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At the first signs of war, they gather to await the carnage. After the bloodshed, gruesomes would devour the troll remains left on the battlefield. They are the carrion of trolls.
Blinky explaining the Gruesomes to Jim Lake Jr., Claire Nuñez, and Toby Domzalski[src]

Gruesomes are scavenger-like creatures that feed on the remains of deceased Trolls


At the first sign of war, Gruesomes gather to witness the carnage and after the bloodshed, they devour the remains of the fallen trolls left on the battlefield. 

Several of them had been killed by a Trollhunter named Araknak the Agile

Physical Description[]

Gruesomes are pale, faceless slug-like monsters who are unable to communicate normally and can only growl and moan. They can copy human speech as one copied the Creepslayerz's conversation in the episode "Creepslayerz".

Powers & Abilities[]

Gruesomes have a body of malleable slime that they can change to their liking, making themselves immune to any physical damage. Their bodies also allows them to move fluidly through narrow spaces.


They possess about two-to-three weaknesses: Dwärkstones (which causes them to explode when placed near or inside their bodies) and flour, along with salt (which can harden and break their bodies).


Appearances in the Trilogy


Part One[]

Part Two[]


  • When the Gruesome disguises himself by wearing an outfit, it somewhat resembles The DC Character the Question.
  • In The Felled, Gruesomes can also be killed with salt.
  • The word "gruesome" means to be repulsive, hideous, grisly, etc.