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The Kairosect is a powerful artifact that allows its user to stop time for a maximum of 43 minutes and 9 seconds. The Kairosect can only be used three times after which it can never be used again.


After recovering it from Gatto's stomach, Blinky foolishly used the Kairosect twice to test its powers and Jim used it the third time to solve the multiple problems he was facing, including saving Claire and Blinky, finishing a Spanish test, and recovering the Inferna Copula and the Killstone.


The Kairosect allows the bearer to step outside of time. It also gives him/her the opportunity to mess with their positions and activities without their knowledge.


As a powerful artifact, the Kairosect's power is limited to three rules:

  1. Only one user can step outside of time.
  2. The time-stopping effect last for forty-three minutes and nine seconds.
  3. The Kairosect can be used only three times.
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