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Meet Aja and Krel. I think they're foreign exchange students. Principal Uhl says if I want to pass sophomore year, I have to show them around this... wonderful, ordinary world of Arcadia.
―Jim introducing Aja and Krel to Toby and Claire

In Good Hands is the forty-eighth episode of Trollhunters and the ninth episode of Part Three.

Official Synopsis[]

Señor Uhl interrupts an important mission with an awkward ultimatum for Jim: help two new students fit in ... or face a repeat of sophomore year.


Gunmar brings Usurna to see Morgana. He uses the Staff of Avalon to try to free her. It throws him back and projects a message saying only human hands may wield it. They need to find a human who can read the Trollish incantation, so he tells her to bring him an impure.

Merlin is fascinated by Jim's fridge as Jim cooks breakfast. Strickler is awed to meet Merlin, but Merlin brushes him off. Merlin tells them he put in a safeguard when he made his staff. It's no guarantee though. He asks to be taken to the nearest blacksmith.

Jim takes Merlin to the garage and asks what he's making. He won't say, but says the garage will have to do. The safeguard may only buy them a few hours. He needs Jim to go get him a few items.

As the bell rings, Jim looks at the list. Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! are getting most of the things, but there are three things they have to collect themselves. The first is an antramonstrum shell. Strickler thinks there's one in his old office. They go to get it, but are stopped by Mary, who asks Claire where she's been. Battle of the Bands is right around the corner and she's missed almost every rehearsal. Mary also asks about their parents' play. Claire tells her it's a crazy story and leads her away to tell it.

Jim and Toby open the secret room in Strickler's old office. They're interrupted when there's rattling at the office door. Jim ends up facing Señor Uhl, the interim principal. He says he's looking for guidance. Jim motions for Toby to go out the window with the shell as Uhl shares his concern about Jim's sporadic attendance. He's missed 43 days of school. He may have to repeat a year. Jim tries to play the missing father card, but Uhl doesn't buy it. Jim asks if there's anything he can do. Uhl says he can show two new students around. They're having trouble fitting in.

Uhl shows Jim Krel and Aja and tells him to show them around and make them feel more at home. In exchange, he might look the other way about Jim's absences.

Claire and Toby are glad to see that Jim made it out, but wonder about Krel and Aja. Jim explains that he's trying to pass sophomore year. Krel and Aja seem odd to them. Jim wants to show them around as promised.

Nomura walks around the museum. Once she's alone, she is confronted by Usurna. Usurna explains that Gunmar needs her to wield the Staff of Avalon. Nomura refuses and tries to run away. She's stopped by some guards, whom she has to battle. The guards eventually get her hands by rope, but she's able to wrap them around Usurna. Usurna refuses to call of her guards and free Nomura, even if it means dying in the process. Nomura gets herself free and escapes.

Jim, Toby, and Claire take Aja and Krel to the Janus Order Headquarters. They're there because they need the femur of a changeling. Toby quietly grabs a bone and sticks it in his bag as Krel and Aja look around.

Krel finds his way to a command center and turns things on.

Jim says the last item is lightning in a bottle. Claire's not sure how they can do that, but Jim says theirs are easy compare to the ones Blinky has to find.

Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! work carefully to extract just one drop of something, but are overwhelmed by noxious gases.

Claire notices Krel isn't with Aja. They find him playing music in the room he found. Jim goes up to the controls and puts on a video instead, though he quickly regrets it when they can see trolls. Jim can't figure out how to turn it off at first. Claire then tries to get them to leave for her house.

Barbara checks on Merlin.

Nomura still isn't answering her phone, Strickler tells Barbara. He's worried about her and wants to go find her. Barbara says she'll drive since it's dangerous for him to go alone.

Claire gives a tour of her house. She peeks outside to see how Jim and Toby are doing. They're not done, so she continues the tour. On the roof, they're attempting to draw lightning into a bottle. Down on the ground, Aja overhears what they're trying to do and says they're doing it wrong. She and Krel know how to do it right.

Krel has made a device to draw the lighting while Aja has hacked into the power grid. She sets it up for them to collect the lightning in fifteen minutes. They just need metal to conduct it. Krel wants to use Toby's braces. Jim has a different suggestion.

As soon as they enter the museum, Strickler knows something is wrong and tells Barbara to stay close. They find a guard encased in stone.

Jim is in his armor to conduct the electricity. Aja is fascinated by his amulet. Krel gives him the jar and wishes him luck. He puts the jar in the road and puts Daylight nearby. Then they hide behind the car and wait. It works, but then the power goes out in the whole town.

Strickler and Barbara are confronted by a guard. They run, but find another guard. They're quickly surrounded. Strickler has Barbara hold onto him and take off her glasses. Then he spreads his wings and flies up through the ceiling. They need to go warn Jim. They are attacked by other winged creatures and Strickler flies around, dodging them. He accidentally drops Barbara, who starts to fall, forcing him to dive to catch her right before she hits a car. They then head for the forest, hoping to lose their attackers. The finally come to rest in the middle of the forest, where they're confronted by Usurna and some of her guards. She orders them to be taken to Gunmar.

They have the lightning and split up from Aja and Krel to go home for the night.

When they get back to Jim's house with the stuff, Blinky calls them to the garage. Jim is horrified to see that his Vespa has been taken apart. Merlin reveals he used it to make armor for Toby and Claire. Merlin then reveals that he's not there to stop Gunmar. He's there to kill Morgana.


Trivia []

  • In this episode, we are introduced to Aja and Krel, the protagonists of 3Below.
  • It is revealed that Stricklander has wings that allow him to fly, something he never showed anyone throughout Part One.
  • Toby and Claire gain their own suits of armor at the end of this episode, at the sacrifice of Jim's Vespa.
  • Early storyboards for this episode show that Barbara and Strickler originally escaped the museum successfully, and instead were cornered by Gumm-Gumms next to the statue seen across the street from the museum, before Strickler uses his wings to fly away.
  • Continuity: Toby once again remarks his encounter with an Antramonstrum in the events of "Recipe for Disaster".
  • Running Gag: Merlin and Krel wondering how one knows if the light in a refrigerator turns off when the door closes.


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