Jimmie Wood is a musician, singer and actor best known as the front man and harmonica player for his band the Imperial Crowns.

He voices NotEnrique in the Tales of Arcadia universe.

Jimmie grew up in Houston, Texas, where he was a teenage sensation. Later, he met a future band member and guitarist J.J. Holiday and left Houston, where they formed "Imperial Crowns" with Michael Barsimanto (drums) and Keith "Foxxe" Karman (bass guitar). Jimmie has recorded with artists from across the musical spectrum, from Bruce Springsteen to Johnny Rotten (with PIL), from Gladys Knight to Megadeth, international superstar Ofra Haza, Etta James, Bruce Hornsby, Cheap Trick and Chuck E. Weiss, among others. He's sung and played harmonica on dozens of movie scores and TV commercials.

As an actor, Wood has appeared in the movies "Suckers" and "Girl in 3D" as well as on the television series "Rugrats," "Real Monsters" and "The Wild Thornberrys." He also provided a menacing and howling voice for transformer Bonecrusher in mega hit Transformers (2007).

His songs were included for such movie soundtracks as L.A. Story (1991), The Runner (1999), Freeway 2 (1999) and The Banger Sisters (2002).

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