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Gravesand are the pulverized bone-dust of fallen Gumm-Gumms which are often used to enhance one's feral instincts.


Changelings used the pulverized bones of a fallen Gumm-Gumm to help them shed their human forms and embrace their trollish natures.

In "Bad Coffee", Stricklander gives Jim a handful of the sand to help him hone his feral instincts and become stronger. It works briefly, until Blinky intervenes after hearing a racket. Jim nearly loses himself to his feral state, until Blinky manages to help him break free and find himself again (although in the process, his voice is permanently altered).

Strickler then gives Jim his can of Gravesand just in case Gunmar decides to strike. However, at school, Jim accidentally loses the can as it ends up in the teacher's lounge and he ends up grabbing the wrong can. The staff members then unintentionally consume the Gravesand, becoming more troll-like and begin harassing their students. Jim, Toby, Steve, and Eli manage to get the kids out of the school before they discover that Strickler, too, has been force-fed Gravesand coffee.

Luckily, the boys manage to emotionally connect with each of their teachers (former and all) and free them from their feral curses, yet they have no recollection of their actions whilst under the Gravesand's influence whatsoever.


Gravesand are black-and-purple dust.


Gravesand helps Changelings shed their human skins and embrace their trollish nature. For humans, it hones their feral instincts, making them as aggressive and violent as Trolls.

Gravesand changes the human's nature, turning their eyes yellow and their irises red.


If Gravesand is consumed instead of being inhaled, it boosts the effect tenfold. Also, changes from the Gravesand become permanent, unless the victim achieves an emotional connection with their human feelings.


Appearances in the Trilogy


Part Three[]


  • This is what changed Jim's voice when he was replaced by Emile Hirsch, making him sound like the Gravesand permanently transformed/damaged Jim's vocal cords.
    • Strangely enough, Señor Uhl, Ms. Janeth, and Coach Lawrence's voices do not change after drinking the Gravesand-spiked coffee. This may be because they did not directly inhale the substance, but instead drank it from their coffees.