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Small, but powerful, the Horngazel allows the bearer to open a portal under the Arcadia Bridge that connects to Heartstone Trollmarket.
The Art of Trollhunters

Horngazels are magical keys that are used to open the entrance to Heartstone Trollmarket and its hidden chambers.

It is vital to not let a Horngazel slip into the hands of the enemy, or they could easily get into Trollmarket and attack, as Angor Rot did in "Something Rotten This Way Comes".


For centuries, ever since they migrated to the New World, the trolls used horngazels as a means of entering/exiting their home of Heartstone Trollmarket through the Arcadia Bridge, and access various sealed chambers as well, like the Gyre Station.

After being chosen by the amulet, Jim and his friends, Claire and Toby, bring their own Horngazels in case they need to visit Trollmarket to train or meet for Trollhunting missions.


Horngazels are bright yellow-orange angular gemstones, which look like they have been created from Heartstone. They are set in what looks like a candle holder with a handle of sorts at the bottom.


Horngazels are used to draw an arch on the wall below the Arcadia bridge, a portal opens that allows one to enter or exit Trollmarket.

The Horngazel can also be used to block the portals by the bearer creating an X to seal it.

In "The Exorcism of Claire Nunez", Blinky once used his horngazel to magically tighten the shackles trapping Morgana (who was possessing Claire).


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