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Destiny... is a gift. Some go their entire lives, living existence as a quiet desperation. Never learning the truth that what feels as though a burden pushing down upon our shoulder, is actually, a sense of purpose that lifts us to greater heights. Never forget that fear is but the precursor to valor, and to strive and triumph in the face of fear is what it means to be a hero. Don't think. Become.
―Jim during his audition for Romeo and Juliet[src]

James "Jim" Lake, Jr. is one of the main stars in the Tales of Arcadia franchise, serving as the main protagonist of Trollhunters, a minor character of 3Below, and an upcoming character of Wizards.

He is the first human (later half-troll) Trollhunter, former student of Arcadia Oaks High, the de facto leader of Team Trollhunters, the mentee of Blinky Galadrigal, best friends with Toby Domzalski, the son of Barbara and James Lake Sr., and the current boyfriend of Claire Nuñez


Official Description

"On the surface, Jim appears to be an average 15-year-old student. He goes to school, stays out of trouble, looks after his mom, and selflessly puts others above himself. But there's a piece of him that yearn for a life of adventure outside the doldrums of suburbia. When destiny calls and a magical amulet chooses Jim to be the first human Trollhunter, the protector of a secret world of Trolls living beneath his hometown, Jim is thrust into the greatest adventure of his life. Whether it's rogue gnomes, mischievous goblins or Trolls of the worst kind, Jim has a lot to learn if he wants to live to see graduation."



Around his fifth birthday, Jim's father walked out on him and his mother, Barbara. His mother then told him that they needed to take better care of each other. Jim has cared for his mother ever since.

Sometime in kindergarten, Jim met Toby Domzalski, who became his new best friend.

Eventually, Claire Nuñez came to town and about a year before he found the amulet, Jim met her at a party held by her mother and subsequently fell deeply in love with her after seeing her dance alone to a song by Papa Skull. Although Jim didn't think she knew he existed, Claire had, in fact, noticed him and was impressed that he had at least attempted to dance during the party, and noted that unlike the boys she knew at her old prep school, he was willing to do things with his mother. This caused Claire to want to get to know him better.[3]

Trollhunters (Part One)

Finding the Amulet

Jim and Toby wake up one day and decide to ride their bikes to school together. Jim makes lunches for himself, his mother, and Toby. He then meets Toby outside and they make their way to school. They decide to take a shortcut to school through the large bridge (the canals), where they discover the Amulet of Daylight in the rubble of Kanjigar's body. The amulet starts ominously chanting Jim's name, which prompts the boy to pick it up and take it to school. They then continue to get to school, not knowing that two trolls, Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! are eavesdropping on them. 

When they arrive at school, Jim stares dreamily at Claire, not paying attention to what is going on. When class ends, Jim's teacher, Mr. Strickler expresses concern over Jim's performance in class. He says that he understands that Jim and his mother have a lot on their plate, so he decides to schedule a parent-teacher conference to discuss Jim's behavior He also gives relationship advice to Jim telling him that ”talking is more effective than staring at”. 

In gym class, Jim tries to impress to Claire by speaking some Spanish to her. While Claire is slightly impressed, Jim stutters after that, unable to say anything, making it a sort of awkward encounter. Claire suggests that Jim should try out for the school's play of Romeo and Juliet. After class, Jim and Toby see that Steve is shoving Eli into a locker (after the latter told him about the trolls that have been lurking in town), and Jim decides to stand up to Steve. When Jim makes snarky comments about Steve, the jock tries to punch him in the face him in the face, only to be stopped by Coach Lawrence. He then challenges Jim to a fight. 

After school, Jim goes home to watch TV and decides to sell the amulet online since it wasn't speaking a word. All of sudden, he hears something going on downstairs and and believed that it was just raccoons. He goes downstairs, only to find that it was none other than Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! Jim is instantly frightened by the two, who explain to him that the amulet is magical and he's been chosen to protect both worlds, human and troll alike, from the forces of evil, which causes Jim to faint. 

The next day at school, Jim goes to Mr. Strickler's office to explain what had happened, but since he probably wouldn't believe him, he tells him that he is trying out for chess, stuttering frequently. Strickler commends him on this "extracurricular activity" and Jim happily leaves, not knowing that Strickler notices the amulet in his bag while he is leaving. 

When the amulet starts glowing again, he goes to his backyard to look at it closer. Its gears shift, and Jim notices an incantation: "For the glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to command!" He says the words and suddenly, a suit of armor appears on him and the Sword of Daylight appears as well, leaving the boy in amazement and shock. Little does Jim realize that Mr. Strickler and Bular are aware of his new mantle and want to steal the amulet for themselves. 

The next day, Jim shows Toby his new armor, much to the latter's amazement. Just then, Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! return to Jim's house and explain his new position as the Trollhunter. They also tell them about the previous Trollhunter before Jim, Kanjigar the Courageous, who died protecting the amulet from a ruthless troll named Bular. Jim begins to doubt his new position as he fears he would be killed, so he decides to give the amulet back, but Blinky states he cannot refuse it, giving him a motivational speech about destiny. Toby then suggests to the trolls that they should give Jim a day to process everything they told him. 

The next day at school, the Trollhunter Armor suddenly activates, Strickler notices and claims its not “proper school attire”, and Jim uses the Romeo and Juliet play auditions to attempt to hide the true nature of the armor. Forced to audition, Jim uses Blinky's speech about destiny and winds up getting the part.

First Arrival in Trollmarket

While outrunning Bular and being guided to safety by Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!!, Jim and Toby are taken to the land of Trollmarket and are very intrigued by the environment and all of its inhabitants. However, the trolls do not take kindly to the arrival of humans in their town, much less having a human as their protector, especially Draal the Deadly, Kanjigar's son, who wanted to be the new hunter instead of Jim.

When Jim starts his training, Jim begins having difficulty with the dangerous and fearful tasks. Then, Draal decides to battle Jim for honor, claiming it is a sparring exercise, which Jim has no choice but to accept. After Draal beats him to a pulp, Jim questions the amulet's choice and believes that he's not the Trollhunter. He tries to get rid of the amulet, but it won't leave him alone as Blinky proclaims it is now bonded with him and it's a mantle he cannot refuse. Jim has no choice but to accept his newly found fate. 

The Double Life Begins

For his first task as the Trollhunter, Jim is sent to stop a gnome named Chompsky, who is stealing everything in Trollmarket, and even steals the Amulet of Daylight. Jim enters the Furgolator, used to compress minerals — he is the first human to enter it, and it shrunk him so he could enter the small hole and capture the rogue gnome. After capturing him, Jim is still shrunken on the same day that he is supposed to give his Spanish report. Jim and Toby then come up with a plan to give the report while the shrinking wears off. 

Jim decides to give his Spanish report via webcam inside a dollhouse to make it seem like he is full size, but runs into some trouble when Chompsky starts rampaging through Toby's house and he starts going back to his normal size. Luckily, Jim gets a passing grade and nobody becomes suspicious. Unfortunately, Jim starts neglecting rehearsals for the school play, which sort of strains his relationship with Claire.

Discovering the Killahead Bridge

Jim and Toby go on a field trip with their class to a museum of ancient history. Jim tries to get closer to Claire, only to be interrupted by Toby claiming they have a “really bad” problem. They discover that some goblins are on the loose. They arrive at Eli's house, where the goblins last attacked to stop them. Unfortunately, the goblins get away and leave with Toby's watch.

That night, Jim and Toby track down the watch and break into the museum to see what the goblins are up to, and to save the museum curator. While sneaking in, they find out that the curator, Ms. Nomura, is actually a changeling: a shapeshifting creature that takes the form of its human counterpart when swapped at birth. During the battle, Jim uses Blinky's advice to outsmart Nomura and actually causes her to squish the goblin leader, which makes the goblins turn on her and attack her. During the battle, Toby discovers some sort of bridge, which they believe to be the Killahead Bridge. He takes a photo of it, but the picture comes out blurry as they are running away. The boys are later arrested from breaking into a museum, but luckily (thanks to Strickler's company), Nomura doesn't press any charges against them. To cover themselves up, they proclaim they broke into the museum for Toby's Tubby Tracker watch. After Barbara asks Strickler out on a date (to Jim's disbelief), she crossly grounds Jim until he apologizes to Nomura for what he did.

While sadly disobeying his mom, Jim sneaks out of his house and goes to Trollmarket to meet up with Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! Blinky then informs Jim about the changelings, and how there might be more lurking among them in Arcadia.

The Battle Begins

The day for Jim's battle against Draal begins. Since this is probably his biggest battle yet, he leaves letters to Claire, Toby, and Barbara in case he doesn't live, telling them what is going on and how he truly feels. Jim begins to start studying troll fighting tactics with the amulet, which also is a translator for troll letters, and mysteriously turns pages to important info, letting him read the key information. 

Jim heads to Trollmarket, where the battle begins and it becomes quite heated. Using Blinky's information from the book, he manages to defeat Draal and send him hanging from an abyss. Rather than push Draal off the cliff as he is pressured to from the others (and Draal himself), he follows his moral compass and rescues Draal, causing the troll to be shunned by everyone and humiliated. 

Jim arrives back home and sees Nomura with his mother. While Jim is telling Nomura off, Barbara falls asleep (due to the sleeping powder in her tea) and Nomura changes into her changeling form to get rid of Jim. Since Jim is nowhere near his amulet, he is helpless against her, but manages to hold her off with a frying pan, and forces the amulet to come back to him. Just when all hope seems lost, Draal suddenly shows up and defeats Nomura. Jim asks why, and Draal replies that he's decided to become Jim's protector/trainer to help him be more prepared for his upcoming battles. 

Search for the Changelings

Jim and Toby take Blinky, AAARRRGGHH!!!, and Vendel to the museum to see the Killahead Bridge, but it has vanished somehow (the changelings moved it, unbeknownst to the Trollhunters) and no one believes him (except for Blinky, of course). Blinky says that he will try to find more evidence while Jim continues his training.

Back in school, Jim's high school career is going downhill, and he has become Steve's understudy for the school play since he keeps missing rehearsals. Claire takes note of this and decides to ask him to come to her house for a study date since he doesn't understand most of the algebra homework Mrs. Janeth (who was completely furious he wasn’t showing up for rehearsal) but her true intentions were to help him after she read the letter he wrote to her.

Jim and Toby go back to Trollmarket to get proof that the bridge is becoming a threat. Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! take them to a troll named "RotGuts", who provides them with something called a "Gaggletack", which is basically a horseshoe made of pure iron and has the ability to reveal the true nature of a changeling through physical contact. Jim and Toby try to search for the Changelings, but nobody complies. They touch people with the gaggletack and throw them, but everyone thinks they are weirdos.

While Toby is at the dentist, Claire and Jim are at Claire's house having their study session. Here, Jim and Claire start to do some bonding, and Claire thinks that Jim's letter was a metaphor for Jim's psychological issues, and thanks Jim for his compliments in the letter, also saying that his words are beautiful. As soon as they study, Toby calls Jim for help and Jim leaves hastily, which leaves Claire suspicious.

Jim arrives at the dentist, where Gladys Groe is attacking Blinky, Toby, and AAARRRGGHH!!! Luckily, Jim manages to vanquish the changeling, but also all the evidence they have for the bridge. On the plus side, Jim accomplished Blinky's rule of "finishing the fight." Little do they know that a new changeling has been selected, who is later dubbed "NotEnrique".

Finding NotEnrique

The next day, Jim and Toby find a stuffed bunny (Suzy Snooze) fall out of the sky, and Claire claims that it belongs to her baby brother, Enrique. The boys then conclude that Enrique must have been swapped with a changeling since Blinky told them earlier that changelings are switched with their human counterparts at birth.

To investigate, Jim arrives at Claire's house to babysit Enrique and find out. When Enrique somehow starts causing trouble, Jim loses the gaggletack and now, the others have to get a new one.

Toby thinks that Jim is being paranoid and says he is scaring the baby and being mean, while cradling the baby. However, Jim manages to land the gaggletack and reveals that he is indeed a changeling.

When the gang arrives, Enrique is revealed to be replaced with a changeling, who starts trashing the place. Now that they have proof, they can do something about the bridge. Unfortunately, this leads to Jim being in big trouble with Claire, and Claire getting into trouble with her mom and dad (as they think Jim held an out-of-control party at the Nuñez Estate after seeing the damage done). Claire said she hopes to never see Jim again, refusing to return any of his texts.

Jim's Birthday Arrives

Jim's birthday eventually arrives, but he does not seem interested in celebrating it, despite the insistence of his friends and mother. This is because it reminds him of the day his dad walked out on him on his fifth birthday, leaving only a bike kit as a present. Luckily, Jim is given a chance to test drive a Vespa that he has had his eyes on for quite some time. However, another sub-species of a troll called a Stalkling shows up to attack Jim.

Jim learns from Blinky that he cannot be harmed unless he is truly all by himself, so he decides to make sure he is in the company of someone at all times. Jim says that Toby can keep him company, his mom can pick him up, and he can go to rehearsal. Claire starts talking to him when she realizes that there was no party but becomes suspicious. Jim apologizes to her during rehearsal, via the lines for the play. She forgives him, and they wait outside for company.

When Claire's ride comes, Jim’s mom calls saying she is going to be a little late. Without a ride to take him home, Jim is left on his own and tries to get away from the Stalking, but it catches up to him and carries him into the clouds. As Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!! try to get him, lightning appears and Jim uses it on his sword to strike the Stalking and turn it into stone, in which he succeeds. He starts falling down after taking a blast of lightning to the head and AAARRRGGHH!!! manages to catch him.

A few minutes before his birthday ends, Jim goes back to Trollmarket to receive Blinky's present, which is the unassembled Vespa Jim always wanted. Blinky thinks that they could assemble together. Jim loves the gift and claims it as the greatest gift he has ever gotten.

Strickler's Dark Secret

One day, while training with Draal, Jim feels a little nervous about talking to Claire and the play. To help him, Draal gives him a special necklace called a Grit-Shaka, which will boost his confidence and fearlessness. Unfortunately, Jim begins to act smug, arrogant, rude, and disrespectful towards his friends, teachers, and classmates. To make matters worse, Jim decides to go fight Bular himself in the sewer. In this battle, Jim hears Bular call him "Young Atlas," which is Strickler's nickname for him, which causes Jim to figure out that Strickler is a changeling. During the fight, his Grit-Shaka gets smashed, reverting him back to his old self, which helps him use his cleverness to escape.

Having found out about Strickler being a changeling, Jim decides to come up with a plan; he'll keep Strickler occupied while he's having dinner at the Lake residence and the others will sneak into Strickler's office for some things that could help them get Claire's brother back and find any information on the whereabouts of the bridge.

During dinner, Jim and Strickler look at each other with grinning faces, knowing of their dark secrets. When Barbara leaves to get dessert, Jim and Strickler start fighting each other, threatening one another at the same time.  When Barbara's back is turned, Strickler changes into his Changeling form, threatening Jim to hand over the amulet, but Jim refuses to comply. When the dinner ends, Strickler leaves the Lake House, with Jim acting subtle, not knowing that Strickler replaced the amulet with a fake one. Draal then shows up with Claire (who fainted after seeing Draal in the basement), but Jim quickly told him to hide before his mother could see him. 

Claire Finds Out

When Jim figures out that the amulet isn't helping him get Claire's baby brother back, he becomes stuck in a jam in his mission to rescue Enrique. Since they can't go into the Darklands themselves, they send Gnome Chompsky to go in and find Enrique. However, the rope holding him snaps, rendering him trapped in the Darklands.

