger, durable, agile and much more intelligent than a normal human.
    • Enhanced Strength: Although Krel is clearly weaker than his sister, he was shown strong enough to strike Varvatos Vex (a large-structured Akiridion) a couple feet away from him with only a few blows. In his human form, he is considerably weaker as he was unable to lift a heavy box and DJ stand by himself.
    • Enhanced Endurance: Krel can endure more than an average teenager.
      • Enhanced Durability: Krel is durable enough to easily withstand a single punch from Steve without being knocked out cold, only managing a nosebleed (which is neon blue instead of human red). He has also withstood hits from stronger alien foes.
      • Enhanced Stamina: Krel can physically exert himself for long periods of time without tiring before fatigue begins to wear him down.
    • Enhanced Speed: Krel is slightly faster than a normal teenager.
      • Enhanced Reflexes: His reflexes are less than that of his sister, but he still reacts somewhat faster than an average human.
    • Enhanced Agility: Krel's agility is less than that of his sister's, but is almost as agile as an average teen.
    • Hypermetabolism: Krel is an energy-based being who doesn't require organic consumption.
    • Extra Arms: As a Royal, Krel has four arms, which prove to be useful for multitasking and providing additional strength.
    • Vacuum Adaption: As an Akiridion, Krel can adapt and survive in any atmospheric environment without any aid, but a planet's gravity does still affect him, as shown in "Moonlight Run".
      • Oxygen Independence: Krel does not require oxygen to live.
    • Longevity: As an Akiridion, Krel can most likely live for hundreds of years, but he is still vulnerable to being killed and can fall in battle.
  • Hacking Intuition: As a highly intelligent Akiridion, Krel is able to hack through difficult mainframes of information and bypass levels of online security. He was able to hack into Area 49-B's security and shoot it to Mom and Dadblank's steak-out vehicle.[2] Later on, he was able to hack into the Akiridion security network to link the Parking Drones with his new Dogfight game (though he claims it was incredibly easy since Morando never considered deactivating Zadra's Taylon access codes).[3] He was also able to hack into the wormhole generator (which Luug ate) to help teleport him to a position where Aja could catch him easier.[4] He and his sister appear to share this trait, but his hacking skills clearly surpass Aja's.


  • Intelligence: While Aja relies on her skills as a warrior, Krel's greatest strength lies within his intelligence, and he claims himself as smarter than his own species. At his human school, Krel was able to ace every single test in his human classes with perfect scores, impressing most of the faculty. Like Jim, he's also quick-witted and good at improvising situations with his own intellect. While infiltrating Area 49-B, instead of evading a grid full of lasers like Varvatos did, Krel used his serrator shield to deflect the lasers.
    • Inventing: As described by Stuart, Krel is a "tech-whiz" as he is able to create highly advanced technologies, due to living in a technological-based planet. He was able to craft special glasses designed to read an individual's minds and even create a new Daxial Array for the Mothership with a few Earthly components. He was also able to create a wormhole generator which would connect Akiridion-5 and Earth and even modify Aja's serrator into a more powerful one.
  • Combatant: Krel is not as skilled in combat like his sister, as he admits that he's not fully trained in combat and doesn't have very good aim with his serrator. However, he is clearly able to hold himself off against more experienced alien fighters with a serrator (mainly when it's a shield and a blaster) and fights if necessary or if it's the last resort. Despite his inexperience, he was able to strike Varvatos off of him with a few kick blows during their brief duel together. Krel apparently fights better when he and Aja are working together. In Part Two, Krel's combat skills appears to have somewhat improved, possibly due to Aja's influence.
  • Disc Jockey: Krel is considerably skilled with music, dancing, and DJ-ing, even blowing away the residents of Arcadia during the Battle of the Bands with his own music style.
  • Actor: Thanks to some help from Toby and Eli, Krel has become a fairly good actor. He has develop a few catchphrases for his character in their fan film and frankly enjoys acting out.


  • Physical Damage: Despite his enhanced durability, Krel could be forced to retreat his royal life core he ever suffered too much physical damage.


