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Sister, how can I be at peace when the world is still broken?
―Arthur's soul to his sister, Morgana, rejecting his chance of redemption[src]

King Arthur (later known as the Green Knight) is a major antagonist in the Tales of Arcadia franchise, serving as the central antagonist of Wizards, a background antagonist in Trollhunters, and a minor antagonist in 3Below.

He was the king of Camelot who was corrupted by his own prejudice that was strengthened by the loss of his beloved Queen Guinevere. He later became an entity of great darkness, courtesy of the Arcane Order. He was formerly guided by his court wizard/advisor, Merlin, former wielder of the mighty sword, Excalibur, and the brother of Morgana.



Arthur was born to become the next king of Camelot, presumably before his sister, Morgana. During his childhood, he was betrothed to Gwen, and the three of them were close and often played together in the Wild Wood outside Camelot, to where they would go to escape their troubles.

However, Arthur feared the magical creatures of the Woods and saw them as demons and monsters, as he once pointed a knife at Nari who'd only been saying hello to Morgana and Gwen.

Despite their difference of opinions, Arthur and Gwen grew up together, fell in love, and married, becoming the King and Queen of Camelot while Morgana developed an affinity for magic and became the apprentice of Merlin. Secretly, Arthur was disturbed by his sister's magical abilities but kept his silence due to her being family and mentored by Merlin.

Throughout his reign, Arthur spread his influence with peace and prosperity, ruling from the kingdom of Camelot, with Merlin his most trusted advisor. He later founded the famous court, the Knights of the Round Table, consisting of most of his bravest and noblest knights, such as Lancelot and Galahad.

Alas, the good days came to a tragic end when Gwen, after coaxing Morgana into the Wild Woods, lost her life after stumbling into the nest of a stalkling. The loss of his beloved queen and the love of his life devastated Arthur and caused him to begin a ruthless campaign against magical creatures, especially Trolls because of Gunmar and his Gumm-Gumm Army.

Arthur led many raids against troll villages, forcing them to leave their homes and punishing those who were unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, one such troll being Callista, whom he had imprisoned in his dungeons.

Morgana often argued with Arthur regarding his paranoia and unjust treatment of innocent trolls and magical creatures, but he would not listen.


Although Arthur is never mentioned nor shown whatsoever, it is shown that Merlin created the Amulet of Daylight with Morgana's left hand, which was cut off by Arthur and not Merlin himself, even though she claimed to Jim that Merlin was the one who took her hand.

3Below (Part Two)[]

As the Green Knight, King Arthur was shown to be the mysterious for who was confronting Jim Lake Jr. (in his half-troll form) and Blinky Galadrigal in Trollmarket with Aja and Krel Tarron, as well as Toby Domzalski, watching from a television after the latter dialed Jim's phone number. After seeing a quick shot at him, Toby says that he looked scary. Aja and Krel try to introduce themselves, but Jim and Blinky are too busy facing him off. However, after hearing from them that King Fialkov and Queen Coranda gave Gaylen's Core to Kanjigar the Courageous and Vendel, Blinky suggests that they go to the Soothscryer before the television screen turns to static.


Mid 12th Century[]

Merlin told them (in the present) on the Time Map about King Arthur sought to wipe out magic, but Merlin put a few spell casters under his protection to save them, including Douxie and Morgana.

Douxie, Claire, Jim, and Steve are captured and taken to King Arthur. Jim is kept in a cage.