Before the gang can think of something new, NotEnrique arrives at the house and warns them that he killed one of the goblins, Fragwa, and now they think Claire is responsible and that the bridge has been completed. Jim goes to rescue Claire, while Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!! follow Jim to protect him, after NotEnrique tells them that they have all the bridge pieces and just need Jim. Blinky takes NotEnrique to find out where the bridge is being held.

Jim arrives at Claire's house to warn her (by sneaking through the window), but she will not listen to him and thinks that he is just plain crazy (after he explains everything). He tries to show her by using the amulet, but as a fake it doesn't work, rendering him even crazier to Claire. He then tells her to check his baby brother‘s crib, and she thinks he did "something" to Enrique. Jim then tells her if she wants to get her brother back to take his hand, which she reluctantly accepts.

All of a sudden, the goblins show up to attack them and Jim takes her to the woods for safety. When the goblins arrive, Jim starts getting attacked by the goblins, where he tries to re-activate the Amulet of Daylight, only to find out that the amulet is a fake. They try to fight off the goblins, but without the power of the amulet, he is defenseless.

However, the amulet, sensing Jim’s high amount of distress, flies out of Strickler's and Bular's hands, flying at high speed to Jim, who activates his amulet. Claire is shocked and speechless, but also impressed by Jim's amazing abilities, while at the same time regretting how unfair she has been to his new double life situation. She is very sorry for being quite hostile to Jim, misjudging him, and even not believing him.

When Jim tries to explain what happened to Enrique, Nomura arrives and starts attacking Jim. When he tells Claire to run, she refuses, but then gets some help from her parents. Nomura decides to not kill Jim because apparently, they need him to use the amulet to unlock the bridge. Just then, Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!! arrive at the same time as Claire and her dad, who find Jim unconscious and hurt (as Nomura left, knowing she could not take them all on). Claire chooses to stay by his side while he recuperates in the hospital.

The Battle for the Bridge

Jim wakes up in the hospital, where he receives a call that Bular has kidnapped Blinky for ransom. If Jim doesn't arrive with the amulet and open the bridge, Blinky will be destroyed, leaving Jim even more conflicted than before. To make matters worse, Barbara is growing even more worried by the second, and Jim still refuses to tell her what is going on, leaving Barbara more heartbroken and concerned. 

Jim leaves the house to go fight Bular and rescue Blinky. He tells Draal that if he does not make it, he hopes Draal will be the next Trollhunter, and Draal hopes it won’t come to that. Jim arrives at the museum, where he sees Bular and the rest of his minions ready for Jim to use the amulet. Jim goes to the bridge and is about to put the amulet in the bridge (despite Blinky's warnings), when, as planned, the rest of the Trollhunters arrive to back Jim up.  

A huge battle between the heroes and the villains ensues, but Stricklander manages to outsmart Jim (by using Jim’s hand to put the amulet in) and installs the amulet onto the bridge, which opens up the portal to the Darklands. Everybody starts to get sucked into the vortex, and Nomura enters the Darklands. Draal manages to use his strength to free the amulet and cause the bridge to explode. Jim finds that Draal's left arm has turned into stone. However, Bular has escaped and is about to destroy the Trollhunters.  

Our heroes manage to escape into the sewer, but Bular chases Jim to the bridge where Kanjigar died. The two engage in an epic battle on the bridge, just as the sun is setting down. Bular manages to capture Jim and is about to finish him off, but Jim uses his newly found powers from the armor to turn Bular to stone and send him into the river (via summoning his sword through Bular and using his size against Bular). Blinky, AAARRRGGHH!!!, Toby, and Draal (now with a mechanical arm) congratulate Jim from his heroism, and Draal gains a newfound admiration and respect for Jim (for avenging his father). 

Jim manages to make it to the play in time and the performance goes on as planned, which immensely helped in mending and strengthening his growing relationship with Claire. Then, during a celebration at Trollmarket, Jim vows to rescue Enrique and find a way into the Darklands, especially since Gunmar and Stricklander will stop at nothing to make them even. 

Entering the Void

Now that Bular has been taken care of, Jim is still conflicted on whether or not to tell his mother the truth, Claire's brother still being trapped in the Darklands, and Claire now knowing about the world of the trolls. He and Toby take Claire to Trollmarket for the first time, where she instantly proves to be an expert (having read the history book Blinky gave Jim and from NotEnrique's tutoring). 

Suddenly, Jim is summoned to the Void, a place between worlds inhabited by previous Trollhunters. Kanjigar reveals to Jim that they are aware of what Jim has been doing, and condemn him for his choice to go into the Darklands since it could endanger his friends. They inform Jim that the only possible way to escape the Darklands is by destroying Gunmar. Jim informs his friends of this problem and decides that there might be a way to fix it. 

Spring Fling King

Jim begins having strange dreams about fighting Gunmar, and how he is going to defeat him. One day during a school assembly, Jim is nominated from prom king, along with Steve and Eli. Toby encourages Jim to join in the election because it could help them become more popular, to which Jim reluctantly agrees. 

Later, Jim goes back to the Void for some advice from the other hunters, but they inform him that there is no possible way to get rid of Gunmar for good. However, Blinky calls Jim back to the library because he has some interesting news for him, Claire, and Toby. Together, they find that there are three special gems called the Triumbric Stones, which are tied to Gunmar's lifeblood and can help destroy Gunmar once and for all. However, they are hidden in three different locations around the world (Gatto's Keep, the Quagawump Swamplands, and the Krubera Caves) which means that the Trollhunters will have to go on their very first quest. The next day, Jim, Steve, and Eli compete against each other for the theme of the spring dance. While Steve and Eli are coming up with their own respective ideas (Hawaiian for Steve and 80s for Eli), Jim sees a Golem outside created by Strickler and Angor Rot to test his abilities. 

Jim fights the golem, which results in his clothes being covered in mud. After the golem is vanquished, Jim goes back into the gym all dirty. Toby and Claire use this as a metaphor for Jim’s theme: moles. Jim wins the challenge since moles are the mascot of the school. Unfortunately, Strickler returns to the school as the new principal (having done something horrible to the old one), which leads to some large conflicts at school.

The Quest Begins

When the quest for retrieving the stones begins, Jim covers it up by telling Barbara that he is going camping with his friends, but Barbara is still angry at Jim for getting himself hurt and not explaining the truth to her, though Jim still leaves. During the time that Jim leaves, Barbara and Stricklander have another ”lunch date” where Stricklander places a binding spell (for his own protection from Jim and his allies), entwining their fates.

Jim meets his friends in Trollmarket to start the mission. Blinky takes them to a magical gyre that trolls use to get around the world in record time. Blinky takes the gang inside the gyre and takes them to Argentina, where the first stone is located. They arrive there and end up at a place called, "Ojos del Salado", a village underneath a volcano, which is also the home of Gatto, the keeper of the stone. When they locate Gatto, Jim tries to explain what is going on, but Gatto will not give them the Birthstone unless they answer his riddle, "Which begins and has no end, and ends all that which begins?" The Trollhunters try to think of the answer but are too confused to find a logical solution. At the last second though, Claire finds the answer, which is "death", since it ends people's lives and nothing comes after it happens. Unfortunately, Gatto does not take it so well and swallows both Blinky and Toby.

While Blinky and Toby find the Birthstone and try to find a way to get out of the stomach, the others battle Gatto's minions. With the help of Toby's tacos, Toby and Blinky manage to escape the stomach with the Birthstone. However, Blinky also seems to have had a little encounter with one of the spells in the stomach...

A Whole New Blinky

Jim goes back into Trollmarket to continue the quest, only to find that Blinky has transformed into a human as a side effect from one of the spells in Grotto's stomach. Luckily, the effect will only last a few days, so Jim decides to show Blinky the wonders of being a human including surviving the daylight, going to the bathroom, eating human food, and having only one set of eyes and arms. When Barbara arrives home early, she asks who Blinky is, and what he is doing in their house. Jim lies by saying that Blinky is his new guidance counselor, to which Barbara easily buys.

As Jim and Claire take Blinky to look at the sunset, Angor Rot creates glass monsters to attack them. While the gang fights the monsters, Jim sees Angor Rot behind a tree and goes to investigate what is going on. He encounters Angor, who traps him in a large force field. Anger decides to spare Jim's life because he apparently has a worse fate than death in mind for the hunter. Anger then uses his staff to drain some of Jim's powers and use them against him in their next battle.

The Next Stone

Jim is still struggling to ask Claire out to the dance, but also needs to help Blinky adjust to his new life in the human world.

Jim then goes to Trollmarket, having been called by Vendel for something regarding the Birthstone. Vendel then tells him to cut the Birthstone to unlock its power. Jim uses some tools to cut the stone and then unlocks some sort of geode in the center. When Jim asks why Vendel is helping him, Vendel replied it is because he knows how determined Jim is to save Enrique, which means he will need some extra power in his armor. Vendel installs the gemstone into Jim's amulet, which causes the armor to become red, confusing both of them. Vendel then tells Jim that the second stone, the Killstone, is in the Quagawump Swamplands, not knowing that a goblin spy was secretly watching them for Angor and Strickler.

The Trollhunters go to the gyre to make their way to the Quagawumps in the swampy lands of Florida. However, since the inhabitants are hostile towards outsiders, they will need a mole to assist them. Since Toby looks like their late king, he will pretend to be the reincarnation of him, which will gain the trust of the trolls. 

They arrive at the swamp, where the Quagawumps are easily fooled into thinking that Toby is their king. The trolls start worshipping him and throw a party in his honor. When Toby starts making music, which gives everybody dance fever. Jim is reluctant to do so since he doesn't know how to dance, so Claire teaches him how to move his feet to the music and they start dancing together. 

Things go smoothly, until Blungo the Pretend King arrives and shows the other Quagawumps that Toby is not the Shattered King. Before Blungo can attack Toby, Angor Rot arrives and turns Blungo to stone, causing an epic battle. During the battle, Claire falls into a portal with Angor and manages to obtain his Shadow Staff, which creates portals, but unfortunately loses the Killstone as well. Claire decides to keep the staff, and the Trollhunters bid a heartfelt goodbye to their new friends. 

Hand Truck Competition

While training Claire to use the Shadow Staff, Bagdwella arrives with a box for the Trollhunters to deliver to her sister in Utah. Since he has to compete in another prom king challenge after lunch period, he has Toby and Claire deliver the package for him.

Jim arrives at the competition, where the contestants have to keep their hand on a truck and if someone takes their hand off, they are eliminated from the game and the winners will become prom king and queen. Sometime later, Strickland arrives to mock Jim, which also causes Shannon and Mary to be eliminated from the contest, making Darci the winner and leaving Jim, Steve, and Eli the only remaining competitors. Steve begins to mock Jim into letting his hand go, but Jim stands his ground and refuses to surrender. When Steve pathetically starts sobbing, Jim lets his hand off, making Steve gloat about his victory, but it also means that he lost too, because they forgot about Eli, making him the winner of the prom king challenge.

He then goes to Trollmarket where Vendel lies to him saying that the package was successfully delivered to spare him some reprimand. He then pities him and says that they may actually be useful in some time.

Jim's Worst Nightmare

When the students at school start acting weirder than usual, Jim and Toby suspect that something supernatural must be occurring, so they go to Strickler's office to see if he had anything to do with it, only to find his office empty. Just then, a pixie goes into Toby's nose and starts making him hallucinate his nana, giving him a mental breakdown. Jim calls Blinky to ask him what is causing the hallucinations, and Blinky replies that the pixies are used to create hallucinations to distract enemies and realizes that Angor is in the school.

Angor Rot then arrives at the school to confront Jim, who is ready with his battle armor. Before Jim can attack, Angor uses the spell that he cast on Jim before to take the sword and use it against him. Jim and Angor engage in a battle, with Angor using the sword and Jim using extra weapons from the armor. When Jim ends up in the P.E room, a pixie flies into his ear and causes him to hallucinate the Killahead Bridge and his loved ones all turned into statues. Jim tries to fight Angor without seeing him, but it is no use: he has the upper hand and grabs Jim, holding the sword up against his neck. Angor Rot informs Jim of the Inferna Copula and wants Jim to steal it so he can get his freedom back, and in return he will sever the connection between his mother and Strickler. Jim reluctantly agrees, and Angor sends the pixies back into their chamber.

Removing the Ring

Jim, Toby, and Claire meet at Claire's house to discuss on how to possibly steal the Inferna Coupla from Strickler, but all of their plans are greatly flawed, so Jim and Toby decide to go to Trollmarket and use Blinky's library for help. Jim and Toby arrive at RotGut's place to find a spell, but they are not helpful, so Blinky decides to take them to his library for a hand. Blinky informs the boys that the books used to belong to his brother, whom he had lost long ago in the Battle of Killahead Bridge. The two begin looking into the books for some answers, but they cannot find anything that'll help them. 

Toby then finds a page about a vial of some sort of potion called "Elix-Lore", which allows the drinker to consume knowledge at a voracious pace. Jim quickly buys one off of RotGut's. Unfortunately, Toby didn't follow the instructions and the words in the books start flying into his mouth, making him a Troll History bookworm. However, the words start flying all over the room out of control, but Toby also gives Jim some important information on how to get the ring from Strickler. They must gain a magical item called the Kairosect, which will help them get the ring, but it is located at Gatto's Keep. Just then, Toby starts spewing out different letters while trying to tell Jim the secret of life itself, which causes the potion to wear off. 

The Trollhunters head to Gatto's Keep to get the Kairosect. They manage to outsmart Gatto and retrieve the Kairosect. They get back to Trollmarket and discover it is an artifact that makes the user travel faster than the speed of light. Jim, Toby, and Claire begin to picture all the accomplishments they can do with this device, but Blinky warns them that only a single person can step out of time, the time-stopping effect only lasts 43 minutes and nine seconds, and it can only be used thrice. Unfortunately, Blinky wasted the first two uses, so they only have one chance to get the ring back.

Jim goes home and starts cramming for the Spanish final. Barbara arrives and informs Jim that she is going to be reaching out to Blinky, but Jim is too busy to pay attention.

The next day, Jim is becoming very stressed out and frustrated; he failed the exam, he is conflicted on whether or not to go with Angor's deal, Bagdwella has an infestation in her house, Steve is mocking him over the next challenge, Blinky has changed back into a troll at a bad time, and it just generally seems that the whole world is expecting him to do everything for everyone. When Jim can't take it anymore, he screams his head off, runs away, and decides to use the Kairosect to freeze time and make his problems vanish.

Remembering that he only has forty-three minutes and nine seconds to get the ring, Jim hops on his scooter and races against the clock. He goes into the hallway and finds the stacking contest in progress. Jim uses this to get back at Steve for being mean to him, finish the test, stop Barbara from breaking into Blinky's stall, bring Blinky back home, take care of the gnomes, and steal the ring from Strickler. When Jim puts on the ring, he gains control of Angor Rot's soul, but also realizes that he can get the Killstone back. 

Jim races to Angor Rot's location in the sewer to swipe the stone, but just when he is about to get the stone back, time starts back up again, which means that Angor is after his ring. Right before Jim can put on the ring to control Angor, Angor uses his powers to cause the ring to fly off of Jim and roll onto the floor. Jim tries to defend himself with the armor, but Angor steals the sword and destroys the ring and, unfortunately, his soul along with it, rendering him completely soulless and free to destroy Jim and Strickler. Luckily, Jim manages to escape the sewer and present his friends with the Killstone. Unfortunately, this makes Angor Rot a greater threat than before. 

The Battle for AAARRRGGGHH!!!