  • Serrator: A serrator is an Akiridion's most common weapon, being able to form into a nearly impenetrable shield, a blaster, a blade, and a two-pronged spear.
  • Hoverboard: Like Aja, Krel also has his own hoverboard as a mode of transportation (or it could be just him borrowing Aja's).
  • Mind Reader (briefly): In "Mind Over Matter", Krel invents his own mind reader in order to convince Eli that he and Aja are not aliens. Krel's mind reader appears like some sort of virtual reality glasses. When in use, he is able to hear the target's thoughts while an emoji-like sign appears on top of their heads. It can also be adjusted from hearing only one person per-time to hearing the whole town of Arcadia (which could cause the user to experience a small, brief migraine). Aja later uses this to find an alien imposter, but she accidentally damages the glasses, much to his dismay.



Love Interests

Mary Wang

Mary seems to be mostly indifferent towards Krel upon meeting him, only acknowledging him as her friend Aja's brother and not even bothering to remember his name. 

In Part Two, however, their relationship seems to have gotten a bit better, though she still messes up his name. Mary helped advertise Krel's new application to get people to play it, at his and Aja's request, and she acted as Captain DJ Kleb's (Krel's character) leading lady in Toby's film. She and Krel seem to have developed a mutual friendship, as at one point, she placed a hand on his shoulder and held his hand to comfort him when he was sad about having to leave Earth right as he started to like it. It's presumed that Mary and Krel are developing feelings for each other.



King Fialkov and Queen Coranda

Fialkov and Coranda were Krel's parents. Krel was shown to be more close to his father as he gave him fatherly advice about his position as king-in-waiting, but he also loves his mother just as much. He became just about as worried sick as Aja when they were reduced to their life cores. 

In Part Two, Fialkov and Coranda were revived at last, but they end up sacrificing their lives to defeat Morando and save the world. Aja and Krel tearfully begged them to let them sacrifice themselves instead, but their parents encourage them to be brave and that they are better than they think. As the king and queen begin to disappear, Aja and Krel bid a tearful goodbye to their parents.

Aja Tarron

Aja is his older sister, whom he loves and cares for more than anything, despite their occasional sibling-like arguments. When they become stranded on Earth, he remarks how he'll never be afraid as long as he has his older sister with him.

He has also shown a bit of protectiveness when he saw Aja and Steve dating, and did not want Aja to reveal her true form to Steve. He is also somewhat jealous of all the attention Aja gets from everyone on Earth and Akiridion-5. He wants to emerge from his sister’s shadow.

In Part Two, he and Aja start to work together more to defeat the alien hunters and Morando. When Krel decides to stay on Earth with his earthling friends, Aja was surprised at first, but then understood his reasons and they promised to contact and visit each other often.


Luug is the royal family's pet. Krel clearly loves his loyal dog.



Eli Pepperjack

When Eli witnesses Krel and his sister in their true forms, Krel was instantly against torturing Eli and decides to be more humane and convince him that they were only cosplaying, using a mind reader.

Krel seems to tolerate Eli as one of his mutual human friends, but he is constantly skeptic about his conspiracies concerning Arcadia's supernatural world (even though he's technically a part of it, due to his status as an alien). Krel is also annoyed by how much Eli snoops around him and his sister and keeps asking a lot of questions regarding his suspicions. Despite his annoyance, he begrudgingly agrees to venture with Eli into the forest to find a Billycraggle, despite his dislike of the outdoors. Krel even tries to warn him away from Zeron Omega and goes out on his way to protect Eli when the bounty hunter attacks them, showing that he does care for Eli's safety and well-being.

In Part Two, Krel and Eli grow more closer after Eli learns that he's an alien, even agreeing to participate in a fan film called "Kleb and Alive". According to Colonel Kubritz, Krel views Eli as one of his new best friends.

Toby Domzalski

In the beginning of Part Two, Toby was a little shocked when he learns that Krel is an alien, but in the end, they quickly become close friends. Krel was clearly touched when Toby calls each other "friends" after they saved each other many times before.

Their friendship gradually increases while Toby helps Krel star in their fan film "Kleb and Alive" for a contest. Krel even decides to stay on Earth so he can be with Toby and his other friends, showing how close they've grown.

Steve Palchuk

At first, Krel accidentally mistaken Steve as an alien bounty hunter, but ends up provoking the jock into beating him up (at least until Aja kicks him and he develops a crush on him). Ever since Aja and Steve have been going on dates, Krel often spies on them and is against Aja telling Steve the truth about them.

After Steve learns that Krel is an alien, their friendship strengthens. When Morando is defeated, Krel decides to stay on Earth with Steve and Toby.

