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Master Jim was correct! We are stronger TOGETHER!
Blinky to Jim, Claire, Toby, and AAARRRGGHH!!! while conjuring the portal

In the Hall of the Gumm-Gumm King is the thirty-ninth episode of Trollhunters and the season finale of Part Two.

Official Synopsis[]

A monumental loss carries a warning from beyond the grave as Gunmar marches for Heartstone Trollmarket. Can the team pull together to save the day?


Usurna tells Trollmarket that Jim is dead.

Jim climbs out of the Deep and says he's not dead.

The trolls demand to know where Vendel is. Usurna says he's dead, murdered by the trollhunter. The others are shocked. Usurna says she'll take over and lead Trollmarket into a new era. The trolls applaud her.

AAARRRGGHH!!!, Blinky, Toby, and Claire grieve Vendel. Blinky sees something shining in the rubble and realizes Vendel was holding an Anamnesis Stone. He uses a device to activate it, causing Vendel to appear as an apparition, showing his last moments and confrontation with Usurna. Just then, Jim walks in and says Usurna took control of Trollmarket. They asks how he survived the Deep because no trolls ever come back. He says he's not a troll. He cries over Vendel's death and apologizes to him. He thinks it's his fault, but Blinky says it's not. Vendel believed in him. AAARRRGGHH!!! wants to take Usurna out. They need a plan. Gunmar thinks Jim is dead, which gives them the element of surprise. They decide to check out the Janus Order. Jim says he's not stupid enough to go alone this time.

They enter the Janus Order, weapons drawn, but find it in tatters. They hear Strickler's voice and Jim follows it. It's a video. Jim is shut in the room and turns around to see Gunmar. Gunmar grabs him and holds him up, so Blinky throws a Dwärkstone at him. He's able to dodge it, but now they're all face to face with Gunmar. He dodges more Dwärkstones. When he goes after Toby, Jim shines a light on him and then slices through his chest. They then learn it wasn't Gunmar, but Otto, possessed by Gunmar. Jim asks why Gunmar won't fight him and he says he already has what he wants. He implodes and they realize they never should have left Trollmarket.

Usurna gives a speech about uniting under one leader and introduces Gunmar the Black, the Skullcrusher. The other trolls are shocked and angry. A troll refuses to bow to him, so he sucks out her soul making her a drone and forcing her to kneel to him. He challenges others to refuse his authority. He traps the trolls where they are.

Jim and the others sneak through Trollmarket.

Dictatious orders the possessed Draal to bring Blinky to him. As he walks away, Blinky grabs Dictatious.

Blinky has Dictatious tied up and dangling. Dictatious learns that Jim is alive. Blinky tells Dictatious to start talking, but Dictatious says Gunmar has the Heartstone, so it's futile. Jim tells him to let the trolls go. It's between him and Gunmar. Dictatious says it's time for their race to emerge from the shadows and retake the surface. Gunmar is taking Trollmarket for his army. His power grows with every troll he converts. Jim says they need to evacuate Trollmarket. Claire says they can use her staff and portals, but Blinky says it's dangerous to open a portal that large for that long. It'll kill her or corrupt her soul. She wants to try anyway. Toby says they can use the gyre and they make plans to do that.

Gunmar goes to take the Hearstone, which makes him stronger.

The trolls run aware from the guards. Jim narrowly protects NotEnrique, then tells him to get the trolls to the gyre.

They lead trolls to the gyre and Jim tells Blinky to take them to the forest, where it's secluded and safe. It's going to take many trips.

The trolls arrive in the forest to find they can't step out without being burned. Blinky calls Jim to tell him about it. They don't have time to wait until nightfall. Jim says he'll send help and tells Blinky to keep the gyre moving.

Steve and Eli are in gym class. Steve answers a call from Jim. Jim says he needs help. He tells Steve they need shade, whatever he can find. They'll die if they're in the sun. Steve says he has them covered. He grabs Eli, who is ready to help.

The trolls are piling up outside the gyre as well as in Trollmarket waiting for transport.

