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The Kairosect allows its user to literally step outside of normal time.
The Art of Trollhunters

Kairosects are powerful artifacts that allows users to step outside of time itself.


After recovering it from Gatto's stomach, Blinky foolishly used the Kairosect twice to test its powers (wasting their shots).

Jim later used it a third time to solve multiple problems he was facing: saving Claire and Blinky, finishing a Spanish test, doing a task for Spring Fling, stopping a gnome infestation, and recovering the Inferna Copula from Stricklander and the Killstone (one of the three Triumbric Stones) from Angor Rot.


  • Time Stopping: Kairosects allow their bearers to stop time. They also give him/her the opportunity to mess with everyones' positions and activities without them realizing.
  • Time Traveling (with Shadow Staff): As revealed in the book Age of the Amulet, when a Kairosect is damaged and its time magic is combined with the Shadow Staff's, it will allow a certain amount of people to literally travel back in time and/or back to the present.



  • Time Stopping Rules: Despite being an ancient and powerful artifact, the Kairosect's time stopping power is limited to three rules:
    1. Only one user can step outside of time.
    2. The maximum of the time-stopping effect lasts for precisely forty-three minutes and nine seconds.
    3. It can only be used three times. After which, it will be rendered completely useless.
  • Unpredictability: As time travel is a newly discovered ability the Kairosect can do, it's unpredictable to whether where, when, or what time period one might end up in.
  • Universal Balance: As the universe balances the natural flow of time, if five time travelers travel to the past, then five dwellers from the past must go to the present.


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