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The Killstone is the second Triumbric Stones and a remnant of Gunmar's first kill, when he shattered the Quagawumps' king, the Shattered King.


Centuries ago, Gunmar commended his first kill by shattering the Quagawumps' beloved king, who be known as the Shattered King.

In "The Shattered King", Team Trollhunters visit the Quagawump Marshlands to find the Killstone, but thanks to Toby's overconfidence and Blungo's interference, Angor Rot crashes their party and steals the Killstone (but loses his Shadow Staff by Claire).

Later in "It's About Time", Jim uses the Kairosect to retrieve the Killstone for Angor and later cleaves it in "Wingmen" and places it into his amulet. The Killstone unlocks the Trollhunter's ability to summon a warrior's shield.

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