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Changelings switch from fully troll to fully human. Jim is... neither?
Strickler about Jim's new hybrid form in "Jimhunters"

Half-Trolls are rare hybrid creatures that are described as not quite human and not quite troll.

So far, the only known member who has become part of this unique race is Jim Lake Jr., as he was permanently turned into one himself.

Physical Description

Unlike most other trolls, half-trolls appear more humanoid with human characteristics, like two opposite hands being troll and human-like. They also possess large horns, sharp fangs, and small pointy ears, as well as different colored stone for skin pigment. While most trolls have koala-like noses, half-trolls' noses are slightly more human.

Half-Trolls are completely different from Changelings, as pointed out by Strickler. While changelings switch from fully troll to fully human, half-trolls are neither; so he claims that it is highly unlikely if half-trolls could (or ever) possess the ability to choose one form or the other.

One of the most human features half-trolls possess is that their blood is naturally red, which also differs them to changelings, who have purple blood.


Half-Trolls mostly live the same as any ordinary troll. Although given that they're also half-human, they could most likely have a tendency to live on their own in many ways that trolls and humans normally do or don't.

Powers & Abilities

As stated by Merlin, half-trolls are capable of performing feats beyond that of an average human and troll. They are noticeably stronger and faster, have more superior senses of smell and sight, are capable of jumping/leaping from long distances, and react much faster when in the face of danger.


Once the user uses the potion to turn into a half-troll, the spell doesn't wear off and there is no possible way to reverse the effects as they are to remain like this for the rest of their lives, which Merlin, as far as he knows, sternly yet sorrowfully admits.

When transformed, half-trolls may have a lot of trouble adjusting to their trollish half. As described by Strickler, it is very confusing and difficult to handle the emotions of both human and troll at once.

Like all trolls, they are vulnerable to sunlight and will burn, but it's unknown if they turn to stone from long exposure, due to being not entirely troll. They also can no longer eat most human food, instead crave other things such as metal, wood, and other materials.

Known Half-Trolls


  • It's currently unknown if there were/are any other half-trolls besides Jim.
  • So far, the only known way to become half-troll is to bath in a special elixir.
    • It's unknown if it's possible to be naturally born a half-troll, since Jim was magically created to become one.
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