During the middle of their discussion, members of AAARRRGGHH!!!'s trolls race called "The Kruberas" and their queen, Usurna, arrive unexpectedly. Jim asks about the Triumbric Stone, but the queen had lost it years ago. To celebrate this glorious occasion, Vendel has Jim and AAARRRGGHH!!! represent Trollmarket in a friendly game of PyroBligst.

When AAARRRGGHH!!! refuses to participate, Draal decides to substitute as Jim's partner. Unfortunately, Jim's no match for the Kruberas and Draal is easily defeated. Just when Jim is about to lose, AAARRRGGHH!!! arrives and helps Jim win the game. Sadly, this also reveals that AAARRRGGHH!!! has been cursed to be turned to stone by Creeper Sun poison and that he has been too scared to tell the others. Usurna tells AAARRRGGHH!!! that the only he can survive if he goes back with his Krubera brethren, to which AAARRRGGHH!!! reluctantly agrees. 

However, AAARRRGGHH!!!'s loyalty to Toby is too great, so he decides to stay with the other Trollhunters, until Angor Rot is defeated. While Jim eavesdrops on his two friends, Strickler arrives and asks Jim for some help in defeating Angor Rot, but Jim is understandably skeptical, knocks him out cold, and ties him up to a chair.

Teaming Up with Strickler

The very next morning, Jim wakes Strickler up with a sock and tries to call his friends for some assistance, but Strickler warns him that his friends will not help against a deadly assassin like Angor.

Jim and Strickler plan to get Strickler as far away from Arcadia-Oaks as possible, and put him in disguise. Draal, however, warns him that Angor will still come after him, and a mustache and a hat won’t fool the professional assassin. In the kitchen, Jim, Draal, and Strickler discuss how to defeat Angor Rot, but cannot think of anything. Interrupting their conversation, Barbara calls Jim and informs him that she will be staying at the hospital for the entire weekend, ensuring her safety. This sparks the idea that they can “hold down the fort” and take back the tactical advantage with booby traps.

That night, the three set up a trap for Angor to use the stones to strike him. Just then, they notice Angor's eye spying on them. They try to catch it, but it keeps escaping. Luckily, Jim manages to capture it in the kitchen. Unfortunately, it appears that Angor has arrived already, so they prepare their weapons to strike him, but it isn't Angor: it is Barbara, who wonders what's going on, now that she saw Draal and the weapons. Jim tries to lie again, but the jig is up: he has to tell her the truth. 

Unfortunately, Barbara knocks Draal out cold, so he cannot defend the hole that he made to the sewers. This lets Angor Rot slip into the house.  

Jim explains about his position as the Trollhunter, and that he has to do it for the rest of his life. Barbara expresses great concern for Jim, based on what being the Trollhunter has already put him through. All of a sudden, Angor arrives and begins attacking Jim. While Strickler and Barbara go downstairs, Jim battles Angor with all his might. When they arrive in Jim's bedroom, Strickler activates the trap, encasing Angor in a prison and is surrounded by UV light bulbs, which slowly start disintegrating him. Unfortunately, Barbara arrives and ruins everything by hitting him out of the trap with a shovel, saying to get away from her son. This allows Angor to destroy the lightbulbs. While Jim and Strickler struggle to get Barbara to Trollmarket, Draal holds Angor down. Jim carries his mother in his arms, expressing remorse for his actions and dishonesty. Unfortunately, Jim’s mother has a wound of Gumm-Gumm magic, thanks to her entwined fate with Strickler. 

Telling Mom the Truth

Jim hands Barbara to Vendel for help on how to undo the curse and begins waiting with the other Trollhunters. Eventually, Vendel informs them that Barbara cannot fully recover unless the binding spell is removed.

While Toby and Claire go to get the incantation for the reverse spell, Jim talks with Blinky about what he should do next. Blinky informs Jim that his time as a human has taught about the importance of a strong, human bond and that he needs to console his mother. Jim goes to his mother and apologizes for his actions. He explains that he only did it because he didn't want her to be worried or want to protect him, but now he's realized that she was worried either way. Jim tells Barbara that being a Trollhunter was probably his true destiny and that she doesn't need to worry about him as such.

Vendel comes to Jim and informs him that Strickler is refusing to do the reversal spell. Jim goes to confront Strickler, who pathetically begs for mercy and (almost) admits his true feelings for Barbara. He claims that he doesn't want to do undo the spell because it prevents Jim from hurting him and the others will probably throw him to the wolves as punishment. Jim agrees not to hurt Strickler, as long as soon as the spell is reversed, he leaves town for good, to which Strickler agrees. 

Vendel then arrives and says that Barbara will be cured of her terrible curse, but she will also lose her memories of the Trollhunters in the process. Before the spell is undone, Barbara begs several times for Jim to remind her of his Trollunting life, so she doesn't have to worry about him again, and Jim agrees. When Claire and Toby arrive with the spell, Vendel reverses the curse and erases Barbara's memory of Trollmarket. When Barbara wakes up in the hospital back on Earth, she asks Jim why she's there. Jim is about to tell her about Trollmarket, but he quickly covers it up by saying that she fainted and bumped her head, breaking his promise again. 

Jim goes to the dance to see his friends. Claire says that she wants to go inside with him, but Jim decides not to, and they go to the hill on the mountain to have a private dance of their own. Just when Jim and Claire are about to kiss, Claire realizes that Angor now has access to Trollmarket, since there was a key in Claire's pocketbook. 

The Battle for Trollmarket

When the kids inform Vendel of Claire's carelessness, the trolls arrive with Strickler, because he was the one who released Angor. Jim informs the trolls that Angor is on his way because he has a Horngazel, which makes the trolls even more angry with Jim. Just when the trolls are about to punish Jim and Strickler for their actions, Vendel assures the trolls that even though Jim made several mistakes, he still has helped them in their times of need and they need him most of all now that Angor is going to attack their home. When Claire, Toby, Bagdwella, Blinky, AAARRRGGHH!!!, Draal, and NotEnrique come to Jim's defense, the other trolls agree to fight Angor for their home.

While the trolls are preparing for the upcoming battle, Toby and Claire inform Jim that Chomsky has arrived with a message from Gunmar: Since Jim killed Gunmar's son, he is going to retaliate by killing Jim's loved ones. Strickler then arrives with Angor's eye to assist Jim. Strickler informs Jim that he can use the eye in his amulet, which gives him extra power in his armor and fighting.

Jim takes Strickler to the Gyre, where the two have a heart-to-heart conversation about Jim's destiny as the hero and Stickler's reformation. Before going their separate ways, Strickler gives Jim the last Triumbric Stone to defeat Gunmar, both as a sign of eternal friendship and proof that he has truly reformed. Jim also realizes that if he kills Gunmar, he will free all of the familiars and Strickler will be trapped in his monster form permanently.

Angor arrives in Trollmarket and starts attacking all the inhabitants with his Creeper Sun curse.  Jim tries to fend off Angor, but he is no match. Just when Angor is about to attack Jim, AAARRRGGHH!!! intervenes and defends Jim, which also triggers the curse and turns both Angor and AAARRRGGHH!!! to stone. Furious, Toby smashes Angor to bits, defeating him. When the Trollhunters see the remains of their friend, Jim feels guilty and decides to go into the Darklands on his own. Despite the protests from his friends, Jim enters the Darklands to find Claire's brother, not taking into consideration of the consequences, leaving the rest of the Trollhunters to cover for him on Earth. 

Trollhunters (Part Two)

Welcome to the Darklands

As soon as Jim enters the Darklands, he finds himself in a whole new world. He searches for the nursery but does not have any luck doing so. He starts to worry about his friends and his mother back home and starts to think he should have brought some food and water with him for the trip. Jim then steps into a clearing and sees a sleeping Gumm-Gumm. While Jim tries to sneak past him, some a tiny rock hits the Gumm-Gumm on the head, waking him up. Jim quickly hides from the Gumm-Gumm and waits until he falls asleep. As soon as the Gumm-Gumm falls asleep, Jim gets out of his hiding place and decides to rest. When he feels some heat, he starts to think that the armor has given him a blanket, when it turns out to be a sentient fireball. The fireball introduces himself as, "Rob the Unending Fire" and the two instantly bond after a discussion of their favorite movie. Rob offers to guide Jim throughout his journey to the nursery.

Rob takes Jim to amaze, but Jim only ends up getting lost. Jim gets angry and starts blowing up at Rob for his incompetence. When Rob explains how lonely he is in the Darklands, Jim apologizes for his outburst and tells Rob on how he doesn't want anyone to help him get Enrique back or any emotions to cloud his thoughts. They continue their journey through the Darklands when suddenly, a Nyalagroth arrives and starts circling them. Rob tries shooting fireballs at the Nyalagroth, but it turns out that Nyalagroth's are fireproof, so the two start running away. They reach a dead end and Rob mysteriously vanishes. Jim tries to summon his Glaives, but he is too frightened to do concentrate and blacks out.

Jim wakes up to find the Nyalagroth knocked out cold. He finds out that the person who defeated it is a female Gumm-Gumm named "Skarlagk the Scorned, daughter of Orlagk" who offers to help him defeat Gunmar, making Jim faint again.

Jim eventually wakes up and finds himself riding on another Nyalagroth with Skarlagk. She takes the boy to the resistance, filled with rebellious Gumm-Gumms and tamed Nyalagroths. They arrive at the mess hall with the other Gumm-Gumms for some food, but of course, Jim doesn't take too kindly to Troll food. Jim follows Skarlagk to her chambers, where she begins to explain that Gunmar had killed her father when she was sixteen in human years and asks Jim to help the resistance to destroy Gunmar before he destroys the rebels and Jim's loved ones. Jim ponders this for a minute and agrees.

Hours later find a small room containing some strange stones that Skarlagk has apparently dug up. He finds an emerald-like crystal and inserts it in the place where his amulet used to be, and the armor starts to glow green but changes immediately back to red. Before Jim can ponder this conundrum, Rob barges into the room, ready to throw flames at Jim. The Trollhunter demands to know where Rob has been, to which the fireball replies that after they got separated in the maze, Rob retraced his steps, found the Nyalagroth and followed the slime trails to the resistance.

Trapped in the Darklands

Two weeks following his arrival in the Darklands, Jim makes a risky move to steal eggs from a Nyalagroth's nest, managing to get away with one egg for sustenance. Returning to his abode, where he had drew a makeshift map of the Darklands as well as his friends. Unfortunately, he barely was able get to some sleep as he detected goblins coming for him, forcing him to snuff the fire and scratch out his map, but the Gumm-Gumm had already become aware of his presence.

As he fled for his life, Jim accidentally tripped and stumbled right into the Changeling nursery. Checking the cradles for Enrique, Jim finds one infant, Eloise Stemhower, was born in 1894 and rhetorically asked what the goblins were feeding the familiars to keep them ageless. The next familiar he was Stricklander's familiar. He then finds Enrique and vows to come back for the other familiars. the nursery where he finds Enrique, sleeping in his cradle like a baby. Just when Jim can leave with the baby, some goblins catch him, but Jim manages to outsmart them. Unfortunately, the Gumm-Gumms catch Jim and start to chase after him. Before Jim can enter the portal back home, the Troll Tribunal starts to destroy the bridge. Enrique makes it back to Earth, but Jim becomes captured by the Gumm-Gumms. The trolls bring him before a six eyed troll who resembled Blinky, causing Jim to realize this was his brother Dictatious. Dictatious complimented that while his brother may have trained Jim well, evidently was not well enough and knocked him out.

Jim is taken by Dictatious, who brings him to Gunmar's throne. He begins to fight the soldiers, which intrigues Gunmar, who easily beats him in battle. Before the Skullcrusher could execute Jim, Dictatious stopped him, having realized his friends would come for. Gunmar orders the soldiers to take Jim to a prison cell, where he is thrown in next to Nomura (who got imprisoned for failing Gunmar). He decides to try to escape, but Nomura expresses her doubt and hopelessness, but Jim assures her that his friends will come for him, despite the bridge being gone. He also tells her that he will help her escape as well. Together, they share idle and witty conversation, which helps them bond. 

Later, Dictatious and the Gumm-Gumms begin to gloat over taking Jim and Nomura to the Gunmar's throne room for the battle. When they leave, Claire, Toby, and Chompsky arrive to break Jim out of his prison. Before they can break him out of his cell, the Gumm-Gumms arrive and take Jim to Gunmar's throne room for the fight. Nomura and the reluctant Jim begin fighting, but Gunmar becomes very impatient and wants the Trollhunter to do away with Nomura. While he gains the upper hand, Nomura still expresses her doubts and starts to overpower Jim when his armor becomes useless. Before she can kill Jim, Gunmar stops her and tells her to let him finish off the Trollhunter himself. Before he can do that, Toby and Claire arrive. Upon seeing this, Gunmar realizes that the Killahead Bridge is open and sends his henchmen after them. 

The four then arrive at the exit but find that it is locked. While Nomura uses a Stalkling to distract Gunmar and his minions, Claire uses the Shadow Staff to open the door. Using Nomura's "Darklands smarts" and combat abilities, they manage to dodge several obstacles. Unfortunately, they also run into Gunmar, who has become even more vengeful for Nomura's treachery. When the Gumm-Gumms seem to have overpowered Nomura, Draal arrives with the Gyre and manages to stop the Gumm-Gumms. The kids, Nomura, and the trolls hop in the Gyre and drive back to the bridge's portal. Luckily, they manage to escape right before the portal closes. They all congratulate themselves for their daring escape and head home together. After basking in the warmth of the sun, Jim and Claire share their first kiss. 

Unbeknownst to them, Gunmar, Dictatious, and some goblins and Gumm-Gumms have escaped as well. 

Back to Arcadia

The very next day, Jim wakes up and is overly joyed to be back home on Earth, to the confusion of Toby and Claire (despite them knowing perfectly well about him being stuck in the Darklands). He even hugs Steve.  

After school, they go back to Trollmarket and see Blinky burning his books after figuring out that his brother betrayed him. Just then, Usurna arrives to confront the Trollhunters that Jim will be dropped from the charges against Trollmarket if anything or anyone from the Darklands might have followed him back home. Vendel informs the Trollhunters that the Kruberas are staying because of his "questionable judgement" and that one of the trolls have found some goblin droppings behind the movie theater. Using his enhanced sesnes, AAARRRGGHH!!! realizes that some Blood Goblins have been here and they must have escaped from the Darklands. They realize that if some Blood Goblins might have gotten out, so would Gunmar. Jim says that the Blood Goblins find people, as opposed to the other way around.  

They go over to Toby's house and find out that Chompsky has been kidnapped by the goblins. Jim feels useless and guilty for going into the Darklands by himself and wishes that everything could go back to the way things were before. Blinky assures Jim that in spite of what has happened, Jim is still a hero to them. AAARRRGGHH!!! then picks up Chompsky's scent and realizes that the gnome is alive. The Trollhunters then go to save him.  

Barbecue Disaster

Having mastered the Triumbric Stones, Blinky, AAARRRGGHH!!!, and Vendel show Jim different gemstones for his amulet, all of which have different powers and weapons. Of course, Jim was a bit distracted as he was having trouble coping with each of the gemstones' power. 

Jim is later invited over for a barbecue over at Claire's house to impress her parents and make up for wrecking their house. Unfortunately, he forgot to remove the Aspectus Stone, which causes Jim to split up into different clones, each with a distinct personality that start to cause havoc at the party.

Jim rounds up all of the clones and although they end him up in hot water with Claire's parents, Claire still accepts him as her boyfriend, regardless.  