Varvatos Vex

As Krel's guardian and his father's closest friend, he sees Varvatos as a close friend, despite his zealous nature. However, once he learns about Vex's betrayal, he immediately becomes enraged that his misdeeds have jeopardized the citizens of Akiridion-5, and he almost executes him for high treason. Before Vex sacrifices himself to stop their mothership from leaving Earth, he apologizes to him and Aja for his actions and tells them that they are unstoppable together.

After Vex goes missing, Krel believes that Varvatos has left them and still held a grudge against him. However, after learning from Magmatron that Vex was being held captive on the Earth's Moon by Zeron Alpha, he realizes that Vex has not left them after all. In the end, he reflects his hostile thoughts of Vex by watching his video logs, and turns instantly regretful when he sees a video of himself snapping at Vex about Earth not being his home. He then decides to help Aja save Vex from the Moon and are successful.

Jim Lake Jr.

Krel has little interactions alone with the Trollhunter, but it's clear that they're at least good friends.

Claire Nuñez

Krel only interacts with Claire in one episode, but it's pretty clear that they get along well. 

Seamus Johnson

At first, Krel and Seamus had a bitter relationship, due to Seamus's mild racist attitude. Seamus used to get all of Miss Janeth's As, until Krel arrived in school, which sparked his jealousy. Of course, Seamus's father is technically the one who wanted to strengthen their unnecessary rivalry by making them participate in a math duel, much to both of their dismays.

However, after Krel overhears his father willing to drop him out of space camp if he ever lost, Krel decides to throw the math duel, allowing Seamus to win. Seamus confines that he thinks Krel's a little weird, but okay, and is clearly grateful that he wanted him to go to space camp. During the Battle of the Bands, Seamus admits that Krel is pretty good as a disc jockey, showing that he now views Krel in a more positive light.



General Morando

Krel despises Morando with a burning passion after every evil thing he has done to him, his planet, and his new home in Arcadia. In "The Big Sleep", it's also shown that Krel somewhat feared him as well, until he managed to fight back against his fear and stab the Morando illusion.

Colonel Kubritz

Krel despises Kubritz and is one of his worst enemies. Despite this and fighting each other over the course of the show, they barely have any interaction. Still, Krel knows how dangerous and corrupt Kubritz is, and will do anything to prevent her from capturing and killing his friends.


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Episode Appearances


Trollhunters Part 3
"Night Patroll"
"Arcadia's Most Wanted"
"Bad Coffee"
"So I'm Dating a Sorceress"
"The Exorcism of Claire Nunez"
"Parental Guidance"
"The Oath"
"For the Glory of Merlin"
"In Good Hands"
"A House Divided"
"The Eternal Knight: Part 1"
"The Eternal Knight: Part 2"


3Below Part 1
"Terra Incognita Part One"
"Terra Incognita Part Two"
"Mind Over Matter"
"Beetle Mania"
"Collision Course"
"D'aja Vu"
"Flying the Coop"
"Party Crashers"
"Lightning in a Bottle"
"The Arcadian Job"
"Truth Be Told"
"Last Night on Earth"
"Bad Omen"
3Below Part 2
"Moving Day"
"Moonlight Run"
"Dogfight Days of Summer"
"Mother's Day"
"Ill Gotten Gains"
"There's Something About Gwen (of Gorbon)"
"Asteroid Rage"
"Luug's Day Out"
"The Fall of House Tarron"
"The Big Sleep"
"Race to Trollmarket"
"A Glorious End, Part One"
"A Glorious End, Part Two"


  • Krel's debut was in the Trollhunters episode "In Good Hands", alongside his sister, Aja.
    • He also performs a dance known as "The Floss" in said episode. 
  • Krel appears to speak with some kind of Hispanic accent (which matches his human form). 
  • A running gag in the show is that some characters, such as Mary and Ms. Janeth, frequently forget his name. 
  • Krel is very fond of Earth music, in spite of his low opinion of the planet and its inhabitants. 
  • Unlike Aja, Krel does not have much fighting ability or experience, so he usually relies on his brains. 
  • Krel is one of the only main characters in the Tales of Arcadia franchise who does not have a love interest. 
  • Krel is the second outsider to survive the Deep, the first being Jim.
  • According to Krel's voice actor, Diego Luna, he confirms that Krel will appear as a character in Wizards and has already finished recording Krel's lines for the final installment (unless Guillermo tells him otherwise)[1].
    • Additionally, Krel will have another character arc in Wizards.


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