Steve and Eli race to the forest with umbrellas. Steve takes an umbrella and gives them the umbrellas so they can move to safety.

Usurna finds and frees Dictatious, who tells her that Jim escaped and is trying to evacuate Trollmarket as they speak. Usurna wants to warn Gunmar. Dictatious says Gunmar won't be happy to learn she failed to kill Jim. Usurna orders them to seal every exit and not to talk to Gunmar until Jim is captured or killed.

Toby directs the trolls toward safety. Possessed Draal comes through and attacks him and Jim. Jim closes the entrance between Trollmarket and the gyre, but he tries to burst through it. AAARRRGGHH!!! goes to seal it more strongly. Jim is worried about the trolls left behind, but they must keep the gyre moving. They realize the exits have been sealed.

Usurna watches Draal try to break through. She orders them to show no mercy once the wall is broken.

Steve and Eli wait with the umbrellas and wonders what the holdup is. They know something's wrong.

Claire takes her staff and, despite warnings, opens a portal. She's lifted off the ground and starts to turn black and cough. Jim steps up and says she can't do it alone. The others all step in to help. The portal is opened and the trolls are evacuated just as Draal breaks through.

The trolls celebrate in the forest. Claire is alive, but weak. Jim thanks Steve and Eli for their help as well. Blinky says their home is gone and Vendel is dead, and wonders who will lead them now. Jim presents Blinky with Vendel's staff and says it's his now. The others bow to him.

Gunmar's army chants his name.

Jim goes home and finds Strickler and Nomura there. They know he has a battle ahead and offer their guidance.

Claire sleeps fitfully. Her eyes flash green.

Claire steps through a portal into Trollmarket and retrieves the head of Angor Rot. She takes it and presents it to the Pale Lady, Morgana, who takes it and says that she and Claire are now linked for all time.

Claire wakes with a start.



  • Team Trollhunters discover that Queen Usurna is working for Gunmar after watching a projection from Vendel's Anamnesis Stone.
  • Blinky becomes the new elder leader after Vendel's assassination.
  • It is discovered that Gunmar destroyed The Janus Order before the trial.
  • Gunmar absorbs the Heartstone’s energy and his blue lightings change to orange with new power running in his body.
  • Claire gets linked to Morgana’s control and becomes her living vessel until "The Exorcism of Claire Nunez".
  • Steve and Eli meet Blinky and AAARRRGGGHH!!! for the first time.
    • The Creepslayerz also officially become the newest allies of the Trollhunters.
  • Mr. Strickler and Nomura both return to help the Trollhunters.
  • According to Aaron Waltke on his Twitter page, the original concept was that, instead of Claire making the ultimate portal, they originally planned to reveal the actual Mayflower was in Trollmarket and turned into a novelty sock restaurant, and Claire would create a portal that would lead the trolls to freedom. However, it was deemed too expensive.
  • Continuity Error: In the previous episode "Mistrial and Error", right after Queen Usurna says to Vendel that she's the master, she then stabbed him with her Creeper's Sun knife, However, in this episode though, its shown that Usurna said it as she stabbed him.
  • Title: The title is easily a reference to "In the Hall of the Mountain King", an aria that is used as Nomura's theme which, despite being used in comedy, actually is meant to evoke fear and paranoia.
  • The music playing during the climactic portal-conjuring scene is "None Shall Live" by Thomas Bergersen (aka Two Steps From Hell).
    • This track was also used during the amulet-retrieval scene and subsequent defeat of the goblin horde in "Claire and Present Danger" back in Part One. In a callback to this scene, the track was also used when the modified amulet traveled from Camelot to Jim in Rise of the Titans.
    • Appropriately, the track would later be altered in terms of arrangement, given lyrics by Bergersen, and sung by Merethe Soltvedt as a song named "Children of the Sun."
  • During Jim's phone conversation with Steve, a poster for Stompin' in the Rain can be seen in the Arcadia Oaks High gymnasium. This is a parody of the Broadway musical and film Singin' in the Rain.


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