A Gruesome Attacks

One day in class, Coach Lawrence assigns the students to care for a flour sack as part of a parenting lesson. As fate would have it, Jim and Claire are paired up and are instantly proud parents to their sack.

After school, Jim and Claire meet up with Darci and Toby (who were also assigned together) at a malt shop to hang out. Toby promises Darci to take care of their "baby" while she is out at an event she is supposed to entertain.

As the Trollhunters walk home, Toby confesses that this is his favorite assignment since his parents were reported lost at sea when he was a baby. Just as they arrive home, a Gruesome attacks them and steals Toby's backpack with his rock collection. Blinky, Draal, and AAARRRGGHH!!! inform them that the Gruesome is probably on its way to the rock show at the museum. They give them a special rock, which will explode on impact when the Gruesome consumes it.

They arrive in the museum, only to find that Darci has arrived at the museum since the football game ended early. Toby tells Darci to take the sack home, but Darci decides to stay and watch the rock show. While Toby tries to keep Darci and the baby out of trouble, Jim and Claire search for the Gruesome. Jim accidentally runs into Steve (who is secretly on a mission with Eli to investigate the Trollhunters), and goes into the bathroom, not knowing that Steve has followed him

Jim fights the Gruesome in the bathroom, but he cannot stop him. Jim accidentally destroys his sack and the flour starts to weaken the Gruesome. When the entire museum evacuates the building after Eli accidentally triggers an alert, Jim calls Toby and informs that he needs to sacrifice his "baby" in order to save the day. Toby reluctantly takes his flour sack and sacrifices it to the Gruesome (not knowing that it was really Steve and Eli's sack). Just before Toby can inform Darci of their predicament, Claire shows up with their flour sack.

In the end, Toby and Darci are the only students who passed the assignment, as all the other sacks got destroyed in some way. As the bell rings, Toby and Darci walk home hand-in-hand with Jim and Claire in tow and high hopes for their futures.

Saturday Detention

While trying to stop a troll from stealing Señor Uhl's truck, Jim, Claire, and Toby get caught and end up with Saturday detention. However, they see this as a good thing, since they do not have to worry about Trollhunting (though they do briefly discuss who could have possibly let Gunmar in Trollmarket). When Uhl eats Toby's burrito, he begins to get serious gas and heads to the bathroom. 

After Uhl has been gone for some time, the kids decide to leave the classroom and have some fun around the school. After a while, Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! arrive and inform Jim that Usurna is planning on putting him on trial for all the strange that things that have been occurring since escaping the Darklands. Blinky suggests making up a story, but Jim decides to accept full responsibility, since it was his choice to go into the Darklands on his own, in spite of Blinky's warnings. 

Jim goes back into the hallway to catch up with the other kids, when all of a sudden, he hears a strange loud noise and decides to investigate. He, Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! see that it is Draal, who has been taken over by the Gumm-Gumms. 

On Trial for Releasing Gunmar

Later that day, Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! take Jim, Claire, and Toby over to Trollmarket, where Jim is being put on trial for allegedly releasing Gunmar into Trollmarket. Usurna tells Jim that they will let him go if he surrenders the Amulet and has it destroyed, but Jim refuses to do such a thing and is subsequently thrown into an iron bird cage until the trial. 

Feeling useless, Jim wishes he never chose the Amulet in the first place and he couldn't be the Trollhunter anymore. Just then, the Amulet then summons the spirit of Unkar the Unfortunate to help him see what would happen if he never found the Amulet in the first place. He begins living a normal human life and enjoying himself, but he also remembers the Killahead Bridge and follows Strickler and Ms. Nomura to the museum, who are saying that the new Trollhunter is too stubborn and works alone. Realizing who the new Trollhunter might be, Jim goes inside Trollmarket to confront Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! on the matter, but as one would expect, they don't believe him and try to kill him. Jim then goes to Strickler's office and tries to explain everything that is going on. After a brief brawl, Strickler believes Jim, but they see that the invasion has already begun. Jim runs to the museum and sees that Draal has been chosen as the new Trollhunter, but has already been killed. Tearfully, Jim destroys the Amulet and admits that he is the true Trollhunter, ready to face the world. Unkar tries to convince him not to fight, but Jim decides to take his chances. Merlin's spirit then appears and reveals that this was all a test to help Jim see what he was made for, so he sends him back to his own world. 

Before the trial, Jim deduces that there might be a Gumm-Gumm spy lurking in the village, so he has Claire and Blinky investigate for some evidence while Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!! stall for time, but Toby only ends up getting rocks thrown at him. They use NotEnrique as a witness, who tries to put in a good word for Jim, but it also causes the council to be more suspicious. Jim confesses that everyone is mad at him for his mistakes, but he still wants to do the right thing, in spite of his predicament and that he would do anything to rectify his mistakes, then asks if they've ever made mistakes before. This still doesn't provide enough evidence that Jim is innocent. Just when Jim's friends arrive to inform the council of their new discovery, but Jim has already been found guilty and Usurna sentences him to death in some sort of pit known as The Deep to face death at the hands of his greatest fear.  

In the Deep, Jim finds some sort of mysterious figure in the midst, which looks an awful lot like him with the red armor and a different form. Luckily, Jim manages to escape the Deep and finds out that Usurna has taken over Trollmarket. She claims that Jim is the one who killed Vendel (when it was really her) and they would be better off with her as a protector.  

Jim arrives at Vendel's workshop within the Heartstone, where he reunites with his friends and informs them of Usurna's takeover. He looks at Vendel's remains and tearfully blames himself, but Blinky assures Jim that he had no control over the matter and Vendel truly believed him. Since they don't have any evidence and the other trolls have already been fooled, they go to the Janus Order to stop Gunmar. They immediately encounter Gunmar himself, but is revealed to be Otto, who is being possessed by Gunmar. This is when the gang realizes that Gunmar is in Trollmarket and they head back to stop him. 

Evacuating Trollmarket

The gang heads back to Trollmarket, where they interrogate Dictatious, who informs them that Gunmar has taken over Trollmarket and is planning to take the Hearthstone to regain his strength, so he can gain a brand new army after his last one got lost in the Darklands. Claire decides to use the Shadow Staff to conjure up a large portal, but Jim doesn't want her to risk her life for the trolls, but Claire says she is willing to take the chance after Jim saved her brother. Instead of the staff, Blinky decides to use the Gyre to help the trolls evacuate while Jim and AAARRRGGHH!!! hold off the Gumm-Gumms. Jim calls Steve to bring some umbrellas to shade the evacuating trolls. 

Unfortunately, the Gumm-Gumms manage to track down the gang and try to break down the wall. Claire decides to take her chances by using the Shadow Staff to escape and conjure up a large portal. When Jim sees that the staff is killing her, he, Toby, Blinky, Enrique, and AAARRRGGHH!!! join in and help her conjure up the portal together. They manage to escape in the knick of time and the trolls celebrate their victory. Jim then hands Blinky Vendel's staff and appoints him as the new leader of Trollmarket. They vow to be prepared for Gunmar's army when they strike and find a place to hide the trolls until further notice. 

Jim then goes home, only to find Strickler and Nomura, who are offering some assistance in his training. 

Part Three (Trollhunters)

Preparing to Fight Gunmar

Since the trolls are stuck on Earth and the Gumm-Gumms are on the loose, the Trollhunters have been putting up signs to help deflect the Gumm-Gumms from attacking. They are not sure that they can defeat Gunmar or keep the other trolls in the clear forever, as they don't know what he is planning. AAARRRGGHH!!! decides to disguise himself as a Gumm-Gumm in order to get some intel on what Gunmar might be up to. 

Jim goes back home to have some food, only to find that Barbara is painting pictures of Jim and his Trollhunting life, a sign that her memory is returning. Jim tells Claire about her memory possibly returning, but also expresses concern about the cold that Claire seems to have caught from the Shadow Staff and tells her to take the night off. 

At school, Douxie, a visiting student flirts with Claire (much to Jim's Jealousy) and hands her a flyer for a Battle of the Bands competition being held at the end of the school year, to which Claire, Mary and Darci decide to compete in. 

After school, Jim secretly trains with Strickler and Nomura, though he feels guilty about going behind Blinky's back. However, Jim isn't used to Strickler's more dark and somewhat insane methods of training. Strickler claims that Jim needs to be more assertive and dark to kill Gunmar. 

Jim goes to Blinky, who is in quite a bad mood from trying to lead a whole race of trolls for survival. AAARRRGGHH!!! then arrives with some information about Gunmar's plan. Apparently, he plans to finish what he started centuries ago during the last Battle of Killahead Bridge: unleashing the Eternal Night, which is capable of permanently blocking out the sun and allowing the Gumm-Gumms to attack the human world without fear of the sun. AAARRRGGHH!!! says that Gunmar doesn't know how to bring the Eternal Night, but he is searching for a way, so they still have some time on their hands. Jim tells AAARRRGGHH!!! to keep getting more information. 

Later on, outside the warehouse, Blinky finds Jim thinking to himself. He brewed him some coffee, but made of junk and notices that his young pupil is afraid. Jim admits that he is when it comes down to him facing Gunmar, yet can't shake off his past mistakes that led to Gunmar's freedom. Blinky confides that he is trying his best and learning from his mistakes, which help him grow both physically and mentally. 

However, Jim notices that the signs protecting the warehouse were disappearing. Before he could make out who was stealing them, they are suddenly ambushed by a group of Gumm-Gumms, who have somehow located their whereabouts. Blinky and Jim quickly alert the trolls to evacuate the premises while Jim holds them off. He's then left to confront a brainwashed Draal, whom he reluctantly fights while Gunmar speaks through him. Jim, using Strickler's training, nearly kills Draal, yet comes back to his senses and spares him once again. 

With the warehouse no longer safe, Jim helps Blinky hide the trolls around town. Everyone is accounted for, with the exception of Glug. Just then, the news appears and Councilwoman Nuñez announces that there have been a series of crimes sprees committed all over town. 

Jim visits Claire in her room to tend to her, who tries to reassuring him that she's find and can still help out, but only made Jim's concern grow. He then receives a call from Toby, who is escaping the clutches of a dubious police officer, Detective Scott, who so happens to be Darci's father. Toby stole Scott's cop car and hides out in Claire room as he explains the situation. Jim and his friends scout the sewers to find Glug while they split up, with Jim going with Claire. Claire continues feeling nauseated from her cold, but continues to wave aside Jim's suggestion of going home to get some rest. A rat then lands on her head, startling her into puking. 

Jim then finds Toby being kidnapped by a trio of burglars. He takes one of their stole Vespas and rides after them. He manages to knock out one and dons his armor as he takes out the second. When Toby frees himself, he is suddenly head-locked by the female thief, which makes Jim back off. Luckily, Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! arrive to scare off the thieves, who willingly hand themselves into custody. 

The next day, Jim watches Toby being awarded for his bravery for catching the perps. Jim talks to Claire about how they took down a few human baddies and how refreshing it was. Maybe when he was done dealing with Gunmar, he might look forward to a life of vigilantism. Jim and Claire are still disgusted as Toby and Darci continue to kiss each other in public. 

Coffee Spike

Claire's Possession

The very next day, Claire wakes up feeling one hundred percent better. While she is getting ready for the day, Enrique informs her of her sleepwalking, but Claire brushes it off and doesn't listen. She arrives at school, where she meets up with Jim and Toby. She was about to confess that she was probably the ones who stole the signs protecting the trolls' warehouse, until Darci arrives, who proposes that the four of them should go on a double date together to celebrate.

Jim talks with Toby about how to act on their date. Toby says that should start up a romantic conversation with their respective significant others, watch a scary movie, and never let them go to the bathroom together (apparently, girls conspire when they go to the bathroom, as Toby states). Toby hopes that they can end the night with a smooch after walking them home.

That night, Jim tries to seat Claire, but only ends up making her fall down instead. While Jim tries to talk to Claire, Toby keeps kicking Jim and ruining them. Just then, Douxie arrives as their waiter (much to Jim's dismay) and proceeds to flirt with both Darci and Claire. When Claire begins to feel dizzy, she goes to the bathroom to clear her head. In the bathroom, Claire finds out that she has been taken over by Morgana, and she plots on using Claire to get the staff back and destroy Jim. Morgana emerges from the mirror in her flame form and starts to strengthen her control over the girl. Morgana flies into Claire's body and takes full control of her body and mind, trapping the real Claire in the Shadow Realm.

When Jim and Claire go back to the Nunez residence, Claire starts to go crazy and try to attack Jim. Luckily, Enrique stops her and informs the Trollhunter of Morgana's control.

Later that night, Jim, Toby, Blinky, and Strickler chain Morgana to a chair and try to think of a way to get Claire out of the nightmare realm. Strickler tells the boys that if they recite an incantation in reverse, they'll escape. Jim and Toby enter the Shadow Realm, where they find Claire's spirit frantically trying to finish homework and tend to Enrique. Jim and Toby try to communicate with her, but she cannot hear or see them. However, she does notice what they do to her stuff. The boys come up with the idea of writing down their presence on a piece of paper to warn her. They continue to do some things in her room until she finally sees them. Claire asks the boys what is going on and Toby explains everything, which Claire furious at Morgana. Holding onto Claire's stuffed bunny, they fly back to the portal, but the portal closes when Morgana throws the staff into it. The kids fly up to get it, but Morgana is getting too strong. Using all her strength, Claire manages to overpower Morgana and steal the staff back. Claire regains control of her body and even manages to pick up a few of Morgana's abilities.

His Mom's Memories Return 

When Barbara's memory comes back, she invites Jim, Claire's folks and Toby's Nana over for a little confrontation with the kids. Barbara explains to the adults about the secret kingdom of trolls and the kids' solemn duties to protect them and fight evil, but naturally, they don't believe her and assume she is on drugs. Not wanting to be in more trouble than they already are, the kids try to pretend that Barbara's crazy and doesn't know what she is talking about. Barbara shows them the weapons, but they assume that Jim stole them from the museum, since he and Toby got arrested from there. Quickly thinking, Claire claims these weapons are for LARPing, which Toby goes along with.

Just then, Blinky arrives and takes Jim downstairs to the basement to warn them of AAARRRGGHH!!!'s predicament. Barbara gets fed up and confronts Jim on what he has done, in which Jim once again, admits the truth. Barbara explains to Jim how it's the parents' job to know when or if their kids are in danger, regardless of what happens. She also points out what he's going to tell Claire and Toby's folks if they die for real. Realizing that he was wrong, Jim apologizes and agrees to tell the truth. Jim then reintroduces Barbara to Blinky (and Dictatious).

The Lakes go back upstairs in the middle of an argument. Knowing they cannot keep lying forever, Jim, Claire, and Toby reveal their Trollhunter identities. When the goblins arrive to attack the reformed Dictatious, the Trollhunters manage to defeat the goblins with help from their parents. After getting trapped in the Shadow Realm for a short amount of time, Claire manages to find a way to Merlin's tomb. They decide to go in hopes that they can get his help to defeat Morgana, but Claire also adds that, in order to find Merlin's tomb, Jim would have to destroy his amulet.

Quest to Merlin's Tomb

While debating on the amulet, Claire describes her vision to her friends: that she saw Merlin creating the Amulet of Daylight and then placed a jewell inside, which held a map to his tomb within. When Jim wonders if it was really Merlin alone making the amulet, Blinky voices distain of destroying the sacred amulet. Claire insists that destroying the amulet will find Merlin's tomb and the Staff of Avalon, before Dictatious assists her by claiming that the amulet and the staff are both connected through Merlin's magic. Jim later decides that he probably doesn't have to destroy his amulet, since Gunmar has AAARRRGGHH!!! captive and could be used as an emotional anchor. 