Lancelot shows Jim and the others to Arthur. He orders patrols doubled. They’re shocked to see Morgana come in, saying Arthur gave the woods to enchanted creatures like them, asking if he’d break that vow. Douxie appeals to Arthur directly, promising that Jim’s not a threat. Morgana casts a spell and says trolls are born of magic like he is born of blood. Arthur stands by the laws he’s enacted. If a troll leaves the woods, the penalty is death. Jim is dragged away into the sunlight, which burns his skin. Claire gets angry and makes the sunlight go away, which Morgana recognizes as shadow magic. Claire steps forward to defend Jim that giving into fear is failing the kingdom, which Morgana supports. Arthur agrees to show Jim mercy by allowing him to live but insists that he should be imprisoned in the dungeon. Arthur then asks if Douxie should be with Merlin. He says he was, but then he was recruiting Steve and Claire. Arthur orders Steve to join Lancelot in the barracks while Morgana offers to take Claire as her handmaiden. Arthur orders them all out.

Arthur comes in and hears Morgana‘ saying she wants to and he’s angry, saying the trolls attack them on sight. Morgana says it’s because he drives them from their homes and imprisons them. Arthur says he has lost enough and won’t lose more by keeping enemies in the castle walls. They’ll destroy the monsters at dawn.

Later Steve is enjoying his time with Lancelot and Galahad when Arthur comes to them, saying it’s time to rid Camelot of its enemies. Suddenly, the trolls and other creatures race through. They leave Camelot while Arthur orders Lancelot and Steve to follow and sound the alarms. Douxie pretends to help Arthur and his Knights but instead casts and Infinite Hallway, leading to them running while not going anywhere.

Battle of Killahead Bridge[]

King Arthur joined with his forces in the battle of Killahead Bridge against Gumnar and his army. Sadly Arthur was killed in the Battle by Bellroc's staff.

Become the Green Knight[]

After the Battle of Killahead, the Arcane Order (Bellroc and Skrael) resurrecting Arthur to work for them.

Castle Attack[]

900 years later he and his followers to ambush Jim, Blinky, Claire and Merlin in Hoboken at New Jersey. The Green Knight critically wounded Jim with a shard when they were fighting shard from crawling its way into the Jim heart. He recalls that he said the name Of Morgana.

Troll Jim & Morgana's Return[]

Shadow Realm[]

The Arcane Order searches for the Seals. Morgana appeals to Arthur. She believes he brought her back to free him from the Order's control (to his clear denial). Wanting to know if the brother she knew still exists, Morgana decides to search the shadows for Arthur's soul.

She manages to find King Arthur's spirit trapped in his pain for Guinevere's death, manifested in a vision of the Wild Wood where she was killed by a Stalkling. She tries to reason with her brother's soul to come back to her, but she learns that the Arthur she knew is long gone and is truly replaced by the ruthless Green Knight who sought to end the entire world and begin anew through the Arcane Order's vision.

While Claire helped Morgana escape the Shadow Realm, Arthur followed his sister to Hex Tech, where they ambush the Guardians of Arcadia and took them hostage in the fortress (minus Krel).

Brother vs Sister[]

Two hours later, Bellroc, Skrael and Green Knight capture the Guardians of Arcadia and entombed them partially in ice to prevent their escape from the fortress. Douxie's ethereal form appears with the Seals. He tells them to come get them if they want them. Bellroc and Skrael leave Troll Jim and The Green Knight in charge of the others.

Arthur leaves Jim in charge of the others while he goes to secure Nari. After he's gone, minutes later Morgana goes to Arthur and they fight. She pushes him out the window and they start to fall. Arthur and Morgana fight. He injures her with an onyx shard, which began to slowly kill her. Morgana says Arthur failed to destroy the world and she failed to save it.

Realizing that the Arthur she knew no longer exists and is beyond redeeming, Morgana deems him no longer worthy of wielding Excalibur. She casts a spell to strip him of his right to possess it, casting it into a stone. Morgana crawls away as Arthur tells Morgana she's a disgrace to Camelot's memory. Morgana brings what remains of Camelot down on top of him and he dies. However, his spirit did not rest in peace as it should've the first time, as he died as the despicable Green Knight, not as King Arthur.

Physical Description[]

King Arthur appears to be a largely built, middle-aged man. He has fair skin, blue eyes, blonde hair, and has a beard.

