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Hail Morgana!
―Janus as he attempts to assassinate King Arthur[src]

Janus was an antagonist of Wizards, featured in the episode "Battle Royale".

He was an assassin sent by Morgana to kill her brother, King Arthur, and the very first changeling the witch ever created. He is also implied to be the founder of the Janus Order.



After the Arcane Order revived Morgana and turned her into the Pale Lady, she created her first changeling with the intention to kill Arthur and weaken Camelot‘s defenses. It is also likely that he and his fellow changelings founded the Janus Order to corrupt the human world and serve Gunmar and created a deadly poison called Creeper's Sun.


Janus was fist seen carrying the Knight of Skulls' battle axe. Then he places bags of Dwärkstones at Camelot's bridge and in multiple locations within Camelot. Later on he is seen carrying more Dwärkstones while the Knight of Skulls fights Claire. He then attempts to assassinate Arthur with Creeper's Sun knives.

However, Claire sees him and opens up a portal beneath him. He lands on the ground in the arena where Gaggletacks fall on his head. When his troll form is revealed he throws two of his knives at knights which turn them to stone the he throws the other two at Bular's chains. After Bular attacks Douxie and Arthur, Janus' Dwärkstones go off. They destroy Camelot’s wall and blow up multiple locations within Camelot with only some of Douxie's traps holding the explosions.

Morgana then reveals her presence from within the changeling. A terrified Arthur asks what Janus was, with Morgana answering it is a taste of her newfound power. Lancelot and Steve try to defeat the changeling, but he wounds Lancelot then is attacked by Arthur. Janus defeats Arthur then Steve attacks him again. Claire, Merlin, Douxie, and Archie get back from Merlin’s Tower and join the fight. Douxie traps Janus in a bubble then he and Merlin blow him up, leading to the changeling's demise.

However, Janus' ambush on Camelot left it defenseless and left Arthur no choice but to seek aid from the good trolls of Dwoza.

Physical Description[]

As a human, Janus has brown hair, eyes, and a beard. He also wears a black and gold shirt.

As a troll, the changeling has grey skin with very tiny white patches, two horns and brown hair, and he had four arms. He had a an under-bite and a sharp chin. He also wears a black skirt with spiked knee pads.


When we first see him, he seemed very shy and clumsy, but later he was eventually revealed to be very loyal only to Morgana and deadly to anyone he meets.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Changeling Physiology: Janus has more abilities than a human or troll.
    • Shapeshifting: As a changeling, Janus can shape-shift between his human or troll form at will.
    • Enhanced Durability: Thanks to his stone skin, Janus can withstand more blows than a regular human.
    • Sunlight Immunity: As a changeling, he can walk in the sunlight without fear of turning to stone.


  • Knife Proficiency: Janus is a master with using a knife, as shown when he tried to assassinate Arthur and fought against the Guardians of Arcadia and Camelot's knights.
  • Master Assassin: Janus was able to pose as a seemingly harmless, clumsy squire, which allowed him to throw Dwärkstones around Camelot's walls without being suspected, and he would've easily killed an unsuspecting King Arthur had Claire not noticed in the last minute.


  • Gaggletacks: Gaggletacks are the only thing that can reveal Janus's troll form.


  • Creeper's Sun Knives: Janus has four knives laced with Creeper's Sun poison, which can turn anything and anyone to stone instantly upon contact.
  • Dwärkstones: While posing as the Knight of Skull's unsuspecting squire, he surrounded Camelot and its defenses with several Dwärkstones. After he was discovered, he uses one to activate the rest, which weaken the kindgom's defenses and left several civilians and knights injured and/or dead.

Episode Appearances[]


"History in the Making"
"Witch Hunt"
"Lady of the Lake"
"Battle Royale"
"Killahead, Part One"
"Killahead, Part Two"
"Wizard Underground"
"Dragon's Den"
"Our Final Act"


  • Though he wasn’t named in the series, Aaron Waltke answered on a private twitter message that his name could be Janus.
    • This would mean that the entire Janus Order was named after him in honor of the first changeling sent by Morgana herself, perhaps making Janus the founder of the organization.
    • His name is also most likely a reference to the Roman god, Janus, who had two faces, which looked to the past and the future.
  • Janus is the only one-time antagonist to be featured in Wizards.