After packing up their things, the kids say goodbye to their parents and promise to contact them to let them know if they're okay. They go to Trollmarket and find out that AAARRRGGHH!!! has been trapped inside of a stasis trap with Dwarfstones. Jim then decides to have Toby drop his hammer in order to drop into the room below, although Blinky theorizes that the explosion will probably get them killed, but Toby is willing to take the risk. Toby smashes the hammer and they fall into the room below. They find an ancient gyre and realize that the blue stone inside of the amulet is the key to powering the gyre. Knowing the risk of destroying the amulet, Jim smashes it to smithereens and places the stone in it's proper place, which unlocks the map to Merlin's tomb. 

The gyre takes them to the tomb, which is hidden behind a waterfall that is impervious to magic. They then realize that Gunmar and Draal are here and with Draal being free from his brainwashing, they can rescue him. They go inside and find Merlin's old workshop. Toby then presses on a stone, which lights up the enitre workshop and makes it look brand new. Jim theorizes that maybe the button somehow makes things look like the past. Claire finds a bag of seeds and decides to use the seed to grow a tree that will reach to the next part of the tomb. 

As soon as the gang climbs up, they find a timeline depicting Merlin and the Staff of Avalon, his history with Morgana, and how he formed the Trollhunters. They also see that it also continues into the present, which beginds a battle with Angor Rot. They escape from Angor and into a cavern filled with giant crystals. Jim carries Draal's mechanical arm and finds Draal trapped between some crystals. Draal feels guilty about being hypnotized and believes that he had let everyone down. Jim assures him that this wasn't his fault and he is better than he thinks.  

Just then, Angor arrives into the cavern and begins chasing after both Jim and Draal. Despite trying to put up a good fight, Gunmar then manages to strike Draal with his staff and turn him to stone, throwing him to the ground (in the same manner that his father was killed), much to everyone's horror. As soon as the cave starts collapsing, Gunmar then leaves Angor behind (who is dangling from one of the crystals). 

The gang then goes over to Merlin's tomb, where they find the ancient wizard sleeping and covered in spider webs. Jim uses the amulet to wake Merlin up, which then succeeds. Merlin stretches his joints and asks them where his staff might be. Jim explains that Gunmar took it and it fills Merlin with doubt. Merlin explains Jim that he foresaw their arrival because he can see the future and he went into comatose because of the Battle of Killahead Bridge. Merlin then shows them shadows of the Killahead Bridge battle. He takes them to where he fought Morgana and explains to them that she is the one who conjured up the Eternal Night and the only way to stop her was for Merlin to forsake all of his magic as possible. Thanks to Gunmar, she is probably going to escape from her prison and take vengence. When they get back, they find out that the cave is going to flood them and the only way is to use the amulet. Merlin manages to repair the amulet and they escape the cave with their lives. 

Meeting Aja & Krel

Merlin sends the Trollhunters to retrieve strange ingredients for something he is working on. Jim, Claire, and Toby are sent to retrieve lighting in a bottle, while Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! are sent to find the rest of Merlin's ingredients elsewhere. 

The first item on Merlin's list is Antramonstrum Shell, which is located in Strickler's old office. As soon as they get it, Señor Uhl wants Jim to show them around the town if he wants to make up for his many absent days. Jim takes Aja and Krel to Claire and Toby, who reluctantly agree to include them in their Trollhunting mission for Merlin.

They take them to the wrecked Janus Order, which they pass off as a "teen hangout." While they search for Changeling remains, Krel goes into the control room and starts to use the system to play music and show off his dancing skills. When Jim turns the music off, some footage of AAARRRGGHH!!! and Jim fighting Gunmar starts playing on the monitors, which he instantly turns off. The Trollhunters claim it to be a movie and decide to take the siblings to see Claire's house, while Krel takes something he brought out of the control panel.

Jim and Toby go to the roof to collect some lightning in a jar, so Aja and Krel decide to use their vast intergalactic knowledge to help them do it. Krel makes a capacitor from some parts of the microwave to hold the lightning in, and Aja hacks into Arcadia's power grid to make lightning appear in fifteen minutes. Using Jim's sword, they manage to capture the lightning and put it in the jar. The siblings then bid their friends goodbye and go home.

The Trollhunters go back to Jim's house, where they see that Merlin has finished working on his new project: armor for Toby and Claire. Blinky asks Merlin what is going on, to which Merlin replies that it's time to go to war once he releases Morgana and wants to kill her before she has a chance to cause the Eternal Night.

Jim's "True" Destiny

Merlin explains that Jim has the choice to stop Gunmar and Morgana. While Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! go to recruit as many allies as they can, Jim is left to decide whether or not to start the war. Just then, Nomura arrives and informs the Trollhunters that Gunmar has Strickler and Barbara. While the others go to search for Barbara, Merlin blocks Jim from exiting, believing that he will have to sit this one out. This leads to a brief but tense brawl between the two. Merlin tells Jim that in spite of his training and experience, his humanity alone is not enough to stop the war and takes his amulet off of his armor, which knocks him unconscious. 

Merlin ties Jim up and informs him that the ingredients he sent Jim to retrieve are actually part of a potion that will turn him into a troll (or, more specifically, part-troll). He explains that he must mix the elixir with water, bathe in it, and he will emerge as a new creature. Merlin sympathetically tells Jim that while he was sleeping, he realized in his dreams that he needed a champion who can defend both worlds from evil and the amulet chose him to become the first human Trollhunter, but that didn't mean he will remain a human forever and he must become part troll in order to get stronger. Merlin also explains that the transformation will be permanent and if he really does value the people in his life, he must change his physical form for the better of the worlds. As he understands that this is the greatest call Jim has ever been asked of, he respects that it is still Jim's choice whether to remain human while risking the fate of world or become half-troll to even the odds. 

Jim goes upstairs and pours the elixir into the tub, while wearing his armor. He looks down at the potion and reflects on what he has been through since becoming a Trollhunter. The others bang on the bathroom door, begging him not to do this, but Jim has made up his mind and goes into the elixir, starting his transformation. 

About a couple nights later, Jim manages to find his way back home, disoriented. After he collapses inside his house, Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! also arrive, but they find a humanoid troll who looks remarkable like Jim laying unconscious on the living room couch. Jim begins embracing his new enhanced abilities, but then finds out the disadvantages of being a troll: he can't eat human food, he can't live in the human world, and he can't go out in the sun without getting burned. Barbara tries to comfort him, but he only ends up eating some silverware and kitchen appliances. Angered, he brushes off his mother and rushes into his bedroom to think to himself. He tries to take off his armor, but due to the emotional turmoil he's currently undergoing, the amulet refuses to come off. When he stumbles upon his yearbook, he looks upon his former human face in his picture. Saddened that he can no longer hang out with his friends at school anymore nor even graduate and start a normal life of his own, he gives himself into his feral instincts and ultimately runs away. 

Jim sneaks into his school and begins to reminisce on his humanhood and realizes he cannot go back to the good old days. He carves his name onto his old desk and becomes even more feral. Claire and Toby try to talk to him, but Jim only ends up running away from them, declaring that the Jim they knew is gone. When they catch up to him again, Jim calms down a little, yet he still rants about how he can't do anymore human stuff and he can't be the same person anymore, but his loved ones assure him that in spite of what has happened, they still love him no matter what and he's still the same Jim they know, on the inside. Merlin arrives, but reminds everyone that Gunmar is still on the loose. 

The Eternal Night War

The Trollhunters try to make a plan of attack, but Blinky and Merlin argue about how to do it. Jim has to stay in the house until the Eternal Night begins, since sunlight will burn him to a crisp, so the others have to clear Arcadia Square first. After drawing out a battle plan, Jim finds Merlin in his kitchen with NotEnrique. He asks the wizard if the earthquakes would destroy the Darklands, which Merlin confirms and notes that the Trollhunter is concerned about the fates of the Changeling Familiars still trapped inside. Being one step ahead, he creates a magical Cradlestone which will help NotEnrique safely transport the babies out of the Darklands. 

Later on, Jim hugs his mother, who wishes him luck in his greatest battle yet, but also asks him to come back in one piece. Barbara tells him that she'll be at the hospital, knowing that it'll be a busy night. She then walks out of the house (while wiping a tear) and looks back at Jim, who nods at her reassuringly that he'll be okay. He then tries to reach for her, only to burn his hand in the sunlight. Strickler comforts him and reminds him that everyone will be okay. 

Soon enough, the Eternal Night begins and Jim emerges from his house to begin his fight against Gunmar and Angor, using his new enhanced abilities. When Angor is about to kill him, Jim reminds the former Trollhunter of what a great and respected hero he once was and how turning evil has ruined him. When Angor starts to take this under consideration, Gunmar grabs Jim and starts overpowering him in battle. Gumar begins to use his powers to expose Jim to sunlight, but his armor starts to glow and it enhances his strength, causing him to strike Gunmar and blow him up, freeing the world from his tyranny. The Trollhunters cheer for Jim, but AAARRRGGHHH!!! arrives to warn everyone about Morgana's escape. 

Jim tries to stop Morgana, but she overpowers him even more than Gunmar did, causing him to become weak. Morgana traps Jim in a bind and is about kill him, when Angor arrives at the last minute to save Jim and help him stop Morgana, but she is still too powerful for him. When Morgana is about to blast Jim's allies, he saves them, knocking him about cold. Using the Shadow Staff, Claire helps Angor fight off Morgana and traps her in the Shadow Realm, defeating her. The others then go to Jim's body, believing him to be dead. Claire tearfully recites her lines from the school play to him, only to reveal that Jim is alive and well. Merlin then arrives and ends the Eternal Night. 

Leaving Arcadia

With Morgana defeated and the Eternal Night over, Trollmarket has been destroyed. Merlin informs everyone that he senses another Heartstone somewhere in New Jersey. Jim and Claire decide to go with Merlin and the trolls, while Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!! decide to stay in Arcadia as the new protectors. Jim bids a tearful goodbye to his mother and promises to contact her whenever he can and vows to return one day. Jim, Claire, Merlin and the trolls head off on their journey for a new home.

3Below (Part One)

Gym Class

Since Part One of 3Below takes place during Part Three of Trollhunters, Jim makes a brief cameo appearance in "Terra Incognita Part Two", where he's seen exercising and chatting with Toby during gym class.

Meeting the Akiridions

One day, a trickster troll named Porgon goes on the loose and the Trollhunters start to track him down. Unfortunately, as Porgon threw a series of supercharged trees at the pursuing Trollhunters, causing a chain reaction that caused them to stumble. Just as they catch up with Porgon, the trickster gets his hands on a strange metal cylinder that causes him to vanish. Blinky assumes that it's because he has somehow found a way to control time and space.

The next day, Jim tells Toby that he saw Porgon at the planetarium, where the school science fair was being hosted. Jim bumps into Aja and remarks that he had never done that before. Just then, Porgon arrives and starts attacking the fair. Before Jim can activate his armor, Aja uses her serrator shield to block Porgon's attacks. Confused at what just happened, Jim asked Aja what her device was. Unfortunately, as Claire teleports Toby up above to smash Porgon, the trickster uses his magic on the cylinder, causing the day to reset to its beginning.

Returning to the science fair, Jim ambushes Aja and introduces himself, saying she can help him. As Aja boasted of being trained as a warrior, suddenly Porgon attacks again. As Aja realized that the day was repeating, Jim remarked that she remembered as his friends interrupt. As Porgon holds up the cylinder, Aja identifies it as Akiridion technology. Claire and Toby try to attack Porgon again but he starts the loop again before they could succeed.

Returning to the science fair again, Jim attempts to approach Aja and flinches when she nearly stabs him with her serrator blade. When she asked why the day kept repeating, Jim then informs Aja about how Porgon is keeping them all in a time loop and it's only because of her serrator shield and his amulet that their memories were protected. As the loop was about to begin again, he asks what Akiridion tech is. Aja explains that the technology comes from her homeworld of Akiridion-5 and reveals her true form to Jim.

As the loop begins again, Jim finds himself waking up in his own bed to find Aja in her true form by his bedside. Aja wants to stop Porgon right away, but Jim stops her and calls the other Trollhunters for assistance.

Both teams meet in the woods, where both of their mentors begin to have a bit of a tiff. They soon hear Porgon attacking the fair again with only the Creepslayerz to defend it, Jim tells Aja to pull up her serrator shield to shield both team's members as the loop restarts. They go back through the time loop and have a meeting at Aja and Krel's house to discuss how they are going to plan their attack on Porgon. The teams conclude that combining the Dekyon Charger and his Troll magic, he is able to control time and space itself, but if he combines it with the Subspace Manifold as well, time could be destroyed. Jim tries to formulate a plan, but being impatient, Aja goes off on her own. Naturally, she fails again and is sent back through the time loop.

When she goes back to the house, Jim tells her she needs to learn patience, which is what Varvatos Vex was trying to teach her. Jim recounts how he foolishly journeyed into the Darklands alone and it was only through the aid of his friends that he made it out. Aja snaps about how determined she is to become a warrior and to defeat the bounty hunters who are out to kill her. Krel and Varvatos explains to Aja that all the training in the world cannot prevent accidents or mistakes, that there will be consequences no matter what. Furthermore, as Varvatos squeezes Jim's neck, he agrees with the Trollhunter that she could not hope to defeat Porgon by herself. Aja ponders this and reluctantly agrees.

The gang decides to put magic stones on the students' volcanoes to distract Porgon while stealing the charger. When they cause the volcanoes to spew out real lava, they manage to defeat Porgon and retrieve the charger. Unfortunately, that also means that they have been exposed to the public. Krel decides to destroy the charger, resetting the loop to ensure that Porgon would not find it and keep their anonymity but that also means the events and their memories will be erased. Blinky assures them that fate would find a way to reunite them all in due course. Both teams then places their hands on the charger as restart the loop one last time.

In the final loop, just as Porgon stumbles across the charger, it self-destructs, allowing the Trollhunters to catch up and slay him.

With no memory of Aja or Krel, Jim accidentally bumps into Aja again during the science fair and apologizes. When he asks her if she's alright, she says that everything is "awesome sauce," a phrase only Toby says, and he and Toby continue enjoying the planetarium.

Whereabouts During the Bonfire

Darci mentions to Mary that Jim, Claire, and Toby were on a trip to visit his "Uncle Marlin" and makes another brief cameo appearance in Merlin's Tomb, redirecting the water with his sword's magic.

The Eternal Night

Jim is briefly seen in his troll form, slicing a flying truck in half with his sword. As soon as he lands, he glances towards Aja and Krel, who recognize him and are confused by why he looked more "blue", until they realized the "Trollhunters" thing after their last encounter with him.

3Below (Part Two)

Ambush in New Jersey

Jim is mentioned several times by Toby as he expresses how much he misses fighting alongside his best friend.

In "Race to Trollmarket", Jim and Blinky had made it to the sewers of Hoboken, New Jersey when they receive a call from Toby. Blinky tells him that it's a bad time, as the two of them are in confrontation with a mysterious armored figure. Toby reintroduces Jim to Aja and Krel (currently in their Akiridion forms) and Jim asks how they're doing, but Blinky suggests they table the introductions so they may focus on the fight. While Jim's attacks against the unknown enemy are easily repelled, Toby asks Blinky if he knows where Kanjigar stored Gaylen's Core and the royals add that Vendel was also present at the exchange. Blinky recommends they consult the Soothscryer, shortly before the call cuts.

