{{Infobox_Object|title1 = Gaggle-Tack|image1 = Gaggle-Tack.png|type = Magic Item|user(s) = [[James Lake Jr.]], Stricklander, Señor Uhl, Janeth, Coach Lawrence |used_for = embracing trollish nature (for changelings) and in humans it hones their feral instincts origin = pulverized bones of Gumm-Gumms |first_appearance = [[Bad Coffee]]

Grave Sand is actually the pulverized bones of fallen Gumm-Gumms. It helps changelings embrace their trollish nature, but in humans it hones their instincts even though it is not meant for humans. Grave sand changes the humans’s nature. Some of the changes are permanent. Grave Sand is purple dust, that the person can inhale or drink. For humans it turns their eyes to yellow, their irises are red and the pupil is yellow.


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