The inspiration for Trollhunters comes from a very strange place. When I was a kid, I actually traversed my city through the sewers. It was me and a few friends with flashlights and we went in and marveled at the architecture underneath the city. Huge, sort of catacomb-like places and tunnels, and I just kept thinking, you know, maybe the fairy creatures, the trolls, the gnomes, the goblins, they all went underground when man took over, and created cities, and you could find one down here. And that stayed with me for many, many decades until finally it came to the series.
―Guillermo Del Toro, Foreword[src]

Guillermo Del Toro is an Oscar and Emmy-winning accomplished filmmaker and author of fantasy novels. He is the creator and producer of the Tales of Arcadia franchise. He is credited as the co-writer of The Felled graphic novel tie-in.

He also voices Dr. Muelas in the Tales of Arcadia universe.


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