His armor is a white suit of knight's armor, complete with a breastplate (the chest area), pauldrons (the shoulder areas), vambraces (the forearm areas), white gloves, cuisses (the thigh areas), poleyns (the knee areas), greaves (the leg areas), and sabatons (the feet areas) with gold engravings. Underneath the armor is a gray inner layer, possibly chainmail. He also wears a golden crown with a fairly small, blue diamond near the bottom of it which stands as his monarchy of Camelot.

After his resurrection, Arthur' skin turned turned dark grey and developed several cracks. His irises glowed a brilliant yellow and his sclerae turned black. He took to wearing olive-green armor and a headdress of the same color and used a bewitched Excalibur as his primary weapon.

The color of Arthur's anti-magic as the Green Knight is greenish-yellow.


Once, Arthur Pendragon was wise and just and sought peace and prosperity for his kingdom and his people. However, the death of his wife, Gwen, at the claws of a stalkling forever embittered Arthur to the magical, seeing creatures of magic as demons and abominations that had to be eradicated regardless of whether they were good or evil.

Although it seemed he tried to be fair at first, by banishing trolls and magical creatures to their forests, he decreed any that dared trespass in his lands (whether they meant to or not) would be imprisoned or even executed. The troll Callista even claimed that Arthur and his knights invaded her people's lands to take them and then claim the trolls were trespassing, which would make Arthur a hypocrite with a "sick sense of humor".

Arthur's paranoia and distrust of the magical was present even when he was a child, as he pointed a knife at Nari and called her a demon when Nari had only been saying hello to Arthur's sister Morgana and his betrothed, Gwen, and clearly meant no harm. He even displayed distrust and bigotry towards his sister Morgana and was constantly at odds with her.

When finally Arthur and Morgana turned against each other, Arthur was overcome with guilt and self-loathing when he cut off his sister's hand and caused her to fall to her death. Realizing what his hatred and fear had wrought, and later the restoration of Excalibur and the encouraging words of Douxie, Arthur sought to make amends to the trolls he'd wronged and propose an alliance. When it didn't turn out as he'd hoped, he woefully led the remainder of his knights and soldiers to face Gunmar and his Gumm-Gumms in a last stand, and was stunned to see that Morgana was alive and had returned, now a dark witch bent on destroying humanity to rid the world of prejudice against magical creatures like herself. On the battlefield, Arthur apologized to his sister, stating he should have listened to her, just before he was struck down (by the Arcane Order), and died in regret with a faint hope that Camelot and those who defended it would be remembered.

Alas, when Arthur was resurrected by the Arcane Order to serve as their Green Knight, all the negative, sinful feelings Arthur had felt were brought to the surface and whatever remained of the good and wise king he once was disappeared forever, as he became determined to "redeem" the world by destroying it and remake it anew, which he believed he had been. This is because, from Arthur's point of view, his death was in vain and that the world he'd sacrificed himself for was beyond saving, so the only hope left for it was to wipe the slate clean and rebuild it anew. He became ruthless, merciless, relentless, and lacked anything even remotely resembling pity, as he ran Merlin through with the corrupted Excalibur without hesitation and felt no remorse in murdering his old mentor, who had arguably been the only wizard he'd ever trusted, and his reasons for bringing back his sister were so she could stand witness to his remaking the world and serve the Arcane Order again, not because he'd missed her or wanted her help. He was utterly cruel, dominating the fully-transformed Jim to do his bidding, and denouncing his sister when they clashed for the final time, that Morgana accepted her brother was truly gone and used the last of her strength to strip him of his right to wield Excalibur, deeming him no longer worthy to wield the storied weapon, and then ending Arthur once and for all by dropping a part of Camelot onto the fallen king, crushing him to death.

