King Arthur (real name: Arthur Pendragon) is a major character of Wizards.

He is the rightful ruler of England and the kingdom of Camelot, guided by his wizard friend/mentor, Merlin, the wielder of the mighty sword, Excalibur, and the half-brother of Morgana (according to traditional legends).



According to legend, Arthur was born as the eldest illegitimate son of the king, Uther Pendragon, and the duchess, Igraine. Under the advise of the wizard, Merlin, Uther had Arthur be raised in secrecy to keep his Pendragon identity a secret. When Arthur was young, Merlin trapped his father's sword in stone and prophesied that the one who could draw the sword from stone shall become the legitimate ruler of all of Britain. Guided by his mentor and close friend, Merlin, Arthur is the only one who manages to pull his father's sword from stone, thus becoming king of all of England.

Throughout his reign, Arthur spread his influence with peace and prosperity, ruling from the kingdom of Camelot. Arthur's half-sister, Morgan le Fay, joined her half-brother by his side as his lady, and he genuinely loved her. However, unbeknownst to him, Morgana secretly plotted to usurp the throne for herself and spread her reign of chaos all over the world. She convinced Merlin to teach her more about the art of magics to make herself one of the most powerful and feared beings in ancient history, "The Pale Lady".

It is said that during a duel against the Black Knight, Arthur shatters his family's royal sword. However, Merlin takes Arthur to one of his own closest allies, the Lady of the Lake, who presents the king the legendary Excalibur sword, which is said to be more majestic and possess magical properties.

He later founded the famous court, the Knights of the Round Table, consisting of most of his bravest and noblest knights, one of them being Lancelot.

Wizards (Part One)

Physical Description

King Arthur appears to be a largely built, middle-aged man. He has fair skin, blue eyes, blonde hair, and has a beard.

His armor is a white suit of knight's armor, complete with a breastplate (the chest area), pauldrons (the shoulder areas), vambraces (the forearm areas), white gloves, cuisses (the thigh areas), poleyns (the knee areas), greaves (the leg areas), and sabatons (the feet areas) with gold engravings. Underneath the armor is a gray inner layer, possibly chainmail. He also wears a golden crown with a fairly small, blue diamond near the bottom of it which stands as his monarchy of Camelot.


Powers & Abilities


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  • Excalibur: As a sword of great power, Excalibur is Arthur's most powerful and cherished weapon in his possession.
  • Armor: Arthur wears a suit of armor that protects him from lethal damage.


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  • He is based on the protagonist of the same name from the Arthurian folklore.
    • He is also the second Dreamworks character to be based off of this character. The first is Artie from Shrek the Third


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