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The Killahead Bridge is a stone bridge that acts as the portal to the Darklands.


During the Battle of Killahead, Deya the Deliverer exiled and imprisoned Gunmar and his Gumm-Gumm Army in the Darklands, then used the Amulet of Daylight to seal the bridge so they could never escape. The bridge was then destroyed in pieces and its remains were scattered all over the world.

Centuries later, the son of Gunmar, Bular, and the Changelings began to gather the stones of the bridge to be able to reconstruct it and thus release Gunmar. However, the portal could only be opened by the Amulet and by the hand of the Trollhunter. They manage to force the current Trollhunter, Jim Lake, to open the portal. However, Draal manages to remove the Amulet from the bridge before Gunmar could be released, losing his arm in the process.

The remains of the bridge happened to be guarded in Trollmarket, until Jim decides to leave alone to the Darklands to destroy Gunmar. Having assembled the three Triumbric Stones, he uses the Amulet to rebuild the bridge and cross to the Darklands.

When the Queen Usurna orders the bridge to be destroyed to prevent Gunmar from escaping, Jim's friends try to stop them, but they can not prevent the bridge from being destroyed once more, leaving Jim trapped in the Darklands, with Enrique being the only one who gets escape. The remains of the bridge are sent in a cargo truck and launched into the ocean. However, Claire and NotEnrique manage to use the Shadow Staff to recover all the remains of the bridge. When the spirit of the old Trollhunter, Kanjigar, possesses AAARRRGGHH!!!, he uses the amulet to repair and open the bridge once again, allowing the group to rescue Jim and Nomura from the Darklands. However, unknowingly to the Trollhunters before the bridge was closed again, Gunmar manages to escape, along with two of his soldiers, Dictatious, and some Blood Goblins.

The Trollhunters later disposed of the bridge, though the whereabouts of where they disposed of the pieces remains unknown.



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