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Heeey, Snugglebug. What's the matter? No hug for your ex-girlfriend?
―Gwendolyn to Stuart upon cornering him at his shop[src]

Gwendolyn is an antagonist of 3Below, featured in the Part Two episode "There's Something About Gwen (of Gorbon)".

She is a Gorbonian bounty huntress spy for General Morando and the ex-girlfriend of Stuart.



In the past, Gwendolyn and Stuart were a couple, until she begins to show him her true colors as a man-eater. When Stuart decided to end the relationship, knowing Gorbonians's tendency to devour their ex, he ran away from her and his planet to Earth.

3Below (Part Two)[]

When Gwendolyn claims to have found a new fiancé, she goes to Earth in search of Stuart since Gorbonians couldn't take a new mate without devouring the former one. Luckily, Stuart (unintentionally) loopholes her tendency by making her devour the pottery they made together, making it seem like she erased everything they've done together.

She was also secretly working for General Morando assigned to localize Krel and Aja.

Physical Description[]

Gwendolyn is an alien of enormous size, even greater than Varvatos or even a Krubera. She has four eyes, four small legs, purple skin with blue lines and a yellow mark on her forehead. She also wears a silver armor with red markings


At first, Gwendolyn was shown to be a romantic, caring, and somewhat friendly Gorbonian while she dated Stuart. However, as their romance progressed, she began to show her true colors: as carnivorous man-eater.

As a Gorbonian, it is her nature that if she finds new love, she must devour her former one, like she tried to do to Stuart so she can be with Theodore of Territora. She is also extremely persistent as she follows Stuart everywhere and won't leave him alone.

She has also shown a sassy side after she devoured the pottery she and Stuart made together.

However, it's also revealed that she's worse than a man-eater: she was a bounty huntress spy for Morando all along, assigned to localize the royal children and alert Morando of their activities.

Powers & Abilities[]


  • Gorbonian Physiology: As a Gorbonian, Gwendolyn is much more stronger than an Akiridion.
    • Superhuman Strength: She has shown to be strong enough to overcome Varvatos, who possesses tremendous strength himself.


  • Martial Arts: As a trained bounty huntress, Gwendolyn is a skilled combatant.



  • Body Armor: Gwendolyn wears armor to protect herself from damage.




Stuart is Gwendolyn's ex-boyfriend. When Stuart came to realize that Gwendolyn was a man-eating monster (and because he wasn’t ready to settle down yet), he left her, which caused her to resent him.

When she finds him on Earth, she pretends to want to rekindle their romance, but in the end, she tries to kill him so she can mate with her new fiancé. She was touched when Stuart brought out their old pottery which they made together, but she eats, therefore putting behind her past with him. She becomes quite disgusted and finds it unbelievable that she ever dated him and agrees with Stuart “to just be friends,” although it is unlikely that she plans to keep in touch. Stuart and the royals never found out about Gwendolyn’s status as Morando’s bounty hunter. Because she is one of Morando’s bounty hunters, it questions her intentions when concerning Stuart and the royals.

Theodore of Territorra[]

Theodore is Gwendolyn's unseen fiancé. She finds Stuart on Earth and tries to eat him in order to become his mate. However, considering the fact that Gwendolyn is revealed to be a bounty hunter for Morando, it is highly possible that Gwendolyn made up Theodore as an excuse for coming to Earth to find Stuart, allowing her to get close to the Tarrons, although it is also possible that Theodore does exist and Gwendolyn simply saw Stuart as a bonus to coming to Earth.


General Morando[]

At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Gwendolyn was working for Morando all along, localizing the royal children and reporting directly to him.


Aja and Krel Tarron[]

At first, it seemed like Gwendolyn had a mutual relationship with the royal children when she first meets them through Stuart, wanting to "grab a bite" with him. However, they immediately became strained when she reveals herself to truly be a monster and they stop her from doing so. It's unknown if they're at least on neutral terms (in the Tarrons' views).

However, in the end, it is revealed that Gwendolyn was a bounty hunter sent by Morando to localize the Tarron siblings. This likely implies that she cares nothing for the Tarrons and merely saw them as nothing more than targets.

Varvatos Vex[]

Gwendolyn and Varvatos don't interact much, but when Gwendolyn prepares to eat Stuart, he was quick to stop her. It's unknown if they're at least on neutral terms or if he's aware that she's a bounty huntress.

Steve Palchuk[]

Although they rarely interact, when Gwendolyn reveals her true man-eating nature, she saw Steve as a nuisance. When he tries to attack her, she just slaps him aside.


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Episode Appearances[]


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  • Gwendolyn is the only named alien bounty hunter that is still alive at the end of 3Below, but doesn't make any more appearances ever since her debut.
    • Surprisingly, it is actually unknown what Gwendolyn’s true intentions even were, when concerning with Stuart and the Tarrons. She claimed to have come to Earth to eat Stuart and move on with her new fiancé, Theodore of Territora, but it is possible that she lied about having a new fiancé and used this as an excuse as to why she came to Earth to find Stuart, allowing her to get close to and raw out the royals. However, it is also possible that she could’ve just seen Stuart as a sort of side-goal, a bonus to coming to Earth.


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