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Because these so-called "doctors" are here... for us. Summer school... it's a trap!
―Krel to Aja, Toby, and AAARRRGGHH!!! upon learning Kubritz and her men have infiltrated Arcadia Oaks High

Ill Gotten Gains is the eighteenth episode of 3Below and the fifth episode of Part Two.

Official Synopsis[]

Colonel Kubritz stages a phony quarantine of Arcadia High School in a ploy to capture the royals -- and their advanced weapons technology.


Aja takes her upgraded serrator. Krel warns her it will be harder to control. She tries it out, but goes flying backward. Krel throws a ball into his wormhole. He thinks it's working, but the ball comes back through in strings. Krel says they need an anti-gravity suction. Aja reminds him of the Zerons retrieval ray. Aja and Krel go to leave, but Varvatos stops them. Zadra agrees that they can't leave. They need to do something for school instead, so Zadra and Varvatos have to go pick up the retrieval ray instead.

Aja and Krel are in summer school with Lawrence. AAARRRGGHH!!! is also in the room. Lawrence want him for the wrestling team. Lawrence is surprised to see Krel and Aja there. Toby's there because he missed 45 days of school because of troll hunting. Just then, they see Kubritz's team arriving outside.

Lawrence tries to stop them, but Kubritz complains there's a biohazard and they're trying to contain it. They start scanning everybody. Kubritz orders a quarantine and says the school is under her control.

Krel, Aja, AAARRRGGHH!!!, and Toby know what's happening. Summer school was just a trap to get them there.

Varvatos and Zadra are nearly to where they need to be. They find the spaceship and the retrieval ray. When they got to get it, it moves away on its own. Suddenly, Buster appears. Luug throws his ball to Buster and they start to play. They don't notice a Foo Foo watching from the bushes.

Mary is interviewed, but is more interested in her phone. She says being weird is the thing in Arcadia.

Aja and Krel tell Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!! to escape while they create a distraction. They reveal their alien forms, which draw the agents away so Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!! can escape. Then they lose the guards themselves. However, Tronos appears and they're stuck between him and Kubritz. Kubritz knocks them out and orders them taken to gym class.

Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!! are scared because Aja and Krel aren't answering their phones. Toby sends AAARRRGGHH!!! to find Zadra and Varvatos while he calls the cavalry.

Steve and Eli are working in Eli's room on their brand. Toby comes in the window. He tells them Aja and Krel are in trouble. Steve forgot he had summer school, too.

Lawrence is still worried he has the disease as he's interviewed about Aja and Krel. Lawrence becomes suspicious of them because they asked that.

Aja wakes up strapped to a bed. She calls out to Krel and learns that Tronos is working with Kubritz. He says he's doing it to avenge Voltar, which was destroyed because of her parents. Aja thinks her parents are too honorable for that. Krel is flopped on the bed next to Aja. Kubritz prepares to take Aja next. She reveals she's made a deal with Tronos so he can get the bounty while she gets the technology.

Varvatos is hauling the retrieval ray when they notice the Foo Foos. Buster helps them battle the Foo Foos.

Toby, Eli, and Steve race off to help Aja and Krel. They return to the school and knock out some of the soldiers. They split up to save everyone.

Kubritz taunts Krel with the serrator. Steve and Toby burst in. Kubritz pulls the serrator on them, but Aja is able to free an arm and disarm her. She frees herself and attacks Kubritz. Then she frees Krel.

Mary wonders why thy can't be let go. The solider says no one is doing. Eli comes in and releases a stink bomb. The solider is unaffected, but the students step over him to flee the room.

Toby and Steve hold a door closed to give Aja and Krel time to get free. As they go to leave, Tronos appears again. They get on Aja's hoverboard and try to leave, but Tronos stops them on the roof. Aja tries to appeal to him, but he remembers when House Terron left his planet to burn. Aja uses her improved serrator on him. The fight continues until Kubritz shoots Tronos in the back, knocking him out. Just as she prepares to take Aja and Krel, Lawrence appears and says he's the only one who can send them to detention. Kubritz says Aja and Krel aren't from around there and could be carrying disease. Mary starts recording and asks her to repeat that. The other kids also start recording her. Kubritz's team leaves on her order, but she warns that his isn't over. They all celebrate.

Zadra and Varatos return with the retrieval ray, pursued by Buster. The ray is in his mouth. Krel tells Luug to drop his ball, then praises him. He tells Buster it's his turn, so Buster drops the Retrieval Ray. And some Foo-Foo bits.

Aja goes to access the royal records. She wants to learn about the destruction of Voltar. She wants to know the truth.

Tronos is angry to be captured again. Kubritz has him thrown back into a cell. She's shocked when she hears Moranodo's voice and he appears to her as a hologram. He offers her his help.



  • Tronos reveals to Aja and Krel that Fialkov and Coranda have refused to aid him and his planet, Voltar, in their century-year-old war, leaving it to burn.
    • Aja also begins to believe that her parents are not as honorable as she first thought. Her questioning their past actions first began when she learned in "Collision Course" that they have also refused to allow Varvatos and the Phalanx to avenge his late family (as well as hundreds of late Akiridion citizens) by pursuing the Zeron Brotherhood, which led to his ultimate betrayal.
  • Kubritz and Morando meet for the first time.
  • The "Jim Lake Disease" is mentioned again since Part Two of Trollhunters.
  • Steve refers to Coach Lawrence as his [step]father again.
  • Steve received Aja's kiss in this episode for the first time in Aja's Akiridion form, albeit briefly and on the cheek.
  • Continuity: Aja remarks the time when the Zeron Brotherhood tried to kidnap them with a retrieval ray during their driver's ed. class in "Collision Course".
  • Title: The title refers to the term which means to gain benefits and obtaining them through an evil manner or by dishonest means, something which describes Kubritz's intentions of taking alien weaponry for herself.


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