Wizards (Part One)


Physical Appearance

The way we managed to balance Jim 'teenager' and Jim 'Trollhunter' is all thanks to the design of his armor. Since he is such a skinny character, the only way to make him look like a warrior was to create an armor that would fit his shape and yet enhance his size in a natural way.
―The Team at Headless Animation Studio[src]

In his human form, Jim was about 5 foot 6 inches tall[4] with a slim build. By his own admission[5] and Krel,[6] he has skinny legs. He has blue eyes and short dark hair.

Unarmored, Jim wears a blue zip-up jacket with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and a white shirt underneath. He has blue jeans and blue and white sneakers.

While using the Amulet of Daylight, Jim's armor is a silver suit of knight's armor, complete with a breastplate (the chest area), pauldrons (the shoulder areas), vambraces (the forearm areas), gauntlets (the hand areas), cuisses (the thigh areas), poleyns (the knee areas), greaves (the leg areas), and sabatons (the feet areas) with blue trimmings. Underneath the armor, there is a black inner layer. While wielding the Eclipse Blade, this armor is black with red trimmings. Both armors have their respective amulets mounted on the left side of the breastplates and occasionally their swords (Daylight and Eclipse) stowed on the backs of the armors.

I remember sitting in the editing room watching the final five episodes. And after you get over the initial shock of seeing Jim in altered form, by the time you're in episode 51, he's just Jim. You're not thinking about him as Troll-Jim; he's just Jim. And that to me was very special.
―Marc Guggenhem, Executive Producer[src]

In his troll form, Jim's skin pigment became blue, his hair became longer, blacker, and unkempt, he gained two lower fangs, large horns, and pointy ears. His right hand became bigger and lost its pinky finger, becoming more troll-like, while his left-hand remains human but armored. Ever since his transformation, Jim is always seen in his Eclipse Armor.


I think the appealing part about Jim is we all know him in real life somewhere, and I feel like Jim makes the courageous choices we would make in any given situation.
―Elaine Bogan, Director[src]

At the start of the series, Jim was shown being the caretaker around the house, cooking meals for himself and his mother, Barbara Lake. Despite it being Barbara's job to take care of him, he likes taking care of her because of how much work she does as a doctor. He is also shown to have a reputation for being an all-around swell guy, though it is implied this is just to get people to like him.

Jim can get nervous often, as he didn't want to accept his new position as the Trollhunter, having never been in a fight before, or was too nervous to ask his crush, Claire, to the dance. However, when he perseveres and tries, despite his fear, he can succeed in his job which proves how brave and hard-working he really is. Jim was also reluctant to kill people as part of his job, but when he started gaining more self-defense instincts, he became somewhat brave enough to do it. After getting used to being the Trollhunter, he was braver than ever, such as fighting against Bular and the Changelings.

Jim is very overprotective of his loved ones, to the points where he might be considered incompetent. To keep his loved ones safe, like his friends Toby, Claire, Blinky, Draal, AAARRRGGHH!!!, or his mom, he will often try to keep them out of a fight and finish it alone, even though it usually does more harm than good. Another sign of his overprotectiveness is that he's willing to lie to his mom to keep her from worrying about him. Jim kept it a secret, but he didn't keep it hidden because Barbara was fully aware of Jim's lies and kept demanding him to tell the truth, but Jim kept lying to protect her, despite it only straining their relationship even further and putting Barbara in danger.

He's definitely willing to keep lying for his loved ones' safety no matter what the consequences are, even when they spoil his "good boy" reputation toward the people he knows like his teachers, Claire, and especially his mom. Most of all, when his mom finally found out he is the Trollhunter, she had her memory erased and she made him promise to tell her again later. Jim did promise, however, he chooses to break his promise again so she wouldn't worry, even though lying is what caused her to nearly die in the first place. Despite being overprotective and a little bumbling, he knows when he can't accomplish things without help from his team. It's also something he's been learning to overcome, particularly after his dream sequence from Unkar.

Jim is also a bit of the jealous type since he hated it when Douxie flirted with Claire and when she giggled at his witty comments. 

When Merlin had Jim change himself into a half-troll, he was reluctant because he would lose half of his humanity forever. After a little consideration and reflections on all he had been through, he willingly turned himself into a troll hybrid. Initially, Jim enjoyed his new feral state and abilities, but then he became depressed when he found out that he couldn't go into the sunlight, eat human food, or go back to school. He felt as if he could never be with his loved ones again and was to remain a monster forever. He was then reminded by his loved ones that he could still have an exciting life, despite it no longer being a normal one. 

Powers & Abilities


  • Above-Average Physiology: Jim (when still human) is slightly stronger and more durable than an average teenager.
    • Strength: Without his armor, despite his skinny structure, Jim was shown strong enough to knock Steve out cold with one punch, as well as knock out his tooth. In "It's About Time", Jim was able to drag Blinky (who has reverted back to troll form) onto his Vespa and into Trollmarket with much strain.
    • Durability: Without his armor, he has withstood many blows that would've severely injured a teenager his age. He was barely fazed by a punch in the face from Steve. When Nomura threw him and crashed into the kitchen counter, he got back up to his feet, despite obviously being worn out from his match with Draal earlier.
    • Agility: With his skinny yet lean build, Jim is quite nimble and agile for a boy his age. With or without his armor, he mostly uses his agility as his style of combat and/or evasive action.
    • Reflexes: Even before training, Jim has excellent reflexes, something even Blinky took note of. He was able to avoid a large floor blade in the Hero's Forge by just quickly rolling and running away, despite being in (extreme) close range.
  • Human-Troll Hybrid Physiology: After using Merlin's elixir potion, Jim has become a hybrid of human and troll. He was granted greater strength, speed, durability, stamina, senses, agility, and reflexes to where he was able to defeat Angor Rot and Gunmar simultaneously. Merlin even claims that Jim is now capable of preforming feats beyond that of a human and troll.
    • Superhuman Strength: Jim's strength was enhanced to the point he could hurtle Gunmar into a building with nothing but his might, as well as knocking him several feet away with a rookie. He is also able to tackle AAARRRGGHH!!! a few feet away.
    • Superhuman Endurance: Jim can endure more than an average human or troll.
      • Superhuman Durability: Thanks to his new stone skin, Jim's durability was increased to where he could withstand many of Morgana's deadly spells, managing a nosebleed (which is human red, instead of purple or green like other trolls and changelings). When AAARRRGGHH!!! punched Jim, he openly claimed that "[he] didn't feel a thing."
      • Superhuman Stamina: Jim can now physical exert himself for long periods of time without wearing himself out.
    • Superhuman Speed: Jim is fast enough to out-run Claire and her Shadow Staff, even appearing as a blur. Claire even claims that Jim was moving so fast during their chase that she lost track of him.
      • Superhuman Reflexes: He is able to react to most attacks with incredible ease. He was able to easily evade every single strike from Claire, as well as Gunmar and Angor Rot’s.
    • Superhuman Agility: Jim is much more agile than an average human or troll.
      • Superhuman Leaping: As a half-troll, Jim can jump higher and farther than a normal troll, perhaps about as high as Nomura, Zadra, and Aja.
    • Superhuman Senses: Jim's senses of smell, sight, and sound are much more acute than an average human's.
    • Matter Indigestion: As a half-troll, Jim is capable of consuming and digesting any substance without any problems. However, he has sadly lost his appetite for most human food, especially his own.
    • Longevity: As a half-troll, Jim most likely now possesses a troll's ability to live for hundreds of years, but he is still vulnerable to death and can fall in battle.
    • Creeper's Sun Resistance (apparently): When Angor cut Jim's face with his dagger during their confrontation, Jim's skin was unfazed by the blade's imbued poison, leaving only a small scar on his cheek (even though a knick of Creeper's Sun once caused AAARRRGGHH!!! to slowly turn to stone). This could possibly be due to the fact the poison mostly affects full-blooded beings, as Jim is not entirely human nor troll, although a full impale could still be lethal to him. However, it's unknown if this is really true or not.
  • Magic Weaponry: After being chosen by the Amulet of Daylight, Jim is able to summon his armor and weapons by chanting "For the glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to command!", although sometimes he is shown activating the amulet without speaking the incantation since it also reacts to his emotional state. Jim is able to manipulate his armor in any way he desires, including his sword, glaives, shield, and helmet. After his transformation into a half-troll, the armor appears to have permanently attached itself to his body. However, as explained by one of the show’s writers, this is because Jim is under a massive emotional turmoil that his amulet has locked him in his armor and is trying to protect him until he ever felt "safe".
    • Enchanted Armor: Jim's armor is made of pure sunlight, so therefore possesses magical properties which can protect him.
      • Near-Enhanced Strength: In his armor, he was strong enough to armlock Stricklander (who was in his troll form) tightly while injuring the changeling's arm in the process. He was also shown helping Draal up while his armor gave him some aid. However, even with his armor, his strength clearly still does not surpass a troll's or Gumm-Gumm's.
      • Enhanced Durability: Thanks to his magical armor, Jim has been seen taking hits that would have almost certainly broken an ordinary person's bones, as well as withstanding Bular's crushing grip. In "Bittersweet Sixteen", he has even withstood a high-altitude lightning strike, which was sufficient enough to kill a Stalkling and would have severely injured, if not killed, an ordinary human.
    • Sword Conjuring: Jim is able to summon Daylight (including his Eclipse Blade), as well as willing the sword to return to his hand in combat or switching hands.
      • Barrier Generation: With his sword, Jim is able to create a barrier around himself to temporarily protect himself from harm. He was able to use Daylight to refract an incoming tidal wave of water[7] and briefly protect himself from being restrained from Morgana's magic blast.[8]
      • Sword Beam: Jim first used this in "The Battle of Two Bridges" while giving Bular a killing strike. He attempted to use this power on Morgana, but due to her immortality, the sword's magic was completely useless.
    • Glaive Conjuring: After cleaving the Birthstone, Jim gains the ability to summon two glaives from his thighs, which act a lot like boomerangs and respond to his command.
    • Shield Conjuring: After faceting the Killstone, Jim gains the ability to summon a warrior's shield on his left forearm, which protects him from most attacks.
    • Helmet Conjuring: After compressing the Eye of Gunmar, Jim gains the ability to summon a large helmet, which protects him from lethal damage and Gunmar's Decimaar Blade. He can also open and close it with his thoughts.
  • Light Wave Emission (via Amulet): At his most powerful, Jim was able to release of wave of pure daylight to repel Gunmar and Angor Rot's blades away from him (as well as petrify a couple Gumm-Gumms and blow a car several feet away).[9]
  • Supernatural Detection (via Amulet): With his amulet, Jim is able to detect any supernatural creatures, but limited if they are around his area. However, given the amulet responses differently with Jim (due to being human), this ability is usually unreliable and/or unpredictable.
  • Temporal Protection (via Amulet): Most uniquely, when Porgon combined his magic with Akiridion tech to restart time, Jim's amulet protected his memories and maintain awareness within the time loops. However, when he (along with his friends) restart time themselves, he forgot everything about his new Akiridion friends.
  • Camouflage (w/ Eclipse Armor): With the Eclipse Armor, Jim can blend himself within darkness, which makes him appear almost invisible in the dark (especially during the night or in the Darklands). In fact, as described by Jim in A Brief Recapitulation of Troll Lore Volume 48, the armor acts a lot like a stealth suit. In the book Welcome to the Darklands, Jim was able to hide himself from a mindless Antramonstrum by willing his armor's red engravings to dim and hide his head with his shield.
  • Wall Walking (briefly): In the episode "Hero with a Thousand Faces", Jim was briefly able to walk on vertical surfaces through the use of an unknown stone, previously used by Araknak the Agile. He had to keep his focus in order to stay on the surface so if he loses concentration, he would fall.
  • Duplication (briefly): In the episode "Hero with a Thousand Faces", Jim was briefly able to summon clones of himself (though in different aspects of his personality) through the use of the Aspectus Stone, previously used by Maddrux the Many. However, he had little-to-no control over his own clones, like when Hunter Jim turned against him.
  • Counteracting Angor Rot's Magics: After cutting the Eye of Angor Rot and placing it into his amulet, Jim gains the ability to ward off Angor's magics. He also regains possession of Daylight in their last encounter.


  • Charisma: It has been stated by others (Blinky, in particular) that Jim's greatest strength is his humanity and love for others, no matter the cost. It has allowed him to inspire others to find greatness in themselves and come to his aid whenever possible. Even some of his enemies have been inspired by his sense of honor, like Strickler and Nomura. Even after becoming half-troll, it appears that this trait has not diminished at all. He reminds Angor Rot of the hero he used to be before he became Morgana's slave, which convinced him to turn against her and give the Trollhunters the opening they need to seal her away for good.
    • Indomitable Will: Jim has a strong sense of will, as he is greatly determined to save his loved ones no matter what, even if odds are close to none. His strong will was most notably shown when he resists Gunmar's cursed blade to where he was deemed almost-to-completely immune to its brainwashing effects.
  • Swordsmanship: After training with Draal, Jim is an accomplished swordsman, able to hold off against Nomura, Strickler, and even Bular. Jim's proficiency has extended beyond Daylight as well, as he is able to parry Angor Rot's attacks with his newly discovered daggers, hold off Nomura using only a frying pan in his house, and fight Strickler with a fork and knife. However, as proven in "A House Divided", his sword skills are no match for Merlin's. After his transformation into a half-troll, his swordsmanship has increased to where he could fight Gunmar and Angor Rot blade-to-blade.
  • Martial Artist: Although Jim had no formal training in martial arts, he was instructed in the art of hand-to-hand combat by Blinky and Draal. Jim's fighting style is somewhat chaotic, but he uses his agility to outsmart larger and stronger foes and get behind their guard. While he relies on his sword for most attacks, Jim has been shown to improvise punches and kicks in combat. It is most likely that he has been taught some techniques from his mother, as she is an orange-belt in Krav-Maga, prior to becoming a Trollhunter.
  • Culinary Artist: Jim is an accomplished cook, making meals for himself and his overworked mother since she is a terrible cook herself. Toby and Strickler have both praised his cooking. Even after he became a troll hybrid, he was still shown to be a terrific cook (despite not being able to eat his own food anymore).
  • Adaptor: Jim is a noticeably fast learner, as he learned how to wield Daylight, with some help from Draal, in mere moments.
  • Natural Survivalist: After months of training with trolls, Jim naturally gains remarkable knowledge of how to survive on his own, as he was able to live in the Darklands for almost two weeks in spite of having little-to-no resources. He could hunt, lure out, and trick monsters out of their dens when in search for food, all while avoiding being detected by Gumm-Gumms, goblins, Dictatious, and even Gunmar for weeks, at least until he finds Enrique.
  • Tactician: As the de facto leader of Team Trollhunters, Jim is usually the one who comes up with the battle strategies. Although most of his plans have been foiled sometimes, such as when Strickler anticipated his attempt to send Toby, Blinky, and AAARRRGGHH!!! into his office, Jim has a knack for improvising situations to complete his missions. In "D'aja Vu", Jim devised a well-constructed plan with Krel by surprising Porgon in order to take the Dekyon Charger away from him and save the time-space continuum.
  • Actor: In the first half of Part One, Jim is shown to be a fairly decent actor, despite never being on stage once. He was even able to land the part of Romeo for the school play (although his chronic tardiness briefly reduced him as an understudy for a time).
  • Faceting/Cleaving: Through Vendel's teachings, Jim is able to cut, facet, and cleave gemstones and minerals in order to unlock their hidden powers. During his hunt for the Triumbric Stones, he has been seen carving and cutting the Birthstone perfectly under the direction of Vendel, the Killstone and the Eye of Gunmar by himself, and the Eye of Angor Rot under the direction of Strickler.


