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An old man and a foolish boy, lost as always. Do you dare run... or face my VENGEANCE?
Morgana confronting Merlin, Douxie, and Archie

Killahead, Part Two is the seventh episode of Wizards.

Official Synopsis[]

With the fateful battle underway, every hero must do their part to stop the Arcane Order, banish Gunmar, and ensure that history plays out as it should.


The battle continues. A portal opens in the sky and Morgana appears, joining the battle. Claire and Jim go to take care of the bridge while Merlin and Douxie go to face Morgana.

In a secluded place in the woods, Morgana uses the trees to capture Merlin and Douxie.

Arthur rallies his troops and they race back into battle.

Douxie and Merlin break free, but Merlin is badly injured. Merlin tells Douxie about Jim. He says sometimes wizards have to make the hard choices and now that's falling on Douxie. They challenge Morgana. Merlin asks who resurrected Morgana, but she won't tell them. Douxie, Merlin, and Morgana fight.

Arthur goes directly against Gunmar, while Bular goes for Steve. As Bular attacks, Lancelot steps between them.

Arthur is able to wound Gunmar, which the Arcane Order believe is unacceptable, though they're not allowed to intervene. Despite this, they jump down into battle. Morgana appears as well. Arthur is surprised to learn she's alive. She uses her magic to attack him.

Bular kills Lancelot and Steve runs away.

Arthur throws down his sword and tells Morgana he's wronged her. Now he's fighting to save those he's wronged. She believe it's a trick, but he says it's their redemption. He tries to reconcile with her, but hone Bellroc steps behind him and kills him. Bellroc then tells Morgana to go finish it with Merlin.

Morgana's double is fighting Merlin and Douxie when it disappears and Morgana herself appears. She blames them for Arthur's death.

Bular gives the order to take down the bridge as Arthur dies. Gunmar orders them to leave no survivors. A Gumm-Gumm is about to kill Jim, when a horn blows. They look to see Deya leading in the trolls. Deya reintroduces herself to Jim as the battle continues.

Steve goes against Bular, drawing in Nimue to attack him and throw him away.

Dictatious and Blinky are fighting together when Dictatious gets carried away by goblins. AAARRRGGHH!!! rescues Blinky from another set of goblins and they go to find Dictatious.

Merlin says they have no choice but to seal Morgana away as she's too powerful. Morgana and Douxie fight and Merlin tells him to use the staff and make it his own. He turns it into a guitar and hits Morgana in the face with it. He then plays music while continuing the fight. Douxie holds Morgana and then Merlin starts to seal her away. She's too powerful and Merlin is weak, so Douxie has to do it himself. As she's sealed away, she promises to rise again. Once she's sealed away, Claire sends her through a portal. Douxie thinks they just saved history. They check on Merlin, who is sleeping.

Deya is fighting. Jim and Steve know they need to get her to the bridge, which is past Gunmar. Jim tells Deya to get to the bridge. As she goes, she faces Bellroc and wins. Gunmar then confronts Deya on the bridge. Jim tells Deya to put the amulet in the bridge, but she accidentally drops it. She drops down and gets it back. Then she places it in the bridge, opening the portal. Gunmar fights against it, but he's sucked into the portal. All the other trolls celebrate Deya.

Steve eulogizes Lancelot as his body is carried out.

The Arcane Order laments their loss. Bellroc believes they'll return in time.

Blinky grieves his brother, whom he believes to be dead. AAARRRGGHH!!! suggests they be alone together.

Douxie is preparing to send them back to their time to the point when they all left. Jim finally tells Claire that there's not cure for his shard. Claire is upset, but Douxie tells her they all need to go home right now, but he promises that he'll find a way to help Jim once they return home, regardless of Merlin's full knowledge). Douxie opens the portal to the moment the Arcane Order sieged Camelot and they all go through.

The trolls and knights on the ground bid their goodbyes the the time-traveling heroes.

As Steve, Claire, and Jim look into the time rift, Claire looks back at Douxie, who tells himself to bear the burden of helping Jim and saving Arcadia. The portal closes after they've gone through.



  • Douxie, Claire, Steve, and Jim all return to the present at the end of this episode.
  • Merlin reveals to Douxie his blueprints of his Tomb before they confront Morgana.
  • It is revealed that Nimue is the one who (inadvertently) allowed Bular to escape imprisonment in the Darklands.
  • Once Douxie finishes the sealing spell, Claire uses the shadow portal to transport Morgana across the world into the Heartstone, as history required. Due to time restrictions and because it interrupted the moment with exposition, a line explaining this got cut from the episode. After that, the events of Trollhunters unfolded more or less the same, then in the Trollhunters finale, Claire trapped Morgana in the Shadow Realm, where she had a lot of time to think about her repeated failures (as well as the good old days and where she went wrong).[1]


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