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I'm nobody. History won't remember me, stories won't be told about me... but I won't let that stop me from fighting for what is right. No matter what happens today, I know for a fact that your story will be told. But it's up to you what legacy you leave behind: an epitaph... or a legend.
Douxie to King Arthur

Killahead, Part One is the sixth episode of Wizards.

Official Synopsis[]

Arthur seeks an alliance with the trolls of Dwoza as Gunmar begins building his army. Merlin and Douxie join forces to forge the amulet.


Vendel prepares to remove the onyx from Jim's chest (although Jim begins to have second thoughts). Suddenly, Merlin, Claire, and Douxie come through a portal and stop him. Vendel is startled by their presence, but then Arthur steps through the portal and tells him Camelot needs his help.

Arthur explains the situation to Vendel. Vendel thinks he wants the trolls to fight the war for him. Arthur says with him, as equals. Arthur says if they win, they'll live in peace. Vendel doesn't believe they're strong enough to defeat Gunmar. Arthur offers a secret weapon to help them.

Jim, Douxie, and Claire know that Vendel and Arthur have to work this out or both Camelot and Dwoza are doomed. Merlin says everything will be find once he's completed his amulet. He spots Jim, future Trollhunter, and wants a word with him.

Callista can't believe Arthur wants the trolls to fight alongside the knights. Dictatious thinks Callista is curse and brought the war into their home.

Blinky goes to work with AAARRRGGHH!!! He's scared, but then gets a surprise when AAARRRGGHH!!! doesn't attack him. He tells Blinky that when Gunmar finds out he failed, he'll be killed. He wants Blinky to go and leave him to die. Blinky talks about feeling like a failure himself, being a weakling and pacifist. AAARRRGGHH!!! doesn't know that word, but accepts Blinky's offer of socks to eat.

Merlin warns Jim that removing the shard is beyond his power and he'll be corrupted as soon as he returns to the present. They don't share this information with Douxie and Claire. Arthur and Vendel tell Merlin they've reached an agreement and now Merlin needs to convince the crowd.

Vendel and Arthur speak to the crowd. Merlin shows them his amulet and explains that it'll choose the best among them to be Trollhunter. The amulet will also open a portal at Killahead Bridge, turning it into a prison for Gunmar and his brood.

Draal is certain he'll be the chosen one.

Vendel says while Merlin finishes the amulet, the king's men will train their bravest. Lancelot is prepare to start that, but Steve interrupts. They get the crowd all psyched up to help.

Archie says they might survive this after all. Merlin says opening the bridge will send a surge of power across the land, enough to power the Heart of Avalon enough for the trip back home. Claire hugs Jim and tells her they'll get through this together. Then she says she wants to take him somewhere. Douxie leaves to help Merlin with the amulet.

Morgana speaks to Gunmar. Gunmar doesn't think she can fool Arthur with her changelings. She enchants his sword and says with it, all will submit to his will. He uses the sword to create a Gumm-Gumm and orders it to bring Morgana to him. The Gumm-Gumm steps into direct sunlight and dies attempting to follow the order. She tells Gunmar to go build his army and tonight, the Wild Wood will run red.

The Trolls' training has started.

Claire takes Jim to see the location where his house will be in several hundred years. They sit down to share a meal together. Claire says she knows what Merlin was talking to him about. He starts to placate her, but she thinks they were talking about whether or not the amulet would choose him. She shows him that she can now conjure birds with her magic. She's been training to get ready because she doesn't want to lose him again. They agree to stay just a few more minutes.

Merlin and Douxie work on the amulet. Morgana's arm will help power it. Merlin says they need two master wizards to lock the amulet together. He has a staff for Douxie. Douxie says he's not worth to accept it, but Merlin says that's exactly why it belongs to him. Together, they finish the amulet.

Merlin presents the amulets to the trolls and says it's time for it to choose one of them. The amulet searches through the crowd for the most worthy, then flies up to choose Callista. She begins to speak the incantation, but Draal and the others interrupt, believing she's not the right choice. She also doubts herself and says she's not a hero. She drops the amulet and runs out. The Trolls are angry, believing Merlin has wasted their time. Arthur says the trolls will never trust him, so this was a mistake.

Claire, Douxie, Archie, and Jim discuss the amulet's choice. Claire remembers that Deya the Deliverer was the first Trollhunter. Jim thinks he knows where Callista went when she ran away. Claire opens a portal and the two of them jump through. Douxie leaves at the same time to get Arthur back on board.

Blinky frees AAARRRGGHH!!!, saying he should be free if they're all doomed. AAARRRGGHH!!! says he likes Blinky as he leaves.

Douxie goes to see Arthur. Arthur says he tried to protect his people at the expense of others. Morgana was right. She wasn't evil. He was. Douxie says he did questionable things, but there's still time to make things right. The knights then appear and say they'll stand with him.

Claire and Jim find Callista. She's unable to throw the amulet away. She still can't believe she's a hero. Jim says the amulet may know more than she thinks. She doesn't think she can lead a group of trolls who don't even like her. Jim tells her about his experience being chosen as a hero and how people disagreed. He encourages her and tells her they need her. After he and Claire leave, Callista picks up a rock and reads the name Deya. She says she likes it and remembers that name. The amulet speaks to her again, calling her Deya.

Gunmar leads his Gumm-Gumms into battle against Arthur and his knights.

Arthur rallies his troops as they enter into battle.

The Arcane Order watch from above as the Battle of Killahead Bridge begins.



  • It is revealed that Callista's birth name is Deya and was the first Trollhunter to be chosen after the amulet's creation.
    • This episode also explains why Draal was never chosen to become a Trollhunter to begin with.
  • Steve's line "I ain't afraid of no creeps" is a parody of the line "I ain't afraid of no ghosts" from Ghostbusters.
  • Continuity: The sequence of Merlin and Douxie crafting the Amulet of Daylight from "The Oath" is finally shown (this time fully).


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