  • Mortality (formerly): As a human, Jim possessed a mortal soul, so was therefore highly vulnerable to any forms of injuries, sicknesses, and death. However, after his transformation into a half-troll, he presumably now has a troll's ability to live for hundreds of years, but can still fall in battle.
  • Direct Sunlight: After his transformation into a half-troll, Jim now possesses a troll's natural weakness to sunlight as it burns him on contact. However, it's unknown if sunlight will turn him to stone or not since he's still not entirely a troll.
  • Feral Instincts: After his transformation into a half-troll, Jim became prone to feral instincts. He has given in to his more animalistic side while he was immensely depressed by his newfound form.
  • The Mark of Angor Rot (briefly): After Angor painted his mark on Jim's face in "Blinky's Day Out", he took most of Jim's strength and even his command over Daylight whenever they confronted each other. However, after he cuts Angor's eye under the direction of Strickler in "Something Rotten This Way Comes", Jim is able to counteract the mark and regains his control over Daylight.
  • Armor (occasionally): Despite its strength and protective power, Jim's armor often comes with a few nicks as it limits his speed and some of his flexibility. In instances such as "Waka Chaka!" and "Young Atlas", Jim was unable to outrun a horde of goblins nor leap high enough to reach a manhole due to his armor's weight (though he seems to have overcome these effects by the beginning of Part Two, likely due to months of practice). In "It's About Time", his armor got caught in between bars of a large grate, which forced him to remove the amulet so he could slip through and flee a soulless Angor Rot.
  • Humanity: Although Jim's love for the people he cares about is strong and true, as well as undoubtedly one of his greatest strengths, it can also be one of his greatest flaws sometimes. His reluctance to end a being's life and put his loved ones's needs before his own has put himself in danger more than once. For instance, he decides to go into the Darklands by himself after AAARRRGGHH!!!'s sacrifice so he could prevent the rest of his friends from getting hurt. He even lies to his mother about his new double life to keep her safe, until it eventually got her into a load of trouble when Angor Rot attacks them. Also, as revealed in "Mistrial and Error", Jim's deepest fear is losing his humanity. Nomura, Strickler, and even Merlin try to warn him throughout Part Three that his humanity could potentially lead to his and the world's downfall if he never learns to accept his inner troll as well.


  • The Amulet of Daylight: As the chief weapon of Trollhunters, the Amulet of Daylight called out to Jim in the voice of Kanjigar and chose him as the first ever human Trollhunter. By chanting "For the Glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to command!" Jim can encase himself in a medieval knight's armor, complete with the Sword of Daylight. The amulet itself allows Jim to translate Troll into English and vice versa, and it will return to Jim if separated, as seen when he tries to dispose of it early on and later when it escaped the clutches of Strickler and Bular. The amulet can be opened and upgraded with special stones, including the Triumbric Stones, the Eye of Angor Rot, and many other gemstones with hidden powers.
    • Trollhunter Armor: Jim's armor is made of pure sunlight, which protects him from great damage, such as large blows from larger trolls like Draal and Bular. It often produces an instant but brief energy shield before his enemies land a punch on him.
    • Sword of Daylight: Jim's sword, Daylight, is harmful to trolls, vaporizing them on contact and blinding them with its presence.
    • Eclipse Blade/Armor: After he finds all three Triumbric Stones, his amulet gains the ability to summon his new Eclipse Armor and the Eclipse Blade. The Eclipse Blade and Armor are essentially a recolored version of the Sword fo Daylight and its armor, but with the added benefit of killing Gunmar. This source is activated with the incantation: "For the Doom of Gunmar, Eclipse is mine to command!"
    • Gemstone Storage: According to Vendel, Merlin made the amulet malleable so that each Trollhunter could fight evil that even its creator couldn't foresee. When Jim places a magical gemstone within his amulet, he gains new armor, new powers, and/or new weapons. However, he cannot remove the stones from its compartment if the stone itself is still active. The amulet is limited to storing only six gems total.
      • Birthstone: Jim acquired the Birthstone from Gatto's Keep in "Roaming Fees May Apply", and later cleaved it in "The Shattered King".
        • Glaives: After cleaving the Birthstone, Jim unlocks his armor's glaives, which he can control with his thoughts.
      • Killstone: Jim reclaimed the Killstone from Angor Rot after using the Kairosect in "It's About Time" and later cleaved it in "Wingmen".
        • Shield: After faceting the Killstone, Jim unlocks his armor's shield, which can protect him from excessive damage in combat.
      • Eye of Gunmar: At the end of "Something Rotten This Way Comes", Strickler gave Jim the last Triumbric Stone after he succeeds in keeping him safe. Jim later compressed the eye to complete the Triumbric Stone set.
        • Helmet: After compressing the Eye of Gunmar, Jim unlocks his armor's helmet, which helps protect him from the effects of Gunmar's Decimaar Blade.
      • Eye of Angor Rot: Jim acquired Angor's eye in "Angor Management" and later cut it (under Strickler's guidance) so he can counteract Angor's magics.
      • Unknown Stone (briefly): Jim once tested out a stone used by Araknak the Agile so he can walk along vertical surfaces, though he had trouble keeping his focus.
      • Aspectus Stone (briefly): Originally, Jim used it to test out its power to summon the strength of a thousand. However, he later realized that it was actually used to summon several doppelgängers of himself (one of each aspect of his personality). He initially had no control over his clones, but was able to reabsorb them back into his amulet with his sword.
    • Map to Merlin's Tomb: As discovered by Claire in "Parental Guidance", Merlin has placed a map within the amulet which would lead to Merlin's Tomb, which is the very power source/stone of the amulet, just in case his chosen champion must venture to his cave and retrieve him from his slumber. However, in order to use the map, the Trollhunter must destroy the amulet and use the stone if they come across an ancient Gyre underneath Aysa-Thoon.
  • Bike: Jim's bike is his primary form of transportation in the first half of Part One, and his main way of getting to and from school. Jim uses the bike to escape from foes including Bular and the Stalkling. After he receives a Vespa on his 16th birthday from Blinky, the bike is no longer used. However, he does use his bike on some occasions, like when he returns from the Darklands.
  • Vespa 150 G.S. (formerly): Jim's Vespa 150 G.S. was a birthday gift from Blinky and Jim's most desired birthday present. The scooter is Jim's primary form of transportation and seats two, with Toby Domzalski and Claire Nuñez being its most common passengers. However, Merlin later dismantles Jim's Vespa (to his great dismay) and uses its parts to create suits of armor for Claire and Toby.
  • Horngazel: Jim always carries his own horngazel in case he ever needs to visit Heartstone Trollmarket to train and/or meet for trollhunting missions.
  • Gaggletack: Jim usually brings a gaggletack so he can reveal any changeling spies walking among him in Arcadia. He once used this to expose NotEnrique as a changeling who took Enrique's place.
  • Grit-Shaka (briefly): In "Young Atlas", Draal gives Jim a Grit-Shaka to help remove his anxiety about the kissing scene for Romeo and Juliet. However, due to his human physiology, the totem effects Jim greatly as it turns him more reckless, arrogant, and without impulse control. Without his common sense, he confronts Bular, only to have his Grit-Shaka crushed by him. Apparently, when Jim once exclaimed "Where am I?" after having his totem smashed, he was unaware of his actions while being under the Grit-Shaka's influence.
  • Kairosect (briefly): In "It's About Time", after Blinky wasted two shots, Jim used the last one to finish his Spanish exam, sabotage Steve's book-stacking Spring Fling challenge, save Blinky and return him to Trollmarket, help Bagdwella with her gnome infestation, find Strickler and take the Inferna Coupla from him, and reclaim the Killstone from Angor.
  • Gravesand (briefly): In "Bad Coffee", during his training with Strickler and Nomura, they gave him some Gravesand to help him hone his feral instincts and become more aggressive in a fight. Blinky intervenes and emotionally connects with Jim before he went ballistic, though the sand permanently altered/damaged Jim's vocal cords as a result. Strickler then gives Jim the entire container of Gravesand just in case Gunmar decides to strikes. Against common sense, Jim brings the can to school and accidentally switches cans for the teacher's coffee. When the teachers (plus Strickler) are infected by the Gravesand, Jim, Toby, Eli, and Steve manage to emotionally connect with them and free them from their feral-states.
  • Cimmerian Fruit (briefly): During their time in Gunmar's dungeon, Nomura handed Jim a cimmerian fruit for his next confrontation with Gunmar's monsters (due to his weakening armor). Jim used the fruit's unbearable scent to hid his scent from a Nyalagroth and disorient it enough to kill it.
  • Warhammer (briefly): In "The Oath", Jim borrowed Toby's Warhammer to smash his amulet and retrieve the map from inside, which they use to find Merlin's Tomb.
  • Staff of Avalon (briefly): Though he couldn't activate it, Jim used Merlin's staff in his spar against Angor, until Gunmar takes it from him.



Love Interests

Claire Nuñez

"You mean WE are gonna find him... together." -Claire to Jim in "The Battle of Two Bridges"

Jlaire kiss

At first, Jim merely crushed on Claire from afar and she tolerated him at best until he attempted to woo her with quickly learned Spanish and she invited him to audition for the school play, Romeo, and Juliet. Although he didn't actually want to act, he auditioned to convince Strickler that the armor was for the play. However, due to his tardiness and absence from several rehearsals, their relationship begins to turn sour. After a last-minute attempt to win back her trust, he agrees to babysit her little brother, Enrique, who is actually a changeling, who they dubbed as NotEnrique. After causing a mess in her house, she says she hopes to never see him again. Before he and Draal have their to-the-death rematch, he leaves her a letter, confessing all of his feelings and what has been going on with him. She forgives him, thinking it's metaphorical, but then grows suspicious and, after NotEnrique endangers her and she learns the truth of his new double life situation, the two grow closer as she joins in on the adventures, and prepare to go to the Spring Fling together. They ultimately decide to skip the Fling, and instead dance near a cliff overlooking the city, almost kissing.

During Part Two, Claire is determined to rescue Jim from the Darklands after he saved Enrique first. After everyone manages to get him back, Claire hugs him saying that she misses him and they both share a kiss. After an unconventional barbecue at her parents' house, Claire finally calls Jim her boyfriend and says that she does not care that her parents disapprove of it, officially becoming a couple.

In Part Three, their relationship starts to grow when Jim becomes jealous when Douxie starts flirting with Claire. He also does everything in his power to free Claire from Morgana’s control. After turning into a half-troll permanently, Jim becomes extremely depressed over what he has lost with her, uncertain as to what kind of life they could possibly have together. However, Claire proves her eternal love for him by staying by his side, hugging him when he is believed to be dead, and even deciding to go live with Jim in the new Trollmarket.



Barbara Lake

Jim with his mother, Barbara

“I want you to know something. Even before you found this amulet – way before all this – you were always my hero. My beautiful boy…” -Barbara to Jim in "A Night to Remember"

After Jim's father left them around his 5th birthday, he and Barbara vowed to always take care of each other. To the present day, Jim has continued to care for his mother, kissing her goodnight, nurturing her when she was sick, as well as doing all of the cooking and cleaning in the house, even though it was Barbara who is supposed to care for Jim, making Jim somewhat of a mama's boy. 

When Jim became the Trollhunter and met his new trolls friends, he was determined to keep it all a secret from her just to keep her from worrying. Unfortunately, she got worried either way. After Jim gets more involved in his occupation as a Trollhunter, his mom grows more worried, as he's begun to return home at late hours, argue, and keep secrets from her. He expresses discomfort that he must do such things but continues to and heatedly tells her that he doesn't want her to see Mr. Strickler again after she invited him over for dinner, even though she's fond of him.

Their relationship continued to strain and only seemed to worsen (though somewhat repaired thanks to a temporarily humanized Blinky) until, while waiting for Angor Rot to enter his house, she comes home early. Unable to make up a lie in time, he quickly reveals the truth to her and after Mr. Stickler is injured, causing Barbara to receive the same injury due to their intertwined fates, he brings her to Trollmarket to heal her. Vendel tells him the only way for Barbara to heal properly is to unbind her from Mr. Strickler, however, she would also lose her memories in the process. Barbara begs several times for Jim to remind her of his life as a Trollhunter when she comes to and promises that he will. Once she loses consciousness, he rushes her to a hospital in the human world so she can heal properly. After she reawakens, she asks Jim what happened. Happily (because she wouldn't believe him), he lies and tells her that she was in an accident, breaking his promise.

In Part Three, Barbara’s memory returns and she confronts Jim for breaking his promise and worrying too much about her. She explains to him that parents have to protect their kids and be concerned, regardless of what they do. Jim finally truly realizes what has done wrong and agrees. After Jim is permanently transformed into a troll, Barbara is just as shocked and saddened by this as Jim himself. When Jim runs away after realizing all the disadvantages to his new form, she expresses her undying love for him and that he will always be himself, regardless of what he has become. When Jim leaves Arcadia with Claire and the trolls to find a new home, Barbara expresses reluctance to let Jim leave town, but he promises to contact her all the time. The two then share a tearful goodbye.

James Lake Sr.

As implied by Jim himself, he had a strong bond with his father when he was young.

However, he was hurt and betrayed when his father left him and his mother to look after themselves, even on his own birthday. Jim even hates most his birthdays because they always remind him of when his father disappeared on him and his mother.

Other than that, Jim doesn't care about his father, which he affirms to Blinky in "Blinky's Day Out".



Toby Domzalski

“Sure, I did. You had no problem sneaking into the Darklands when it was to save Claire’s brother, but now that Kanjigar says you’ve got to face Gunmar, you’re having nightmares about him and are freaking out that you’re way out of your league. I can multi-task, Jimbo!" -Toby to Jim in "Mudslinging"

Toby and Jim pose

Toby Domzalski is Jim's best friend and "sidekick". Since kindergarten, the two have remained inseparable and close like brothers. He is always by Jim's side no matter what during their battles. It is noted that Toby very possessive of Jim and likes to be the only one at his side. In the episode "Airheads", he is seen arguing and competing with Claire Nuñez for the position of Jim's sidekick. Claire even declares Jim and Toby the "dynamic duo".

At the end of the series when Jim leaves Arcadia to find a new heartstone in New Jersey, he gives Toby his job as the city’s protector and promises to return someday and contact him whenever he can.

Blinky Galadrigal

Blinky comforting Troll Jim

"When I gaze upon you, do you know what I see? I see a champion, a friend... a son. A magnificent son." -Blinky to Jim in "Jimhunters"

Blinky is Jim's mentor and is very loyal to him. He often helps Jim with problems that he faces and looks up remedies to help him fight the rogue trolls and goblins. In "Recipe for Disaster", it is implied by Stricklander during a fight with Jim that Jim sees Blinky as his surrogate father. Unfortunately, at first, Jim didn't necessarily think of Blinky as a good replacement for his birth father, being his trainer and all. Regardless, the two have shared multiple bonding moments that could hint at this dynamic, including building a Vespa bike together. In “Blinky's Day Out”, Jim says he finally has the chance to mentor Blinky, and looks out for him. He is also a great friend to Blinky, one of the few that doesn‘t make fun of him for his knowledge. 

This father-son relationship is finally established in "Jimhunters" when Blinky comforts Jim after he becomes saddened by his new form. 


