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I'm starting to suspect Maddrux the Many did not use it to grant him the strength of a thousand, but to summon one thousand of him.
―Blinky to Jim

Hero with a Thousand Faces is the seventh episode of Part Two of Trollhunters and the thirty-third episode of the series.

Official Synopsis

Multiple problems plague a frazzled Jim when his amulet goes on the fritz and Claire invites him to meet her parents at a family barbecue.


While trying out some different stones for his armor, a yellow stone makes clones of Jim, and at a bad time too: Jim is attending a BBQ for Claire's mom to win her parents over after what happened with NotEnrique. When one reckless clone (portraying the side of Jim's personality fully dedicated to his duties as a Trollhunter) runs off with the amulet, Jim and the Jims must stop Hunter Jim before it's too late.




  • It is revealed that Claire's mother is the councilwoman of Arcadia.
  • There are different color jackets for each Jim clone (each to fit the archetype of the emotion):
    • Dark Green for Hunter Jim
    • Red for Arrogant Jim
    • Yellow for Romantic Jim
    • Purple for Gloomy Jim
    • Brown for Wimpy Jim
    • Black for Grumpy Jim
    • Orange for Spanish Jim
    • Gray for Chef Jim
  • In an interview with the producers, it was revealed that Anton Yelchin actually thought of the episode, and it was his favorite one to do.
  • Goof: Chef Jim is not present when the clones are returned to the Amulet of Daylight.
  • According to Richard Ashley Hamilton, the present day segments of the graphic novel The Felled are set after the events of this episode.[1]
  • The episode's title is likely a reference to the renowned work of comparative mythology of the same name by Joseph Campbell.


  1. Secret History of Trollkind setting


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