Humans think they are the center of the universe. I mean, all they think about is themselves and what others might think of them. She's worried about what he thinks about her, and all he's thinking about is what this other person thinks about him. Being human is difficult for everyone... it's even hard for humans.
Aja in "Mind Over Matter"

Humans are Earth's dominant and most common species. They are a race of bipedal and sentient beings who have been living on the planet throughout millions of years and make up the majority of the earth's population.

Physical Description

Humans are distributed across the globe with the exception of Antarctica, and form a variable of races. The colouration of skin, hair and eyes also varies considerably, with darker pigmentation dominant in tropical climates and lighter in polar regions.


Powers & Abilities

The primary abilities of a human being include adaptability, versatility, resourcefulness, improvisation, and humanity. Most humans have special talents or skills based on what they're good at. At times, they even prefect a skill with lots of practice.


As biological-based beings, all humans possess a mortal soul and are extremely vulnerable to injuries, sicknesses, old age, and death (with the exception of immortal wizards).

Also, most humans can be easily fooled, ignorant, or even oblivious to what's really going on. As such, some humans would be almost-to-completely unaware that someone who looks normal is actually a Changeling, a life form from another planet, an evil conspiracy, etc.

Known Humans






  • A few human-like beings called wizards (or witches) are able to channel magical energy and possess a large variety of magic powers. Merlin and Morgana are the most well-known and most powerful wizards in legends.
    • As implied by Merlin, wizards are not exactly human as they merely take the appearance of humans.
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