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Kleb or Alive is a fictional movie made in Part 2 of 3Below created by Domzalskiscope Productions.


The plot is not very clear as only brief scenes of the movie are seen. The movie consists of DJ Kleb and Aja Tarron saving the world from many threats, like Stuart's girlfriend and helping the people of Arcadia in general.


Kleb or Alive began filming in 3Below Part 2. Toby Domzalski was the director. During the auditions, several people like Steve Palchuk, Señor Uhl and Miss Janeth audition. Toby secretly filmed a part of the film in Area 49-B. Kleb or Alive posters were being stuck on poles before Morando's invasion.


  • Kleb Tarron (Protagonist)
  • Aja Tarron (Deuteragonist)
  • Louis Scott (Tetartagonist)
  • Stuart (Tritagonist)
  • Gwendolyn (Antagonist)
  • Luug (Pentagonist)


  • Director: Toby Domzalski
  • Writer: Eli Pepperjack


  • Krel Tarron as DJ Kleb
  • Aja Tarron as Herself
  • Louis Scott as Gardadous Gex
  • Luug as Himself
  • Stuart as Himself
  • Gwendolyn as Herself


  • The title of the film is a play on the phrase 'Dead or Alive'.
  • The complete title is Kleb or Alive: The Adventures of Captain DJ Kleb: Intergalactic Man of Mystery and weekend DJ: Episode IV