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Your friend is here with me. AAARRRGGHH!!! walked the line between life and death so he alone could become a vessel for me to aid you.
―Kanjigar to Blinky, Draal, Toby and Claire while possessing AAARRRGGHH!!!'s body

KanjigAAARRRGGHH!!! is the thirtieth episode of Trollhunters and the fourth episode of Part Two.

Official Synopsis[]

As Gunmar readies to destroy Jim in the Darklands, Blinky and the gang strike a deal with the Janus Order in their quest to revive an old friend.


Toby puts on the mask and becomes Vendel. He passes the guards and goes to get Vendel's staff. His ploy is revealed when the real Vendel comes in and orders the guards to seize him. The guards grab the real Vendel, allowing Toby to escape with the staff.

Blinky hopes they're doing the right thing making this deal. The Janus Order arrives. Otto attempts to throw the antidote from a distance at Toby's order. When it doesn't work, they meet in the middle. Neither of them wants to release, but they eventually do. Toby finds a list of ingredients, which Otto says will make the antidote. Otto goes back to his car and leaves. Now they need to get the ingredients.

Jim is thrown back in his cell. He tells Nomura they just have to wait a little longer, to give his friends more time to find them. Then they get to go home. Nomura is surprised that he's planning to take her with him. She saved his life and he thinks the least he can do is save hers. She tells him no one escapes the Darklands. He starts whistling a song. She tells him it's Peer Gynt, from an opera. She tells of the first time she heard it. She tells him to rest as they'll need their strength for tomorrow. She whistles the music as he rests.

Toby, Claire, and Blinky make the antidote. It flashes, but AAARRRGGHH!!! is still made of stone. Claire thinks the list was bogus. Toby holds him and cries. AAARRRGGHH!!! Then starts to turn back. He's alive again, but he's not like he was before. He runs around swinging at things until Toby says he's AAARRRGGHH!!!'s wingman, like before. They hug. They tell him Jim went to the Darklands. AAARRRGGHH!!! is then pulled into the void to speak to the elders, where Kanjigar tells him there is a reason he was chosen.

AAARRRGGHH!!! returns. Claire and Toby ask him if he talked to the elders. Kanjigar, speaking through AAARRRGGHH!!!, says that he did. He and Draal hug. Kanjigar is there to help them. He's only stay until his work is done. Only a Trollhunter can open the Killahead Bridge. Just then, guards and Vendel come in. When Kanjigar commands Daylight, they freeze. He fights the guards off and leads the rest of them out.

Kanjigar takes them back to Blinky's library and asks Claire to make a portal to Killahead Bridge. He tells all of them to go through, but it's closed before they can. He then leads them to the gyre. Blinky suggest talking instead, but Kanjigar says that takes time, which they don't have. If they don't act now, Jim will die. They take the gyre of the track to get into the woods where the bridge is.

Kanjigar says he's seen a vision of them saving Jim. They're prepared with their weapons, but he says in his plan, they need nothing except the knowledge and tools he'll give them. He has a task for each of them they must complete. He gives Claire a tool that will aid her in a key moment. He gives Blinky a flare crystal, which will save his life. Toby's job is to make sure their team only brings back Jim and no one else. Draal is to stay behind and keep watch so Gunmar doesn't escape. If his friends don't come back, he must make a choice. Gnome Chompsky will serve as their guide and more. Jim doesn't have much time.

Jim is telling Nomura stories about Strickler. Dictatious comes with guards and they tell Nomura Gunmar has summoned her.

Kanjigar assembles and opens the Killahead Bridge so that they can enter. Blinky asks about the plan, but Kanjigar says he can't reveal more. He tells them to trust themselves and him. He also reveals that he won't be coming with them. They need AAARRRGGHH!!!, not him. He wishes them luck and opens the Bridge before leaving. They decide to do it together and enter the Darklands.

In the Darklands, Gnome Chompsky leads the way. As they walk, Blinky drops the flare crystal. They decide to use AAARRRGGHH!!!'s rope to retrieve it. They send Claire and Toby alone to keep looking for Jim.

Jim throws rocks until he sees Gnome Chompsky in his cage. Then he hears Toby and Claire and calls out to them. They're happy to see him. Claire takes out the object Kanjigar gave her, realizing it's a key. She tries to use it to get Jim out, but Gnome Compsky warns them that the guards are coming for Jim. They run to hide. Dictatious and the guards come to retrieve Jim. He tries to get them to leave him, but they drag him out.

Claire and Toby realize they're trapped.

Dictatious tells the guards to take Jim and he'll join them.

Blinky and AAARRGGHH!!! find the flare, but a guard is carrying it. They're quickly surrounded.

Jim is in the arena again. Gunmar plans to break Jim using his friend.

Toby and Claire are upset to be trapped.

Dictatious approaches Blinky and reveals that he's alive.

Gunmar sends Nomura into the arena with Jim to battle to the death.



  • One of Blinky's quotes, "Desperate times, desperate measures" is a reference to Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.
  • AAARRRGGHH!!! is officially revived in this episode.
  • Claire, Toby, and Gnome Chompsky reunite with Jim in this episode.
  • Dictatious and Blinky reunite in the Darklands (though not in a positive light), thus dispelling the belief the latter had that the former had died.
  • Continuity: Just before Dictatious takes Nomura, Jim chats with her about the time he and Strickler fought each other behind Barbara's back in the events of "Recipe for Disaster".
  • Continuity Error: The last time the gyre was used, Stricklander left Trollmarket [for good] in "A Night to Remember". Seeing as how there is only one gyre in Trollmarket, how did it manage to return when, it appears, only an operator meaning to travel can move it from one location to another?
    • Plausibility: Perhaps the trolls either called in another gyre, created a new one, or have many spares. It could also be possible that you don't need an operator to move the gyre.


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