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History in the Making is the second episode of Wizards.

Official Synopsis[]

Douxie, Claire, Steve, and Jim meet the legendary King Arthur and his sister, Morgana, in medieval Camelot — where being a troll is punishable by death.


Sir Lancelot takes off his helmet as he asks what sorcery this is. While Steve admired Lancelot’s beauty, Lancelot recognizes Douxie as Merlin’s errand boy. Douxie corrects that he’s an apprentice. Jim’s stasis chamber breaks and Jim wakes up. Lancelot sees that he’s a troll and calls the others to arms, though Douxie quickly objects and says that he’s a good one. Lancelot says monsters are forbidden in Arthur’s lands.

All of them are captured and taken to King Arthur. Jim is kept in a cage. Douxie believes they’re in the mid-12th century with no way home. Claire says Jim has a shard of evil magic in his chest, but Jim points out that it feels different now, though he’s still hurt. Douxie realizes that when they time slipped, it locked the shard's work into place. Claire introduces Jim to Douxie and explains that he's Merlin’s apprentice. Douxie tells the others to follow his lead.

Lancelot shows Jim and the others to Arthur. He orders patrols doubled. They’re shocked to see Morgana come in, saying Arthur gave the woods to enchanted creatures like them, asking if he’d break that vow. Douxie appeals to Arthur directly, promising that Jim’s not a threat. Morgana casts a spell and says trolls are born of magic like he is born of blood. Arthur stands by the laws he’s enacted. If a troll leaves the woods, the penalty is death. Jim is dragged away into the sunlight, which burns his skin. Claire gets angry and makes the sunlight go away, which Morgana recognizes as shadow magic. Claire steps forward to defend Jim that giving into fear is failing the kingdom, which Morgana supports. Arthur agrees to show Jim mercy by allowing him to live but insists that he should be imprisoned in the dungeon. Arthur then asks if Douxie should be with Merlin. He says he was, but then he was recruiting Steve and Claire. Arthur orders Steve to join Lancelot in the barracks while Morgana offers to take Claire as her handmaiden. Arthur orders them all out.

Jim is thrown into the dungeon. In the cell next to him is another troll. Arthur stole her homelands and then said she was trespassing. In other cells are other trolls and magical creatures. She introduces herself as Callista and welcomes him.

Steve and Claire are not happy with where they've ended up. They want to go home, back to their own time. Douxie says they can’t go home yet. They have to figure out a way back without screwing up history or there won’t be a future to go home to. Douxie remembers the Time Map, which is with Merlin and which can show them the way to the present without damaging the past. Claire wonders what they'll do about Jim, but Steve points out that he's safer down in the dungeon until they come up with a plan. Douxie tells them to play their roles and stay out of trouble while he gets the map.

Douxie overhears his past self getting berated by Merlin for spilling their entire supply of Slorr juice. Observing his past self, Douxie remarks that wearing a man bun was a mistake before performing a mocking impression of Merlin as he is scolding his younger self. As soon as Merlin is gone, he grabs his past self, who quickly guesses they're experiencing a time travel paradox and they agree it’s best if only one of them is around until future Douxie can return to his time. Future Douxie then sedates past Douxie and hides his sleeping form in a cabinet. Douxie asks Archie to keep this from Merlin. As he struggles to shut his past self in the cabinet, Douxie goes when Merlin calls him.

Douxie enters the workshop as Morgana argues with Merlin. She doesn’t want him to build the amulet for Arthur after all he’s done, but Merlin says it’s not for Arthur but for everyone. Gunmar’s war is a threat and the amulet will end it. Douxie sees the Time Map on a shelf and inches over to get it, but Merlin's attempt to assemble the amulet magically fails explosively, resulting in one of the pieces knocking the Time Map off its shelf. He orders Douxie over bring him raw ores while Morgana asks him how many more failures he has to go through before he’ll realize the amulet is pointless. Merlin reiterates that the amulet will bring peace. Morgana thinks Merlin is a fool for not thinking that Arthur will eventually come for them. Douxie approaches Merlin and attempts to reassure him with a high five but his master is confused by the futuristic gesture; Douxie passes it off as a sign of victory amongst barbarian tribes. Archie remarks he finds human customs odd and Merlin concurs, noting that Douxie is acting oddly. Douxie cleans up and picks up the Time Map, but is horrified when Merlin casts a spell to draw it into a safe and lock it. Merlin dismisses him from the room to milk the Slorr; Archie teases Douxie for failing to impersonate himself.

