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Oh my gosh! Is this a call? Like... a good old fashioned trollhunting mission?
―Jim to Claire, Toby, Blinky, and AAARRRGGHH!!! upon learning of the Blood Goblins in Arcadia

Hiss Hiss, Bang Bang is the thirty-second episode of Trollhunters and the sixth episode of Part Two.

Official Synopsis[]

Now out of the Darklands and readjusting to life in Arcadia, Jim and the team must face the consequences of their risky actions.


A cat goes into an alley behind a movie theater. A couple exits the theater and the man says the movie sucked. Once the couple is gone, the cat starts to eat popcorn that's beside a dumpster. It hears something inside, so it jumps up and sees goblins inside. The goblins eat the cat.

Jim's alarm rings waking him up. He's irritated at first, but then gets excited to hear his alarm. He takes a shower and delights in the cold water, then the hot water. He goes downstairs and is glad to see his mom as well, even though she's ruined breakfast. He says it tastes like home. He grabs his lunch from the fridge and leaves for school.

Jim is still cheerful as he rides to school. behind him, Claire tells Toby he needs to tell Jim and asks why he hasn't yet. Toby says he needs time to recovery, but Jim seems fine to Claire. They use a portal to get to school faster.

They arrive at school to applause from their classmates. Jim learns the cover story that he was sick. They also tell him they covered for him with his mom. Toby gives him the two weeks of homework he missed, too. He says he loves homework. Steve then comes up to him, but even that doesn't bring his good mood down. Toby sees Darci and Mary talking nearby and imagines Darci as the mole with a heart around her. He excuses himself to talk to Darci.

Toby offers Darci flowers and tells her he has her undivided attention. She tells him he doesn't know anything about her. For instance, she's allergic to flowers. She wants to take it slow with him, like glacial. He's cute, but he needs to work on his timing. She walks away as Jim comes up and says things are like they were before.

Jim walks around Trollmarket, still delighted that things are the same. Then he notices a Krubera and wonders what he's doing there. They hear Blinky yelling and run to him. He's burning all the books in his library because his brother is a traitor. Jim pulls the books out of the fire, saying they've been useful before and can be again. AAARRRGGHH!!! sniffs Toby and Blinky says his sense of smell has been heightened since he came back. AAARRRGGHH!!! then asks if Toby has talked to Jim yet, but Claire says he hasn't found the time yet. Jim's eager to jump back in with his Trollmaster tasks, but Toby and Claire have handled that since he left. He also wants to start training in the Forge. AAARRRGGHH!!! sniffs and says he smells Usurna. She arrives, followed by Vendel. They tell him the Tribunal has decided to drop all charges against him if he cooperates from his moment forward. Usurna says his decision to save one child jeopardized all of Trollmarket. If any evil had been released, the blood would have been on his hands. She asks if he's sure nothing followed him on his return. Blinky says Draal never left his post guarding the bridge. Usurna leaves and Blinky asks if the Krubera are staying permanently. Vendel says Usurna feels their presence is necessary in light of his questionable judgment. He gets his staff stuck on a light and asks if they've made any progress tracking down the thief who stole his original. Blinky says they won't rest until the thief is brought to justice. Vendel says he's sure whoever took it had good reason and will return it as soon as possible. He's stuck his neck out for them enough and if he sticks it out any further, Usurna is sure to lop his head off. Vendel says Jim can thank him for his help by investigating the goblin mess one of their drolls discovered. Jim's excited for the mission.

They arrive in the alley and start to look around for goblins. AAARRRGGHH!!! finds the cat's collar in the dumpster. Then he says it's a blood goblin, scaring Blinky. Claire knows you can only find them in the Darklands. Draal did leave his post for a bit. Jim is worried that Gunmar got out. Blinky says they would know if he had. They have to wait for the goblins to find them. They'll be after Jim's scent because Nomura skipped town and is long gone. They're not on Jim because someone else from the Darklands is in Arcadia, too.

Gnome Chompsky is playing an instrument and singing to his doll. He offers her a ring. There's a knock on his door and he goes outside the dollhouse, where he sees blood goblins. He runs away as they chase him around the room. He finally escapes in Toby's magic hat. They're confused as he's disappeared. They see Toby's TV and play with the control until Gnome Chompsky jumps at them with a pencil, stabbing one and fleeing back into his house. The goblins follow and grab his doll.

Toby, Jim, and Claire arrive at Toby's house and after a conversation with Nana, they go upstairs to find Chompsky gone and his hat left behind. Toby then snaps and asks Jim why he went into the Darklands without them. They had it all planned together and he left them. They all feel betrayed by him. He says he couldn't bear the thought of losing any more of them. He wishes they could go back to when things were normal. The Darklands were a failure. He had to be rescued by them anyway. Jim starts to eulogize Chompsky, when AAARRRGGHH!!! detects his scent. They leave to find him.

They follow the scene to a building. Claire opens a portal to get them inside. Inside, Toby finds fireworks, which excites him. They find where the goblins have Chompsky on a spit, still alive. As they make a plan, a goblin jumps on Blinky from behind. The others attacked. Jim activates him amlulet and they start to fight the goblins. A fire starts on the crates, which Toby knows contain fireworks. Claire tries to extinguish the flames, but the extinguisher doesn't work. She uses it to whack a goblin instead. As fireworks race around the room, Jim slaughters one of the goblins. Claire frees Chompsky from his trap and he runs to rescue his doll. Toby kills the second goblin. Jim realizes during the fight that the blood goblin can understand him. He asks it if anything else escaped the Darklands. It says yes. Jim asks if Gunmar escaped, but before the goblin can answer, a firework comes and breaks the box it was on. Jim is now trapped in the middle of the flames. He runs out and Claire opens a portal so they can escape.

Outside, they watch the fireworks from the outside. Gnome Chompsky proposes to his doll, but the ring only fits on her leg. They decide to return to Trollmarket because it is getting awkward watching the gnome and they all agree.

Dictatious, Gunmar, and two of his guards see the fireworks as well. One of the guards helps hold him up as they walk with the other guides the blinded Dictatious. One of the guards tries to stop an approaching truck and gets run over. The guard has lost an arm and Gunmar kills him. Another car comes, but stops and Otto gets out. He says they have the tools to ensure Gunmar's final victory.



  • When confronting the Trollhunters regarding his missing staff after Usurna's visit, Vendal states "I've put my neck out far enough for you ungrateful fools. Any further and she'll be sure to lop my head right off." This could be a potential foreshadowing of Vendel's death at the hands of Usurna.
  • Title: It is an obvious shout-out to the 2005 mystery/crime movie, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
  • Continuity: When Jim takes his bag off of the baluster, the baluster begins to fall off of its foundation, as AAARRRGGHH!!! nearly tore it off when he clambered upstairs to avoid Barbara Lake in "Becoming: Part 2".


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