Powers & Abilities[]


  • Above Average Physiology: Originally, Arthur had no magical powers, but fought against Gunmar, Gumm-Gumms, and other trolls with his enchanted blade, Excalibur. Despite having no magical powers of his own whatsoever, he is still considerably stronger than an average human.
    • Enhanced Strength: Both as Arthur and the Green Knight, he showed considerable levels of enhanced strength.
    • Enhanced Durability: King Arthur was far more durable than a normal human. As the Green Knight, he could leap from hundreds of feet and land without any signs of injuries, and by then, the only thing capable of killing him at last was Camelot's rubble crushing him to his death.
  • Anti-Magic: When Arthur was resurrected as the Green Knight and imbued with dark magic, he was able to corrupt Excalibur and use it to neglect any kinds of magic, including a powerful wizard's. In fact, Merlin described the Green Knight's dark un-sorcery as a dire omen of horrible things to come.
    • Onyx Shard Conjuration: These shards come flying out of his sword as an attack. One of these shards landed in Jim's amulet, and severely injured him and made its way into his heart. He was eventually corrupted and turned into a monstrous troll, devoid of humanity and completely under the Green Knight's control. The shard's work was undone when the Green Knight was killed, and Jim returned to his human form. One of these shards also slowly killed Morgana in their final battle.
      • Corruption: Whomever his Onyx Shards hit, they will turn them into mindless trolls under Arthur's control, corrupting anyone and anything with his dark magic, including Jim (an exceptionally strong-willed individual) and Excalibur. He enforces this control by causing his victims pain with the shards crawling into their hearts in a painful process.
    • Anti-Magic Blasts: Arthur was able to use his corrupted Excalibur to fire energy blasts of dark magic on his enemies.
    • Telekinesis: Arthur appeared to be capable of moving things with his thoughts, as he moved the imprisoned Nari without touching her frozen form, which was engulfed with a greenish-yellow aura matching Arthur's evil magic.
    • Teleportation: Arthur was able to teleport across dimensions when Morgana tries to speak with his own soul.
    • Summoning: As shown in "Spellbound", Arthur was able to summon dark magical creatures to attack the Guardians of Arcadia.
    • Magic Immunity: As a dark being resurrected into an entity of anti-magic, Arthur is highly resistant and immune to any forms of magic, including Merlin and Morgana's.
    • Immortality: After his resurrection, Arthur was able to live for hundreds of years without aging. However, he can still fall in battle since he was squashed to death by a large piece of Camelot.


  • Master Swordsman: Though he was using Excalibur at the time, Arthur was an extremely capable warrior, able to hold his own against Gunmar and even Merlin, a powerful wizard who battled evil long before he met Arthur. He was even able to overcome Jim Lake, a half-troll who killed Gunmar and Bular. His fighting skills rival that of his sister, Morgana's.
  • Skilled Leader: Despite his paranoia, Arthur was truly an exceptionally skilled leader, from being able to make decisions for his country and rallying his troops against Gunmar, he is a prodigy among kings and is considered one of the greatest kings of his time.


  • Mortality (formerly): As a human, Arthur possessed a mortal body, so was therefore highly vulnerable to any forms of injuries, sicknesses, and death. After his resurrection, however, he gained immortality and couldn't be killed by any forms of magic or weapons (only being squashed by a large debris of Camelot was enough to vanquish him).
  • Arrogance & Paranoia: Even from childhood, Arthur disliked magic and magical creatures, considering all of them evil and offers great rewards for those who kill them, innocent or not. He has shown to be merciless in their case and will stop at nothing to destroy them.


  • Excalibur (formerly): As a sword of great power, Excalibur is Arthur's most powerful and cherished weapon in his possession. When he is resurrected as the Green Knight, he corrupted the magic within Excalibur, making it an instrument of dark magic. In his last clash with Morgana, she stripped him of his right to wield it after realizing that his worth to possess it was long gone.
    • Onyx Shards: With his anti-magic, Arthur can conjure shards of evil magic capable of corrupting a victim's heart and/or fatally wounding them.
  • Armor (formerly): Arthur wears a suit of armor that protects him from lethal damage.
  • Green Knight Armor: Arthur received this armor after he was resurrected by the Arcane Order. It was a fearsome suit of knightly armor that made him resistant or even immune to most magical attacks, including Merlin and Morgana's.


