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Krax was a Changeling spy that infiltrated Heartstone Trollmarket under the orders of Usurna.


Trollhunters (Part Two)

Krax is a Changeling that was put under the orders of Usurna by Gunmar. When Usurna infiltrated Trollmarket, Krax also arrived. He then purchased all the Gaggletacks from RotGuts so no one could reveal his human form.

When Blinky and Claire were searching for evidence of a spy in Trollmarket, they convinced Rot and Gut to reveal that Krax had bought all their Gaggletacks, which led them to deduce that he was a Changeling. While investigating Krax's house they found the Gaggletacks. Krax appeared and Blinky used a Gaggletack to reveal him as a Changeling. Blinky then tried to convince him to reveal who he was working for by activating a detonator stone, but Krax died in the resultant explosion.

Physical Appearance

In his troll form, Krax was a huge troll with blue skin, brown eyes and two spiraled horns in the head.

In his human form, he was a slender man with blonde hair and a beard.


Powers & Abilities





  • Gaggletacks: Krax brought off the whole stash of gaggletacks to prevent anyone from revealing what he really was (which turned out more bad than good from him when Blinky and Claire discover his true nature).


Queen Usurna

Queen Usurna is Krax's mistress. She used him to spread rumors and deceptions within Trollmarket to have the Troll Tribunal sentence the human Trollhunter to the Deep as punishment for releasing Gunmar from the Darklands.


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Episode Appearances

Trollhunters Part 2
"Escape from the Darklands"
"Grand Theft Otto"
"Hiss Hiss, Bang Bang"
"Hero with a Thousand Faces"
"Just Add Water"
"The Reckless Club"
"Mistrial and Error"
"In the Hall of the Gumm-Gumm King"



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