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I'm starting to suspect Maddrux the Many did not use it to grant him the strength of a thousand, but to summon one thousand of him.
―Blinky to Jim

Hero with a Thousand Faces is the thirty-third episode of Trollhunters and the seventh episode of Part Two.

Official Synopsis[]

Multiple problems plague a frazzled Jim when his amulet goes on the fritz and Claire invites him to meet her parents at a family barbecue.


Jim prepares to start the next level of his training after unlocking the Triumbric Stones. He commands Eclipse. Vendel explains that the amulet was designed so that the user could face even more than the creator could imagine. He tells Jim the periodic table Humans use shows only a few of the elements they know of. They have some stones past Trollhunters have used to give them other powers. He puts one in his amulet and activates it. It gives him the ability to walk up the side of walls until he loses focus and falls. They try another, which gives him super strength, but not enough to hold up a rock. Vendel decides to stop for now and try again when he's less distracted. Claire and Toby come in and Claire invites Jim to her family's barbacoa and he says he'll go. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves for training and then Toby says that this means Jim is officially meeting the parents. He's being vetted. Her parents don't like him and now he has a second change to make a first impression. But if he screws it up, her parents will never let him see her again. Toby taps Jim's amulet as he talks, causing it to activate and throw Jim backward. Jim says the amulet's been acting weird all morning. He takes it off when it flashes again. He walks past Draal as he goes to leave. Just then, a flash of light comes out of a barrel and a figure that looks like Jim steps out, wearing a yellow jacket. He goes to Draal and inquires about Claire, using flowery romantic language.

Otto is ordering others around as they prepare for Gunmar. Gunmar arrives and they all bow to him. They have prepared a replica of his throne for him. Otto then reveals the Living Hearstone and gives it to Gunmar. Gunmar wants more. He wants the Heartstone itself. Dictatious wants to rush in, but Otto wants to move more methodically.

Claire's mother schmoozes at her party. Claire brings soy hot dogs to her father, who refuses to allow them on his grill. Her mother comes over and insist on it, so he tries to work with them. Claire's mother asks when Jim is going to come over. They're still not happy about the damage he did to their house. Claire's mother then spots Jim. Over at a bench, Romantic Jim is schmoozing Miss Janeth. Claire realizes something's off as Jim's act continues with her mother.

Inside, real Jim is carrying flowers and stops to eat a snack. He's horrified to see Romantic Jim out in the yard. He calls Blinky in a panic.

Jim explains to Blinky about the other Jim. Blinky remembers that Jim left a stone in his amulet. He goes to remove it, but finds it won't come out. They misunderstood its power and it created multiple Jims. Blinky has to do some research. Real Jim runs upstairs as Romantic Jim is led into the house for a tour. He tries to get the amulet to fix it, but it doesn't. Suddenly, Hunter Jim appears in a dark green jacket, ready to help. They hide when the tour comes into Claire's room. Claire convinces her mother to return to the party and drags Romantic Jim with her. Hunter Jim is annoyed with Romantic Jim and wants to get rid of him. He tells Real Jim to give him the amulet. Jim does and he immediately activates it.

Down at the party, Romantic Jim eats a soy dog and gushes about it. Just then, he's pulled into a bush by Hunter Jim and Real Jim replaces him, asking for chorizo.

Romantic Jim is tied to a tree and Hunter Jim tells him he'll be detained until they can get rid of him. Romantic Jim thinks Real Jim will want to get rid of him as well, so he proposes they work together. Hunter Jim uses the sword to draw Romantic Jim into the amulet by mistake.

Claire goes to Jim at the party and asks him if it was too much because he's acting weird. He apologizes and says it was just his nerves, but he's fine now. He excuses himself when he sees Hunter Jim. Hunter Jim tells Real Jim he sucked Romantic Jim back into the amulet. He's done now, says Real Jim, but Hunter Jim says he's forgotten his duty. He tries to draw Real Jim into the amulet, but they're interrupted by Claire. Hunter Jim tries to end things with Claire, but Claire figures out quickly that he's not Real Jim. While he talks to Claire, Hunter Jim escapes out a door. He leaves with the amulet, prepared to hide.

