Meet Aja and Krel. I think they're foreign exchange students. Principal Uhl says if I want to pass sophomore year, I have to show them around this... wonderful, ordinary world of Arcadia.
―Jim introducing Aja and Krel to Toby and Claire

In Good Hands is the forty-eighth episode of Trollhunters and the ninth episode of Part Three.

Official Synopsis

Señor Uhl interrupts an important mission with an awkward ultimatum for Jim: help two new students fit in ... or face a repeat of sophomore year.





  • In this episode, we are introduced to Aja and Krel, the protagonists of 3Below.
  • It is revealed that Stricklander has wings that allow him to fly, something he never showed anyone throughout Part One.
  • Toby and Claire gain their own suits of armor at the end of this episode, at the sacrifice of Jim's Vespa.
  • Continuity: Toby once again remarks his encounter with an Antramonstrum in the events of "Recipe for Disaster".
  • Running Gag: Merlin and Krel wondering how one knows if the light in a refrigerator turns off when the door closes.


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