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The Hunter's Guild Lunar Outpost is a minor location that appears in 3Below. It's a spatial outpost located in sector 45 of the Earth's moon where the most dastardly bounty hunters of the galaxy refuel and reload.


The lunar outpost is a place designated for bounty hunters to regain supplies. It possess hangars for space ships, a bar staffed by Blank Robots and cells to enclose prisoners of the bounty hunters.


Part Two (3Below)[]

After Varvatos Vex was captured by the bounty hunter Zeron Alpha, he is taken to the moon as a prisoner waiting to be transferred to Akiridion-5 for execution.

When Aja and Krel discover by the mouth of Magmatron about Varvatos, they decide to go and rescue him behind Zadra's back. Using Stuart's ship, the three arrive at the lunar outpost. Knowing that the place would be full of bounty hunters, Krel and Stuart are busy distracting them while Aja frees Varvatos.

When Krel's identity is revealed behind his disguise, all bounty hunters including Alpha, Tronos, and several Foo-Foos start fighting for his 9 billion reward. This gives the princes, Varvatos and Stuart the chance to flee, but Alpha still goes after them. After Varvatos kills Alpha in a fight, the four leave the outspot back to Earth.