Like with Blinky, Jim values AAARRRGGHH!!! as not just one of his mentors, but as a friend. Jim was completely devastated when AAARRRGGHH!!! sacrifices himself to save Toby. In fact, Jim admits that AAARRRGGHH!!!'s death was the main reason why he went into the Darklands alone, as he didn't want his friends suffering the same fate. Luckily, Jim was shocked and thrilled to learn from Toby and Claire that AAARRRGGHH!!! was alive and well.

Draal the Deadly

"Fleshbag... Maybe you'll make a good Trollhunter after all. When that time comes, I will be proud to fight by your side." -Draal to Jim in "Win Lose or Draal"

When first entering Heartstone Trollmarket, Draal goes to Jim, demanding that he prove he's the new Trollhunter. After donning the armor, Jim grows frightened of Draal once he learns that Draal is Kanjigar's son, the last Trollhunter, and believes he himself is the amulet's rightful heir. Saying it's "training", he challenges Jim in the Hero's Forge with Vendel watching. Jim quickly loses and this causes him to question whether the amulet chose correctly. After his doubt settles and with his confidence restored, he asks Draal for a rematch. However, he grows fearful again once it's explained that a rematch would be to-the-death. In their match, Jim, using the knowledge he gained from reading A Brief Recapitulation of Troll Lore, wins the match, but ignoring the chants of the other trolls, doesn't kill Draal and instead spares his life.

Draal, exiled out of shame, takes refuge in Jim's basement and vows to protect his house. He trains Jim how to properly fight and continues to live with Jim for the remainder of Part One, even after he is welcomed back into Trollmarket. The two form somewhat of a bond and always trust each other, quite similar to Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!!'s relationship. Jim even admits that he sees Draal more than just his protector, but as one of his closest friends, so he most likely saw Draal as a brother he never had.

In Part Two, Draal was taken over by Gunmar, and Jim was reluctant to fight him since they're friends. Jim vowed to find a way to restore Draal’s free will.

In Part Three, when Draal was freed from his brainwashing, he helped Jim find Merlin's staff and the two started to work together better than before. Sadly, when Angor Rot and Gunmar arrived, a heated and violent battle occurred and Angor did away with Draal, who sacrificed himself trying to protect his friend.

Jim was completely heartbroken since this was the first everlasting death of a close friend he had to deal with in his life. In the end, Jim avenged Draal when he declared his victory over Gunmar to him.

Eli Pepperjack

Ever since Jim stood up for Eli when Steve shoved him into a locker, Eli has been deeply devoted to Jim and was genuinely shocked when he and Steve assumed he was evil. When Steve and Eli helped Jim and the others help the trolls escape Gunmar, Eli said that he has a lot of questions for Jim. It is also shown that Eli believes Jim to be the best person in the world and idolizes him. 

However, in Part Two, he begins to have second thoughts when he and Steve start investigating some of the strange occurrences happening in Arcadia, in which Jim is connected. The duo initially believes that Jim is evil and planning to take over the town and try to stop him, but are soon proven that whatever Jim is involved in, he's not an enemy. Eventually, when Steve and Eli reveal that they knew about his life as a Trollhunter, Eli says that "[Jim] has a lot of explaining to do." 

It's unknown if Eli's aware of Jim's departure and transformation into a troll. However, Eli seems aware that Jim is unavailable since he talks to Toby about aliens in Arcadia instead. 

Steve Palchuk

Since knocking Steve’s tooth out, Steve had spent a majority of the series trying to get revenge on Jim.

When Jim entered the Darklands and the other Trollhunters told everyone he had a terminal illness, Steve knew it was a trick and decided to find out about what was going on. When Eli and Steve teamed up to investigate, they assumed that Jim was part of an evil supernatural plot, but eventually found out the truth. Since then, Steve has gained respect for Jim and gotten over his loss. It's unknown if Steve is aware of Jim's departure and transformation.

Aja Tarron

The Warrior Princess and the Trollhunter

"You don't understand. My mama and papa did get hurt, and now bounty hunters are after us. This is why I am training to be a warrior. This is why I cannot be patient... I cannot lose anyone ever again." -Aja to Jim in "D'aja Vu"

Originally, Jim and Aja first meet during a science fair in "D'aja Vu" while facing a trickster troll named Porgon, who stole a piece of Akiridion tech so he could combine it with his troll magic to restart time. Aja and Jim are the only ones who remember the time loop (due to Jim's magic amulet and Aja's serrator shield protecting their memories) and they team up to solve this problem. At first, Jim was surprised to learn that Aja is an Akiridion, but says it wasn't that strange to him, considering his experiences with magic and trolls.

Despite knowing each other for a short time, Jim and Aja have grown close and often discuss the importance of being a warrior, as Jim explains to the queen-in-waiting that it takes patience. When Aja expresses why she can't be patient, as she feels unable to protect the people she cares about and wants to prevent any more tragedies, Jim was understanding since he knows the feeling quite well himself. When they succeed in taking the battery away from Porgon, they are caught in public with their friends. They decide to use their tech and magic to go back in time and prevent Porgon from taking it (costing their memories of each other as well). Jim and Aja were both saddened by this but promised that fate would unite them again one day.

During "Lightning in a Bottle/In Good Hands", Jim takes Aja and Krel on a tour of Arcadia (while Aja tries to take Jim's amulet when she mistakes it for her missing serrator). She later helps him capture lightning in a bottle and says goodbye to him and his friends. During the Eternal Night War, Aja immediately recognizes Jim, despite his new troll form, but they don't interact (merely glancing at each other). In the penultimate 3Below episode "Race to Trollmarket", Aja and Krel briefly greet Jim. Like before, he didn't seem at all surprised to know that Aja and her brother are aliens. 

Krel Tarron

Unlike Aja, Jim has little interactions with her little brother, Krel, albeit it's clear that they're good friends.


"Atlas, too, carried the weight of the world on his shoulders, and I'm concerned, like him, you're overextending yourself." -Strickler to Jim in "Wherefore Art Thou, Trollhunter?"

At first, Jim favored Mr. Strickler and looked up to him as a sort of father figure, which he admits to Claire and Toby in "Just Add Water". Even before he became the Trollhunter, Strickler is aware that Jim is overextending himself from taking care of his mother and struggling in class. As such, he calls him "Young Atlas." Jim even tries to convince himself that Strickler is not a changeling as he didn't want to accept the fact until Bular calls him "Young Altas," a nickname only Strickler calls him as. After he learns that Strickler is a changeling, Jim instantly felt betrayed by his favorite teacher. His hatred for Strickler continuously grows when he witnesses him going on dates with his mother and even placed a binding spell on him and his mother (whatever harm comes to Strickler, will happen to Barbara).

However, when Angor Rot loses his soul and is in pursuit to kill Strickler, he begs Jim to protect him, though he was instantly but understandably reluctant. After Jim saves his and his mother's lives by undoing the binding spell, Jim starts to believe that Strickler was beginning to change his ways and somewhat earns his trust again, though he admits that he still holds mixed feelings towards him. After Gunmar takes over Trollmarket, Strickler returns to Arcadia with Nomura so they could help train Jim.

After Jim permanently becomes a troll hybrid, Strickler shows pity for him and his mother, saying it's confusing to be human and troll, as he never had to deal with both at once since he had to ability to choose one or the other. When Jim says goodbye to his mother, Strickler wishes him luck on his journey and decides to stay in Arcadia to take care of his mother for him.


At first, Jim and Nomura saw each other as enemies on sight with Nomura mocking him as a fake.

However, after meeting each other in the Darklands under the captivity of Gunmar, they begin to form a friendship and even help each other escape the Darklands together. After which, Nomura thanks Jim for giving her hope and believing in friends. After Gunmar takes over Trollmarket, she returns to Arcadia with Strickler to help train Jim and later participates in the Eternal Night War with the Trollhunters.


"Gunmar is free, Trollmarket is in peril, and of all creatures in our worlds, I chose you. Now... show them why." -Merlin to Jim in "Unbecoming"

Jim had an awkward first impression when he finally meets the wizard who created his amulet. When Jim learns that his mother was captured by the Gumm-Gumms along with Strickler, Merlin prevents him from finding them, much to Jim's disbelief. He becomes convinced that Merlin only wants his magic back and begins to fight back against Merlin, only to be easily outmatched by the wizard himself while they had a tense argument. Merlin tensely tells Jim that his humanity and Eclipse Blade will not be enough to end the Gumm-Gumm War, unless he becomes more than human. Merlin creates a potion that will transform Jim into a human-troll hybrid, but he warns that the changes will be permanent, and he leaves Jim with a choice to either remain human or forever become a "true" Trollhunter, leaving his old life behind.

After sealing away Morgana for good, Merlin (with his magic restored) thanks to Jim and his friends for their bravery and helps lead the trolls to a new Heartstone in New Jersey. Also, during "For the Glory of Merlin", Merlin did show an ounce of sympathy for Jim when he saw him mourning over Draal's death.




Despite having little-to-no interactions during Part Three, it has become clear that Jim has never liked Douxie the moment they first met, especially after he catches him flirting with his girlfriend, Claire, although they both likely seemed unaware of Jim's jealousy. He was also quite angry that Douxie was their waiter during their double date with Toby and Darci in "So I'm Dating a Sorceress". Later, Jim was pleased that Claire (possessed by Morgana) ordered Douxie to leave them be, making their potential feelings for each other go out the window more.




"To wound me, one needs to be able to touch me, child. Tell me, Trollhunter, what should a father do to the one who MURDERED HIS ONLY SON?!" -Gunmar meeting Jim in person for the first time in "Skullcrusher"

Gunmar is Jim's archenemy. After he hears the death of his son at the hands of the first human Trollhunter, Gunmar instantly came to hate Jim, wanting to replace Bular with Jim by enslaving him or killing him. When the two finally meet each other in person, Gunmar immediately saw him as a weak and incompetent human, but later learns that he's one of the few humans that is not to be underestimated after witnessing his fighting skills.

In the Eternal Night War, Jim (avenging his surrogate brother, Draal) finally kills Gunmar and ends his century-year-old reign once and far all.


"The amulet should never have chosen a human. You're too soft, easy to kill!" -Bular to Jim as he tries to kill him in "The Battle of Two Bridges"

Initially, Bular and Jim were enemies the moment they first confronted each other. Bular had every intention of killing Jim in cold blood, even though he was aware that he couldn't free his father from Killahead without the Trollhunter, though he just says that "there will always be other Trollhunters".

Of course, Bular underestimating Jim as a weak, pathetic human is what lead to his downfall.

Angor Rot

Jim first noticed Angor in "Mudslinging" when he sends a Golem out to test his abilities. Later on, he mets the assassin in person after he traps him in stasis and paints his mark on his face, taking his command over Daylight. Despite trying to kill him and stealing the Killstone from him (all under Strickler's orders), Angor manages to propose Jim a deal that if he can steal the Inferna Copula from the changeling, he will sever his mother's connection with him. When Jim steals the ring, Angor unintentionally destroys it, along with his soul, but instead of blaming himself, he blames it on Jim.

As he goes on a killing spree to kill Jim and his loved ones, he kills AAARRRGGHH!!!, telling Jim that the reason he's still alive is because his friends always try to save him. Angor leaves a huge impact on Jim.

After Angor is ressurrected, he vowed to kill Jim for killing him previously and stealing his eye. However, Jim then reminds Angor of the hero he used to be, which caused him to see the error of his ways. Angor and Jim to kill Morgana, only to fail due to her immortality.

Dictatious Galadrigal

Jim first learned about his mentor's supposedly late brother, Dictatious, in "Party Monster".

However, Jim is clearly shocked when he learns that Blinky's brother is not only alive and living in the Darklands, but was actually working for Gunmar as his advisor (and by his own will nonetheless).

When Dictatious reforms to warn the Trollhunters that Gunmar is on route to resurrect Angor Rot, Jim was understandably reluctant to trust him, but later realized that he was telling the truth. Jim and Dictatious have little-to-no interactions after that.

Queen Usurna

Jim first met the queen of the Krubera in "Wingmen". Usurna was initially skeptical about the human Trollhunter, even after she heard rumors about him.

In Part Two, it is discovered that Usurna absolutely despised Jim, due to his status as a human, and saw him as a threat to Gunmar's takeover (as well as her own). After he escapes the Darklands, Usurna convinces the tribunal to blame the Trollhunter for releasing Gunmar and she gives him an unfair trial to exile him to the Deep.

Jim has little interaction with the evil queen afterwards, but he is completely aware of her true nature, especially after she frames him for Vendel's murder (which she committed), much to his disbelief. He probably also believed that Usurna was responsible for Gunmar's release all along.


"Merlin's champion. I have so looked forward to meeting you... and then killing you." -Morgana to Jim during their confrontation in "The Eternal Knight: Part 2"

At first, Jim was initially unaware of Morgana's existence, until the vile, bloodthirsty sorceress possesses Claire and tries to kill him.

During their confrontation face-to-face, Jim argues why she hated him on sight, even though he has done absolutely nothing to her. To which, Morgana spitefully reveals that Merlin took her left hand so he could make the Amulet of Daylight and mercilessly injures him with every strength of her magic. She also mocks Jim's abilities since his sword could not kill her as it was built to kill trolls, not wizards. When she unleashes her magic to kill his friends, Jim quickly steps in and takes the full blast, which almost kills him.


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  • Jim is the first human Trollhunter.[10][11]
    • As of "Jimhunters," he is also the first half-troll Trollhunter.
    • He is also the only Trollhunter who doesn't have a real mantra like the past Trollhunters, as most of the trolls called him with insulting ones like "the Dead-Meat" and "the Baby-Handed." However, he has been called Jim "the Bular-Slayer" once, but it's unknown if it's Jim's confirmed mantra or if he'll ever have one.
    • Although at the end of The Felled novel, Jim wondered if the trolls would either all him "Jim the Just", "Jim the Jittery", or maybe "Jim the Jinxed" (though the last two were more of sarcasm).
  • Jim is an excellent cook.
  • Jim is ambidextrous.[12]
  • Along with Claire and Toby, Jim appears in every episode of Trollhunters.
  • Jim always wears three outfits in the whole series: his day attire, his armor, and his gym uniform.
    • His eclipse armor doesn't really count as they are from the same source.
  • In the books, Jim's last name was "Sturges", which meant "Warrior" and he came from a family of Trollhunters.
  • As told from the end of Chapter 9 in The Adventure Begins, Barbara used to read Jim the tales of "The Sword in the Stone" when he was a child.[3]
  • Jim Lake Jr. is the last character Anton Yelchin ever voiced before his death on June 19th, 2016.
  • In "Bad Coffee", Anton only does Jim's voice just before he and Strickler begin sparing. After inhaling the grave sand, Jim's voice permanently changes to Emile Hirsch.
    • This not only means that these were all the lines that were recorded from Yelchin before his untimely death, but also that the sand may have done permanent damage/transformation to his larynx. Strickler lampshades this by saying that some of the side effects are permanent. 
    • Recycled audio of Yelchin, however, is used for the remainder of the series, and Yelchin is credited as an "Additional Voice Talent" in the end credits for the remainder of the series. 
  • Having become a human/troll hybrid, Jim is now burned by exposure sunlight, though it is uncertain whether or not the sun can turn him to stone like the other trolls.
  • His most human feature after being turned into a troll is he still has red blood as shown in “The Eternal Knight: Part 2".
  • In his troll form, Jim bears a very slight resemblance to Beast from the X-Men Marvel comics.
  • In "Win Lose or Draal" Jim's height (in human form) is revealed to be approximately 5 feet, 6 inches.
  • Jim is the first outsider to survive the Deep, the second being Krel.


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