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Episode Appearances[]


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  • He is based on the protagonist of the same name from the Arthurian folklore. Additionally, his Green Knight identity is also based the same antagonist of the same name from the Arthurian tale of Sir Gwain. This is the first incarnation to portray both characters as one.
    • Interestingly, both King Arthur's background of grief and subsequent loathing of magic and his stern will to protect his kingdom are inspired by the character of Uther Pendragon from the 2008 series, Merlin.
    • He is also the second DreamWorks character to be based off of this character, the first being Artie from Shrek the Third.
    • It can be argued that King Arthur may be considered an overarching antagonist as it was his prejudice towards magic that caused the Arcane Order to lose faith in humanity (and allowed them to turn the king into a dark being of anti-magic), and directly fought in the War for the Surface Lands ever since he lost Guinevere to a stalkling.
  • Interestingly enough, even before his reveal at the end of "Wizard Underground", there were a few foreshadowings that King Arthur and the Green Knight were one and the same:
    • Both King Arthur and the Green Knight called Douxie a "boy" and they also called Jim (who was a half-troll at the time) a "beast".
    • Both are voiced by James Faulker.
    • The Green Knight bears the emblem of Camelot, which Merlin mentions in the episode "Spellbound". So, it implies that the Green Knight was affiliated with Camelot in some way.
      • Merlin even goes on to express his curiosity about the connection between the Green Knight and Morgana. It is later discovered that they're, in fact, brother and sister.
    • The metal antler-like horns on top of the Green Knight's helmet look similar to a traditional crown.
    • The design of the Green Knight's bewitched sword is somewhat similar to Excalibur's.
    • After her second resurrection, Morgana was visibly horrified when the Green Knight unmasks himself (off-screen) in front of her and tells her that they must now finish what they began together. Earlier, in the Battle of Killahead Bridge, he tells Morgana that they could end the carnage and deaths together in the battle as their act of redemption, which was after she accused of being trickery (to his denial).
  • As explained by Aaron Waltke on Discord, the clear reason why Arthur was corrupted as the Green Knight was because – from his point of view – his sacrifice was in vain and there was no "saving" the world, unless it was wiped clean and reborn anew.
  • Unlike Morgana's resurrection by the entire Arcane Order, Arthur was raised by Bellroc and Skrael and appears undead compared to Morgana, who appeared fully alive. It is possible the difference is because Nari participated in raising Morgana back from the dead and not Arthur.
  • Merlin refers to Arthur as "Hullgar," which could be a reference to Holger Danske, legendary Danish knight with a "sleeping hero" motif, alluding to Arthur's death and resurrection.
  • King Arthur serves as a foil to Jim Lake Jr.: both were chosen to wield magical weapons (Excalibur and Daylight respectively) and destined for greatness. However, unlike Jim (who continued to care for the magical beings around him, sacrificed himself to protect his friends from Morgana when she was still evil, never gave into the beliefs of evil beings, and moved on from his losses), King Arthur came to the conclusion that trollkind should all be wiped out, innocent or not, sliced off Morgana's hand which would lead her to fall to her first death, gave into Bellroc and Skrael's belief that the world must be wiped out and made anew, and never moved on from his loss of Guinevere. Ultimately, King Arthur is an example of who Jim could've become if he let his emotions control him instead of the other way around.
    • It's even believed that Jim will likely become the next wielder of Excalibur in the future, which is ultimately proven true in Rise of the Titans.
  • It is heavily implied that the Arcane Order would've killed him had he survived Wizards because, upon capturing Nari and unlocking the Genesis Seals, they would have no more use for him as they would have the Titans instead, in addition to their hatred of mankind in general.


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