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I am Gun Robot.
―Gun Robot's catchphrase

The Gun Robot Megasuit is a giant robot designed by Eli Pepperjack inspired by the fictional character Gun Robot, it was then created by the Akiridions as a secret weapon.


At some point between "A Glorious End, Part Two" and "Rise of the Titans", the Gun Robot Megasuit was built as an Akiridion secret weapon.

Rise of the Titans[]

With Belroc's Titan gets to China, the Gun Robot Megasuit is called to the battlefield by a Wormhole Generator while being piloted by Varvatos Vex, who proceeds to engage the Fire Titan in combat. Eventually, he manages to knock the Fire Titan down, only for it to re-emerge from the sea and overpower the Megasuit. After being knocked into the nearby bridge, Varvatos manages to slice off one of the Titan's arms with a powerful laser beam. Bellroc is quick to retaliate, as he then harnesses his magic to shoot a lava blast that goes through the Megasuit's chest. Just before the Megasuit is destroyed, Varvatos ejects via an escape pod built into the Megasuit's cockpit.


The Gun Robot Megasuit its a giant dark blue robot with electric blue markings around its body including a hidden cannon on its chest, its head is round shaped and has a single blue eye on it.

Weapons and Components[]

  • Missile Launchers (Back)
  • Thrusters (Back)
  • Rotary Energy Blaster (Shoulder)
  • Energy Beam Gun (Right Hand)
  • Rotational Arm
  • Energy Beam Cannon (Chest)



  • Given how both were directed by Guillermo Del Toro, the Gun Robot Megasuit could be a reference to a Jaeger from Pacific Rim, with the battle with the Fire Titan being a reference to Gipsy Danger's battle with the Kaiju Leatherback, with both taking place in Hong Kong.