Steve calls out for Lancelot. Lancelot appears and draws a sword on Steve so they can spar. Steve fumbles with a sword and ends up striking himself in the back with a flail. When they return to sword training, Lancelot declares Steve a false knight, stating that he's not the first squire to fake noble lineage to seek glory. He assumes the young lad that he'll keep his secret and train him, recognizing he has potential and a trustworthy face. A grateful Steve remarks that Lancelot is like the big brother he never wanted. lancelot then attempts to friendly slap him on the back only to end up knocking him down.

Douxie goes to milk the Slorr... It doesn’t go well.

Claire cautiously looks for Morgana to start handmaiden duties. Claire sees the Shadow Staff and reaches for it, but Morgana appears. Morgana asks what she knows of the Shadows. Claire plays dumb, but Morgana knows she’s lying. Morgana says she doesn’t fear magic as it’s true strength. Claire tries to convince Morgana to try to change her brother’s mind. Arthur comes in and hears her saying she wants to and he’s angry, saying the trolls attack them on sight. Morgana says it’s because he drives them from their homes and imprisons them. Arthur says he has lost enough and won’t lose more by keeping enemies in the castle walls. They’ll destroy the monsters at dawn.

Douxie returns, without the Time Map, to find Steve, who is sore from training with Lancelot. Claire then comes in and says they have to change history because Arthur’s going to kill the Trolls at sunrise. Douxie wonders how they can stop it while remaining inconspicuous. Claire could do it with the Shadow Staff. Douxie decides to forget about the rules and lead a dungeon break.

Douxie sneaks past, but Steve is spotted by Lancelot and Galahad as he tries to follow. He joins them instead of joining Douxie; Archie predicts this will end badly.

Jim tries to summon the Sword of Daylight, but Callista tells him to stop saying Merlin’s name, because Merlin is in league with the fleshbags who put them in the dungeon. Claire and Douxie come in and break Jim out, and then proceed to free the other creatures.

Steve is enjoying his time with Lancelot and Galahad when Arthur comes to them, saying it’s time to rid Camelot of its enemies. Suddenly, the trolls and other creatures race through. They leave Camelot while Arthur orders Lancelot and Steve to follow and sound the alarms. Galahad goes to Merlin and tells him about the situation. Merlin refuses to help. Douxie pretends to help, but instead casts and Infinite Hallway, leading to them running while not going anywhere.

Just as Galahad is about to see Jim, Morgana creates a distraction that scares him off, leaving time for him and others to escape. Callista knows a safe place in the woods for them to hide and takes Jim with her. Claire promises to find him later. The sun is starting to rise, but Douxie casts a spell that keeps the castle gate down, keeping the knights from catching the Trolls. The Trolls are backed up against the gate, but Claire is able to cast magic that creates night and safety for the trolls to get to the woods. Arthur thinks it was Morgana's doing. The Trolls run just as the knights are freed and give chase. Jim, in his injured state, falls to the ground, but Gunmar stops a knight from killing Jim. Bular joins him and Gunmar declares the woods his domain, stopping the knights from entering. His soldiers kill one of the knights. Gunmar warns the others that war is coming.

Claire thanks Morgana, who thanks her in return. Morgana says she’ll handle her brother and leaves the teens be. Douxie says Arthur has locked down the castle. Claire’s glad that Jim and the other prisoners are all safe. Douxie leaves to go get the Time Map.

Douxie is able to open the safe, but it doesn’t contain the Time Map. He tries to open is a few more times. He suddenly finds Merlin with the Time Map... and Douxie's sleeping past self, much to his dismay.



  • During the dungeon break, a dragon from Dragons: Race to the Edge is seen.
  • At one point, Steve refers to Douxie as "Dumbledork", a reference to Albus Dumbledore from the Harry Potter franchise.
  • Galahad's line, "We are searching for the holy grail!" may be a reference to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, in which John Rhys-Davies played a role in. In the plot of the film, Indiana races around the world to prevent the Nazis from finding the holy grail.
    • It may also be a reference to the 1975 British comedy film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, as Galahad is one of several knights who accompany Arthur on the latter's quest to find the holy grail.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Pretty much the entire scene with Steve having a "happy hour" with Lancelot, Galahad, and the knights.


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