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The Heart of Avalon is an ancient magical object powered by time itself, which is used for levitating Camelot, the Airship, and traveling through time.


Merlin created the Heart of Avalon during his time in Camelot to facilitate time travel, if the need to do so ever arose, and to levitate Camelot and prevent it from falling into ruin.

It was first seen when Douxie, Merlin and the others fled to floating Camelot for protection from the Arcane Order. Unfortunately, the Order tracked them down and attacked Camelot itself. Merlin then asked Nari to help power up the Heart, which she did. However, this ended up opening a time portal to 12th-century Camelot where Douxie, Jim, Claire and Steve fell into it. 

It was then seen when Merlin levitated Camelot after the Battle of Killahead Bridge, opening up another portal to lead the gang back to their time. After learning of the Arcane Order's wish to obtain the Genesis Seals, Douxie retrieved the seals and then steered Camelot to the Arcane Order's Fortress and engaged in battle with them. It was last seen when Douxie and Nari went to New York City to protect Nari from her siblings.


The Heart of Avalon is a giant lime-green crystal secured with curved metal bars having some inscriptions on them. When the Heart is active, the inscriptions glow lime-green.


The Heart possesses the power to alter the temporal fabric, thus enabling time-travel. The magic contained in it is potent enough to levitate a giant castle like Camelot. The Heart also allows Camelot to be steered.

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  • It is presumed that the gem inside the Staff of Avalon came from the Heart.