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It's About Time is the twenty-second episode of Trollhunters.

Official Synopsis[]

Every second counts when Jim turns to a time-stopping Kairosect to snatch Strickler's ring, save his mother and find the second Triumbric Stone.


Black Sea, Bulgaria, 1297 A.D.

Angor Rot rows a raft to shore and then gets off. He chants and releases a bird. He calls someone forth. She has many names. He seeks the magic he needs to save his village and protect his people. In return, he gives her something from his own body. She gives him the magic he needs, but takes his soul. He's empty inside. He goes back to his raft and she tells him he'll seek Merlin's champions and bring death to his Trollhunters.

Present Day

Jim is back to see Gatto. Gatto is surprised to see him again. Jim says he needs the Kairosect. Gatto says that's dangerous magic. He asks why he should let Jim live after what his friends did. Jim has a riddle for Gatto this time. Gatto says he knows all riddles. Jim asks him what you call cheese that isn't yours. Gatto says nacho cheese. Jim says it's nacho day either and calls, "Now!" The others all charge in. Blinky gives Jim his amulet and they prop his mouth open so they can get inside.

In Gatto's Keep, Jim fights off the guards and accidentally finds the Kairosect. This time, Toby has brought a burrito to escape. He throws it into the lava and the effects are immediate. With the Kairosect in hand, they make their way out of Gatto's Keep.

Back at Trollmarket, they try to figure out how the Kairosect works. Blinky touches it and disappears. He cals to them from on top of a rock. The Kairosect works. The Kairosect enables the bearer to step outside of time. He jumps again and he's posed the others in weird positions. Jim is amazed. It'll help them get the ring and Jim could use it to live both lives and not have to choose. Blinky says there are three rules he must follow for using it. Only one person may use it, the effect lasts for precisely 43 minutes and 9 seconds, and you can only use it three times. And Blinky already used it twice. Now they only have once chance to get the ring.

Barbara brings Jim food while he studies for his Spanish test. She tells him to try to get some sleep.

Jim wakes up to his phone ringing. It's 8:32. He slept through his alarm. He races to get to school.

When he arrives, he is given his test and sits down to take it quickly. Inside his bag, Jim sees the Kairosect. Just as he starts to write on his test, the timer goes off an Uhl collects it.

Toby tries to reassure Jim, but Jim didn't get past the first page. Claire comes up to them. She's worried Angor Rot won't keep up this end of the deal. Jim gets a call from Bagdwella. She says there's an infestation of gnomes in her shop. Claire suggests that Jim get the ring and wear it. Jim doesn't like the idea of betraying a troll assassin. Toby says he'd be controlling him. Then Steve comes up and says they have a Spring Fling challenge in an hour: textbook stacking. Jim feels pulled in three different directions. He runs away screaming.

Blinky arrives to speak to Barbara. Barbara says things have gotten worse, which she didn't think was possible. Jim's pre-occupied, like he's living a whole secret life. Barbara says she knows teenagers go through all manner of changes, but she and Jim have always been close. Blinky starts to turn back into a troll and panics. Blinky doesn't think Jim's hiding anything from her. When his skin turns blue, she says she thinks he's having a heart attack. Blinky excuses himself to the bathroom. In a stall, he turns completely back to a troll. Barbara comes in to see if he needs anything, but he tells her to go away and makes a call.

Jim lists all the things he needs to do. He answers his phone and Blinky tells Jim what's happening.

Barbara finally forces the door open and screams when she sees Blinky.

Claire runs into the road and nearly gets hit by a truck. Jim uses the Kairosect and is shocked to see everything frozen. He moves Claire to safety. He remembers that he doesn't have much time. He hops on his Vespa and searches for Strickler. He passes Steve and Eli stacking books and takes a moment to re-pose Steve and another student. He continues his search for Stickler and finds he's at the dentist. As he goes to leave, he remembers his Spanish test and stops to take it. He then passes the cafe and remembers Blinky, so he drags his mother back outside and takes Blinky, covered in a tablecloth, to get him out of the sun. He drops Blinky off in Trollmarket by AAARRRGGHH!!!. Then he remembers the gnomes and collects them all. Then he gets to the dentist. He gets the ring and spits on him before leaving. He has nine minutes left to decide if he should give Angor Rot his soul back or wear the ring and control him. He puts it on for a second and realizes he can get the Killstone back.

Jim has two minutes left and gets to Angor Rot. He gets the Killstone out of Angor Rot's hand with difficulty. Then he goes to leave, but his Vespa won't start. Then his time runs out.

Claire wakes up in the grass and realizes Jim used it. A bully knocks down Steve's tower instead of Eli's, making Eli the winner. Uhl wakes up surprised to see Jim's test finished. Babara looks for Blinky and doesn't see him. Blinky wakes up with AAARRRGGHH!!! Bagdwella is happy to have the gnomes contained.

Angor Rot wakes up and Jim tries to put on the ring, but Angor Rot knocks it out of his hand. He activates the amulet, but Angor Rot has the sword. He accidentally hits the sword against the ring, releasing his soul. He threatens to kill Jim and chases him out. Jim reaches a dead-end and has to remove his armor to get out. Then he comes out a manhole on the street. He thinks for a second that time is still stopped, but then people move. He has the Killstone in his hand.

Blinky says with the ring destroyed, there's no controlling Angor Rot. Draal brings in the Vespa, but says he saw no sign of Angor Rot. They don't know when or how he'll strike.

Strickler gets into his car and realizes the ring is gone. Angor Rot runs up to his car quickly.



  • According to Aaron Waltke on Tumblr, because of the binding spell, Barbara did feel a few little pricks from Strickler during his time at the dentist, since he was just there for a routine procedure and nothing was terribly painful. Barbara (being a doctor) thought the sensations in her mouth were odd, but believed it was merely something to keep an eye on, nothing more.
  • Blinky finally returns to normal in this episode.
  • Jim reclaims the Killstone from Angor Rot.
  • The Inferna Copula is destroyed by Angor himself. He can no longer be controlled, but he also loses his soul, which now puts him on a warpath for his enemies's blood.
  • This is Morgana's first physical appearance in a flashback, although Angor calls her by "Lady Pale," "Baba Yaga," "Argante," and "Eldritch Queen," which are the names of Morgana. Unknowingly at this point, this foreshows that this witch will be a very important villain in Trollhunters installment.
  • Title: It is an informal phrase mostly used in annoyance to say that should've happen sooner (reflecting Jim's stress over everyone's problems), and "time" referring to the Kairosect and its time-stopping abilities.
  • The famed stock sound effect The Wilhelm Scream can be heard once when AAARRRGGHH!!! tosses over one of the Volcanic Trolls while the group enter Gatto to retrieve the Kairosect.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar:
    • Gatto's "runs" are once again referenced when the group infiltrates Gatto's Keep.
    • As Blinky begins to revert back to native troll form, his face lets off smoke and Barbara questions, "Are you smoking?". Blinky tries to cover this up as a "filthy habit".
  • Error: When Jim runs into Senor Uhl's class room, he isn't wearing his helmet, even though he was just wearing it while riding his vespa.
    • Plausibility: He most likely took it off off-screen.


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