Claire confronts Wimpy Jim, in a brown jacket, thinking it's Hunter Jim. Wimpy Jim is startled and begs her not to hurt him.

Claire and Jim throw Wimpy Jim into Claire's bedroom. Claire tells Jim to call for backup and keep an eye on Wimpy Jim as she looks for the others.

Toby is doing a magic trick when Blinky gets a call from Jim. Blinky says they were expecting the call. They tell him Real Jim already called and gave them instructions to ignore anything another Jim might say. He tells them he's the Real Jim, but they don't believe him.

Claire goes downstairs and sees Arrogant Jim, dressed in a red jacket. He breakdances and then tells Coach Lawrence he's decided he's the new captain of the wrestling team. He decides to try out by attacking Lawrence. Claire drags him away and upstairs to her room.

Downstairs, Gloomy Jim, dressed in purple, is crying over Señor Uhl being overcharged on a cable bill. Claire comes down and takes him upstairs. As they leave, Hunter Jim peeks in the window.

Claire finds Grumpy Jim, in black, complaining about the music and the snacks. She drags him away.

NotEnrique comes in through the window and is shocked to see all the Jims in Claire's room. He looks around for a minute and then leaves, saying he's not dealing with it. Claire comes in the room and asks where Hunter Jim is.

Claire's mother starts to give a speech when Hunter Jim interrupts. He doesn't believe she has what it really takes to keep the city safe and suggests that he should run instead of her. Claire pulls him aside to confront him. He says he's severing ties. She says if he wants to break up, they need to do it somewhere private. She lures him inside, where Real Jim lures him out and onto the roof. Claire is called back to the party by her mother, leaving Jim on his own. Hunter Jim pins Jim to the roof and starts to suck him into the amulet, but he manages to defend himself and get Daylight from Hunter Jim. They fight, but Hunter Jim's armor protects him. Jim slips back into Claire's room, where the other jims pile onto hunter jim. They pin him down and Jim sucks him and all the others back into the amulet.

Jim is relieved that's done and pops the stone out of the amulet. Claire's parents call her to talk about Jim. Claire sends Jim out, saying her parents will like him when they meet the real him. But she doesn't need her parents to like her boyfriend. Jim's excited to be her boyfriend.



  • There are different color jackets for each Jim clone (each to fit the archetype of the emotion):
  • In an interview with the producers, it was revealed that Anton Yelchin actually came up with the idea of this episode, and it was his favorite one to do.
    • In fact, according to Aaron Waltke on his Twitter account, he states that Anton loved playing "crispy" Jim in the episode "Young Atlas" so much that he challenged the producers to make another wild Jim episode like this one.
    • Aaron Waltke really loved writing all the aspects of Jim in this episode.[1]
  • According to Richard Ashley Hamilton, the present day segments of the graphic novel The Felled are set after the events of this episode.[2]
  • Vendel reveals to Jim that the human Periodic Table has only "a few" of the elements that actually exist. In actuality, there are even more elements (common and rare in either the human or troll world) that anyone can imagine.
  • Claire's middle name is revealed to be "Maria".
  • Title: The episode's title is likely a reference to the renowned work of comparative mythology of the same name by Joseph Campbell.
  • Continuity: Mr. Nuñez remarks the time when Jim damaged his house while babysitting Enrique (who was really NotEnrique) in "Adventures in Trollsitting".
  • Running Gags:
    • References to Jim's legs being skinny
    • Hunter Jim yelling "GLORY!" before donning the Trollhunter Armor
  • Goof: Chef Jim is not present when the clones are returned to the Amulet of Daylight.
    • While training with the stones Jim was wearing his Eclipse amour, but as he was leaving the Hero's Forge he was dressed in his Daylight amour.



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